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T.S.H Chapter 551: Eating The Devil Fruit

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Naito madly crushed Kaido, smashed the island, and finally summoned a huge meteorite out of thin air just to make sure he’s dead. The news spread to the sea, and especially in the new world.

At this moment, Naito’s warship that crossed Kaido’s territory, was heading toward the next Yonko’s territory, Red-Hair, Sanks.

The warship didn’t hide its whereabouts, it sailed straight toward Shank’s territory. Naturally, no one dared to stop it along the way.

The way is unimpeded.

On the warship, in a quiet elegant cabin, Ain was sitting there, ywaning, looking bored, and from time to time, she will look at Naito who haven’t raised his head for a long time.

Naito has been closing his eyes for a quiet long time, and she could see countless srange patterns around his eyes.

For a while, there seemed to be flames burning the sky, in the distance, it seemed to be frozen for thousand of miles, and in an instant, there was thunder.

What Naito was sensing and perceiving are the power of the basic elements.

Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, and Earth. These are the most basic elements. Naito has traced its origin in the World of Naruto, and obtained the choatic power of the Source of all Nature Changes. So it was easy for him to analyze these basic elements in this world.

Studying the basic element of this world and its laws, he discovered that it was extremely easy to comprehend, but when he tried to touch the time laws and domain, he found it challenging.

Time power is messy!

This Naito’s first impression.

At this moment, Naito was holding the Past-Past Devil Fruit. He didn’t eat it directy, because he wanted to analyze its compositions.

The law of time wasn’t the only thing in this Devil Fruit, Naito could also feel a strange power within it. Because of the existence of thi strange power, ordinary people can directly come in contact with the power of time after eating it.

The other Devil Fruits are basucally similar.

As for the choas that Naito felt, it was actually the chaotic power contained in this Devil Fruit.

The past is constant, and the future can be changed. For example if Naito chooses to kill Kaido, it is a future. It he doesn’t kill him, it’s another future. There are billions of possiblities and billion multi-verse.

Naito, who had been sitting there metionless, held the Devil Fruit, in onehand and placed it in front of him. The other hand suddenly moved slighty, extending two finger and flicking in the air.


Silently, rippless appeared on the space. It seemed as if something had been touched by Naito, and there was a strange twist, but it didn’t las long, and it returned to its original state in the next moment.

Ain, who was yawning and wanted to go to sleep, suddenly saw this scene and regained her focus, then blinked her eyes, showing a hint of curiosity.

“Sir Naito, have you found anything?”

Ain was also a scientist, who has studied all kinds of weapons in this world. Of couse, she wasn’t as good as the legendary Vegapunk whose technology is said to be 500 years ahead of this world.

Ain herself had studied Devil Fruits, but she hand’t discovered anything.

“No, it’s like trying to catch the moon in the well.”

Naito shook his head slightly, and then casually tossed the Past-Past Devil Fruit in his hand, weighing it twice.

Althoughain didn’t know whether Naito wnted to study the Devil Fruits in general, or the power of the time system, she understood what Naito meant, and couldn’t help but comfort him.

“It’s too difficult to study the mysteroy of the Devil Fruit based on observation. When we return to the Marineford, you can go to the scientific unit and use the various equipment there to conduct experiments, so that you may find what you want.”

“No need.”

However,Naito directly shook his head, and then under Ain’s astonished gaze, he ate the devil fruit directly!

“Sir Naito!”

Seeing this scene, Ain couldn’t help but exclaim, and even subconsciosuly rushed forward, trying to stop Naito, but the latter had already eaten it.

“The taste of this thing is really… special.”

Naito’s mouth twitched, he really didn’t want to experience it again, but he had no choice.

Seeing this scene, Ain’s eyes suddenly widened, and she even looked horrified.

Although Naito has man abilities, she still couldn’t figure out wha Devil Fruit ability Naito possesses, but it’s clear that Naito should be a devil fruit user!

You can’t eat two devil fruits, otherwise you will undoubtedly die. In this world, it’s almost a fact, but Naito has actually broke it?!

“What happened?”

Naito noticed Ain’s expression,and suddenly asked a little strangely.

Ain stared at him blankly, and stammered a little, “Yu… Sir Naito, are you okay?!”

“What do you mean?”

Naito was confused, but after a second thought, he immediately underdstood what Ain meant, and couldn’t help but smile, and tap his finger on her forehead.

“It seems that I didn’t told that I’m not a devil fruit user…” Naito shrugged, in fact, even if he eats two devil fruits, nothing will happen.

If you eat two devil fruits, you will die. In Naito’s opinion, it’s mostly due to the conflict of laws contained in the two devil fruits. No one can bear it except for Blackbeard’s special physique.

Since Blackbeard can bear it, let alone Naito, it is estimated that even the conflict between a few more devil fruits would be impossible to affect Naito.

Ain blinked her eyes, although it was still a little unbelievable. Watching Naito eating the devil fruit just now, looking completely fine was a bit shocking.

“But, Sir, the devil fruit you just ate can only be used for collecting intelligence, otherwise it is completley useless.”

Ain had previously helped Naito to cllect various information and materials about the Devil Fruit of Time System, and of course she knew this Past-Past Devil Fruit.

As for Naito, even if needs this ability to look back into the future, he can directly order another marien to eat it. As for Naito, eating such a fruit is really a waste.

Naito obviously can choose a better devil fruit.

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