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T.S.H Chapter 554: Loneliness

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On the island.

In the stalemate caused by the two Haoshouku Haki, Shanks was still lowering his head.

It wasn’t that he despised Naito to the point that he can’t look at him, nor that he didn’t want to raise his head, but during this imposing stalemate, Shanks couldn’t even if he wanted to raise his head!

No one realized how much pressure Shanks was withstanding at that moment.

A matchup between auras, although it generally doesn’t harm the body, the pressure was beyond that. It was affecting the soul itself!

Shank, at this time, was also extremely shocked. Obviously, he didn’t expect that Naito’s Hoashoku Haki would be so strong, even stronger than anyone he had ever met, including his former captain, Gol.D Roger, the Pirate King!

This guy… is definitely not a marine!

Almost at the same moment when his emperor Haki clashed with Naito’s, Shank directly affirmed this guess in his heart.

When it comes to the Hoashoku Haki, sometimes just by the momentum, you can tell what kind of person the other man is.

At least what Shanks felt in Naito didn’t even have the slightest succumbing in it. There was some kind of pride that seemed to be above everything, overlooking everything!

It seems that nothing in this world can make Naito bow his head!


The stalemate didn’t last long, and it lasted only a few breaths. Shanks’ Hoashoku Haki was finally crushed by Naito!

Even the strongest Haoshoku Haki user in this world, Red-haired Shanks, can’t resist Naito’s aura. After all, Naito was already a greater existence than everything in this world!

Just when Shanks’ Haoshoku Haki seemed to be losing, all the cadres screamed in their hearts, but they were simply unable to do anything.

Victory is victory, and defeat is defeat!


The moment Shanks’ Hoashoku Haki faded away, the ground under Naito’s feet finally cracked, and the sand and rocks that were stagnated in the air burst out in all directions.


The rocks burst out in all directions like meteors, and the dust burst to the sides.

After that scene, Nait’s Hoashoku Haki didn’t continue to spread.

There was silence in the field.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Shanks, who was slightly lowering his head, and on the other side, the one who stood there calmly, looking straight ahead at Naito, with an unbelievable look in their eyes.

To say that someone can beat Shanks in terms of strength, no many people will be surprised because this world has Kaido, as well as the world’s strongest man, the Whitebeard.

However, to say that someone has a stronger Hoashoku Haki, everyone will think you’re crazy, because for many years, in this sea, no one has appeared with stronger Hoashoku Haki than Shanks!

Shank’s Hoashoku Haki has always been recognized as the strongest!

But now, the strongest was suddenly defeated by Naito!

What does this mean?!

Everyone present couldn’t help but show a touch of shock and looked at Naito incredibly, and almost all of them thought of what Shanks had just thought.

How could a person like Naito be a marine!

And just when everyone looked shocked and stunned, and some didn’t know what to do, Shanks finally slowly raised his head.

And with this movement, all the eyes locked Naito and Shanks in the frame.

Although there was still a little surprise in their hearts, everyone present clenched their weapon, and with a sense of awe in their eyes, they were ready to attack!

A battle is imminent!

Among the Yonko, Shanks is undoubtedly the one that most closely resembles a normal person. Whether it is the Whitebeard, Kaido, or Bigmom, almost all are tall giants.

Only Shanks was more like an ordinary person.

Shanks was similar in height to Naito. If these two were thrown into the crowd, they would hardly be recognized. One was the one of the Yonko who rules the sea, and the other was once dominating a world.

Naito’s interest in Shank is much higher than that of Kaido and Bigmom. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come here after he got what he wanted, the Past-Past Devil Fruit.

“This guy’s Devil Fruit is really remarkable.” Looking at Shank, Naito remembered an old meme from his previous life and couldn’t help but chuckle.

And almost at the same time, Naito chuckled, Shank standing in front of Naito, also laughed, letting that cold atmosphere ease a bit.

“Hahaha, my Hoashoku Haki was actually defeated. Man, this is the first time.” Shanks was ashamed that he was defeated but looked at Naito with a relaxed expression. Then smiled and said, “Would you like to have a drink?!”

“That would be nice.”

Looking at Shanks, Naito nodded casually.

Seeing Naito agreeing, the smile on Shank’s face became wider, and at the same time, he confirmed his guess that a person like Naito wouldn’t be a marine.

Even if he defeated the Bigmom Pirates or killed Kaido, Naito was mostly doing whatever he wanted with his own will, rather than obeying the marines’ orders.

Moreover, what made Shanks’ heart still unable to calm down is that he kind of felt faint loneliness in Naito’s momentum.

Shanks had felt loneliness in the World’s greatest swordsman Mihawk before, but it wasn’t this strong.

Mihawk stands at the apex of all swordsmen, so there it was obvious that he would have a hint of loneliness, and Naito… from where does this loneliness came from?!

This is clearly the kind of loneliness one has after standing above the world!

Looking at Naito, he should be about twenty years old, the Hoashoku Haki can be explained, and his strength can be understood, but this faint loneliness was a bit difficult to understand for Shanks.

It is normal to have a powerful strength and a cold and arrogant mentality, but loneliness must be the mentality that can only be achieved when you reach the top in one aspect and overlook everything.

Could it be said that Naito was once a ruler or one of the Gorosei? Maybe he’s the one who gives orders to the Gorosei?

The more he thought about it, the more impossible it became. Shanks kept shaking his head secretly and ended up more puzzled.

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