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T.S.H Chapter 550: Akainu And Kizaru

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Grand Lane, New World.

An extremely fierce battle was taking place on an island, and various roars continued to be heard. The naked eye can see continuous explosions of magma, and golden rays of light fall, shattering wherever it goes.

The sky was densely covered with dark clouds, and from time to time, thunder and fire entangled.

This is the battlefield where Admiral Akainu and Admiral Kizaru led a large number of marines to fight the Yonko.

There many islands in this territory and most of them have been destroyed.

Even though they were severely injured and couldn’t recover their strength, the three Commanders’ injuries weren’t severe. In addition to the ministers who were still alive, it was difficult for the marines to finish them off.


Akainu blasted a pirate out with a punch. The lava splashed, and Akainu was about to chase when suddenly a lightning bolt struck him from the sky.

“Damn it!”

Although he didn’t get injured, this lightning bolt hindered Akainu’s pursuit. Akainu gritted his teeth and cursed, looking up at the dark clouds in the sky that were constantly smashing thunder and fire, he glowered.


At this moment, a golden light suddenly flickered and appeared next to Akainu. It Kizaru.

“Sakazuki, we should withdraw. We will lose more if we keep fighting.”

“But, how can we let these pirates go away!!”

Akainu clenched his fists, and the lava dripped continuously, emitting a horrible sound of burning.

Kizaru shook his head helplessly and said, “Although you and I have the upper hand, the others have suffered heavy losses, so it won’t be worth it if we keep this.”

“It would be good if Kuzan was here, all these pirates would have been wiped out!”

“But the problem is that he is not here. Let’s retreat first, then regroup and come back with Kuzan. They won’t recover in such a short time.” Kizaru said.

Akainu was extremely annoyed. He was unwilling to retreat because of his character, but he could see that Kizaru had no intention to fight seriously, and he can’t do much damage to them alone.


The extremely irritated Akainu finally followed Kizaru’s suggestion and led the marine to fall back.

Watching the marines retreat, the pirates breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t chase them down.

If it was before, these pirates wouldn’t even fear the sky.

However, after being completely crushed by Naito’s Chibaku Tensei, these pirates’ spirit was severely damaged, including the Three Commanders.

The sea.

Several severely damaged warships were swaying, and the communication equipment and Den Den Mushi were completely ruined.

Gradually away from the battlefield, the Den Den Mushi slowly recovered from the strange state of “dead.”

Akainu didn’t return to the cabin but stood on the deck with an angry look and said, “That damn Naito, he’s always careless, he won, but he has made such a big mess and left. How troublesome!”

“Sakazuki, this sentence is a bit too much. After tall, if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have such a chance.”

Kizaru stood beside the Akainu, sipping a cup of tea.

“The pirates should be killed, and justice should be applied firmly. That guy, Naito, is so arrogant that he would go away after winning.”

“Furthermore, that guy didn’t wait to completely clean up Pirates Group, and he ran to attack the next Yonko. How much trouble does he want to cause the marine?!”

As Akainu said, his anger subsided, and his voice became deeper.

“Kaido, that guy, can’t be killed at all. If Naito pisses him off and then just walks away, leaving the marine to clean up the mess, that would be big trouble. How much power will it take to suppress that man’s madness.”

Speaking of this, Akainu’s expression has completely turned gloomy, as if he was living it already.

“Before that, Bigmom Pirates must be wiped out quickly so that we can be ready for Kaido and his camp!”

After taking a deep breath, Akainu turned his head to look at the marine on one side and shouted, “Can’t the Den Den Mushi be used yet?!”

“Sakazuki-San, it’s already working!”

“Contact the headquarter quickly!” Akainu was still thinking of bringing Aokiji to support him so they can completely get rid of the Big Mom Pirates.

After they contacted the headquarters, the officer was left stunned.

“General Sakazuki, General Kuan has left the Marineford.”

“Oh?! It seems that the Fleet Admiral had the same idea as me…” Akainu was surprised, and showed a slight joy, and said, “When did he leave, and when should we expect him?”

The officer’s expression looked odd, and he said, “General Kuzan’s destination is not here, but… to the Beast Pirates’ territory.”

“Kaido? Why did he get there for? Is he gonna help Naito suppress Kaido? What is Sengoku thinking!”

Akainu suddenly looked stunned, and Kizaru, who was standing by, was also a little surprised.

Akainu immediately took the Den Den Mushi and called Sengoku’s office.

Purururu! Purururu!

After two beeps, Sengoku’s voice came from the other end.

“Hello, is it Sakazuki?

“It’s me, Sengoku-San.” After he responded, Akainu asked in a deep voice, “Why did you send Kuzan to assist Naito?!”

“Even if Kuzan assisted him in suppressing Kaido, it would not make any sense. the Bigmom Pirates should be eliminated quickly!”

Akainu couldn’t understand why Sengoku sent Aokiji to assist Naito. It wouldn’t be smart to provoke Kaido, so Akainu was extremely dissatisfied and annoyed, and his tone was very harsh.

On the other hand, Sengoku was silent for a while, and then he said a few words and hang up.

The angry expression on Kizaru’s face gradually dissipated, and the whole person seemed to be petrified.

Kizaru standing on the side, was stunned, and he even spilled the tea on the floor subconsciously.

As for the officer standing on the side, as well as some other marines, they were all socked, and some of them didn’t even believe their ears.

The silence in the place was horrible.

Everyone stayed there, motionless. The words that the Fleet Admiral said through the phone seemed to echo in their ears.

Kaido… is dead!

Not being defeated or suppressed, but… dead!!

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