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T.S.H Chapter 552: Time Force

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One of the cabins of the warship.

Naito was standing there quietly, with countless pictures flashing in his eyes, while he seemed to be in a strange state. The time flow around him became completely different from the time flow outside.

It was exactly on the same instant when Ain said “waste” he withdrew from that state.

In fact, Naito saw millions of years in that state!

Million of years in an instant!

Past-Past Devil Fruit is a devil fruit with no practical ability, but it turned into a powerful booster used to shake time in Naito’s hand!

Ain didn’t know what kind of abilities Naito mastered at this moment, nor could he see the images he saw at this moment.

“A waste?”

Withdrawing from that state, Naito heard Ain say that word, and he couldn’t help but chuckle, then shook his head and said, “It’s not a simple as you thought.”

Naito said that observing and analyzing The Past-Past Devil Fruit without eating it felt like trying to catch the moon in a well, but when he really ate it and received its power, he could truly pick up with ease the moon from the well!

At this moment, to Naito, the rules of time seem to be very clear, and he could strange threads with his eyes.

This silk thread isn’t a spatial form, but in a strange way, it exists in the gap of the space. When Naito flicked his fingers earlier, he was trying to touch these lines.

In the end, even though he touched it, he couldn’t hold it in his hand.

“But isn’t the Past-Past Devil Fruit’s ability is to see the past? We could find someone else to eat it and use it to gather information.”

Ain looked regretful. Apparently, she was feeling extremely sorry that Naito ended up eating such a useless devil fruit.

“If you can see, you can touch, if you can touch, you can control…”

Naito looked at Ain and smiled gently. While talking, he picked up a teacup beside him and place it in his hand, then touched it with his other hand gently.

Silently, the teacup turned into powder in his hand and scattered.

But at the next instant, Naito’s eyes suddenly flashed and pointed at the powder scattered on the ground.


His finger seemed to have hit something, causing the air to him suddenly, and a strange wave rippled away and instantly enveloped the power on the ground.

Ain watched him feeling confused, then at the next moment, she suddenly looked shocked, as she watched the powder on the ground gather strangely, then become again, an intact teacup!

This scene is like looking back in time!

If someone else saw this, he would have thought that this isn’t the ability of the Past-Past Devil Fruit, but the Return-Return!

“This… how is this possible… what you eat is obviously the Past-Past Devil Fruit, you can see the past, but you don’t have the ability to set back time. Could it be that the information in the Devil Fruit Book is wrong?!”

Ain was still shocked.

Naito looked at her, then the teacup in his hand shattered again, turned into powder, then recovered.

“Others can’t do it. But I’m different from anyone you know. All standards don’t apply to me.” Naito kept playing with the teacup as he talked, then chuckled.

Hearing these words, Ain’s shocked expression calmed a bit, thinking of the so many incredible things she watched Naito do, then fell into deep thinking.

Naito kept playing with the cup while wondering and pondering.

Naito didn’t eat a devil fruit that is capable of controlling time. Naito controlled time by forcibly reversing the timeline with his own power.

And the advantage of this is that all power is controllable by Naito!

This means that Naito’s control is not restricted to only this world. Naito will be able to control the time when he returns to the Naruto World, which has different rules and laws!

“I can only use the power of time going backward, and I can’t go back too long.”

“However, as my strength slowly recovers, this time ability will become stronger, and I will master several other abilities.”

These thoughts kept flashing in his mind, and then slowly, his thoughts returned to peace.

Naito put the intact teacup back on the table, then asked Ain casually, “How far are we from the next Yonko’s territory?”

“We’re almost there!”

Ain nodded respectfully at Naito.

Hearing Ain’s answer, Naito walked to the porthole, looked out to the sea through it, and smiled slightly.

The next Yonko is… Red-Hair Shanks!


Under the close attention of countless forces, Naito’s warship finally came to the Yonko, Red-Hair Shanks’ territory.

Naito’s movement was being observed by countless forces, including the World Government.

Naito’s warship entered Shanks’ territory, but it was still unimpeded. Some people have even come to lead the way, and they seemed that they have been expecting him for a long time.

Naito stood quietly on the deck of the warship, looking into the distance.

At this time, Naito’s power has gradually reached 3%. If there were people who could resist him before, then now, finally, there’s no one in this world who can stand in front of him.

And from now on, his recovery will be faster and faster.

Soon Naito’s warship came to the island in the center of Shanks’ territory, and the man himself was on it!

“What will happen this time…”

Someone watching the warship docking on the shore couldn’t help but mutter with evident awe in his eyes.

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