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T.S.H Chapter 553: Hoashoku Haki

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Ain didn’t land on the island. Naito stepped off the warship alone, then walked forward.

On the island and around it, countless people were watching Naito, but no one came forward.

Looking at his white cloak, they didn’t see a mighty person like Kaido or the Whitebeard. Some of the newcomers of the Red-Hair Pirates all showed a look of disbelief.

“It’s him who killed Kaido and defeated the Bigmom?”

“He doesn’t look strong, and I can’t perceive any special presence…”

Many newcomers watched Naito from afar, and some even showed eagerness to try their luck, but they were yelled at by some senior pirates nearby.

The buildings on this island were very simple. There is nothing like a palace or a city. Naito walked step by step from the beach on the coast and soon came to open space.

Almost all of the Red-Hair Pirates’ caders were standing next to each other.

The relationship between them and Shanks is like that of Zoro Sanji and Luffy. There is no distinction between them. They are like brothers, and they often make jokes.

However, on this occasion, Shank was their captain, one of the Yonko, and they were his crew members.

“Captain, he’s here.”

“I know.”

Shank was sitting there with his head lowered and only nodded slightly when he heard the words of those around him.

At this time, most of the cadres looked at Naito with hostility. Although many of them had cold sweat on their foreheads, none of them backed away.

Everyone stood there extremely firmly and didn’t step forward to stop Naito, but no one backed down.

Naito glanced at these pirates and could recognize some of the faces, but the memory was long and fuzzy.

Naito’s gaze swept until it fell on the man in the center, Shanks, and at the same time, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

At this moment, all eyes were on Naito. Time seemed to have stagnated, and some people around have even forgotten to breathe.

When Naito looked at Shanks, the latter lowered his head instead of looking back, but in the next moment, he suddenly smirked.


An invisible wave mark rippled from Shanks’ body, and the dust and sand on the ground suddenly buzzed, tearing and shaking the earth.

The invisible wave spread but didn’t affect anyone and completely locked Naito’s body alone.

Hoashoku… Haki!

Before Naito’s sudden appearance, Red Shanks’ Hoashoku Haki has always been recognized as the strongest in the sea!

Feeling this, Hoashoku Haki, his crew members standing next to him, all regained their confidence, and some even clenched their weapons and were ready to fight.

“Why did the boss use the Hoashoku Haki… a unique welcome gift?”

“Well, this guy is a marine.”

“Speaking of it, I’ve heard that this guy also has a strong Hoashoku Haki, but… even though our captain is a fool, no one can beat him.”

Some of the senior pirates felt his Hoashoku Haki, and their eyes flickered.

On the islands and outside, although the investigators from different forces hidden in the dark couldn’t feel the presence of the Haoshoku Haki, they could notice the instant changes in the sky!

All of a sudden, dark clouds filled the sky!

“This should be… Hoashoku Haki!”

“Did they started fighting?!”

At this moment, all the people who came here looked extremely solemn.


The Hoashoku Haki’s form can’t be seen with the naked eye, but when perceived, it’s like a tsunami!

All the people who have faced Shanks were left in awe of his Hoashoku Haki. Almost everyone who could resist it is famous and powerful. As for the others, they instantly lost consciousness!

This is the Hoashoku Haki, the power of the emperors!

When this Hoashoku Haki fell on Naito, it didn’t affect him. The shock wave couldn’t even make Naito’s cloak flutter.

“Hoashoku Haki… it is indeed much stronger than Kaido and Bigmom. This welcoming gift is very unique.”

Under the impact of this attack, Naito didn’t show any anger. Instead, he smirked, and then a ray of light flashed across his eyes.


Instantly, an even more terrifying Hoashoku Haki suddenly burst out of Naito’s body and rushed towards all directions.

Instantly, cracks appeared on the ground under Naito’s feet, the sand and rocks flew away, and the dark clouds that gathered in the sky were washed away by this momentum, then the clear sky appeared again!

The moment they felt his Hoashoku Haki, the Red-Hair Pirates’ cadres looked calm and didn’t show any surprise because it was long known that Naito has the Hoashoku Haki.

But the collusion between the two’s Hoashoku Haki caused their expression to suddenly change!


The two Haoshoku Haki crashed into each other, causing the air to twist and deform.

Crack! Crack!!!

The ground between the two suddenly collapsed, and the sand rose. The sand wasn’t in a scattered state, but as if time has stopped, it was frozen in the air!

Shanks’ Hoashoku Haki was obviously stronger than Kaido and Bigmom. So the moment these two strong Emperor Haki collided, the world seemed to have turned upside down.

There weren’t any flying rocks bursting out, but countless stones and dust were floating in the air!

The whole field felt like a volcano that was about to explode!

Under this momentum’s oppression, no one could say anything, including Shanks’ crew members, who had to concentrate all their energy to barely resist this pressure.

Almost everyone had a look of shock in their eyes. Obviously, they didn’t expect Naito’s Haoshoku Haki to be this strong, and it could form such a stalemate with Shanks’ Hoashoku Haki!

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