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T.S.H Chapter 549: There Is a Chance

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The Holy Land Mary Geoise.

This was the capital of the world government. Where its highest rulers, the Five Elders, the World Nobles, and Commander-in-Chief Kong, reside and govern.

At this time, images were flashing, showing the roaring scenes from Naito and Kaido’s battle.

“If it is just an attack of this level, it won’t kill Kaido.”

“It seems that Naito’s ability is only enough to restrain. He seems unable to finish his opponents.”

“In this case, it should still be within the controllable range. Only the ability to create huge waves like that is a bit troublesome, but after Aokiji freezes it, the problem will be solved.”

The Gorosei watched the images while drinking the tea and talking. Their expressions were still very calm.

“If they continue to fight like this, Kaido should be able to win.” After taking a sip, one of them spoke lightly.

However, almost immediately after his voice fell, a roar suddenly came, and the entire island trembled.


While the sea was raging, the entire island shattered!


“He destroyed the entire island with one blow?”

“Moreover, why is this ability so familiar? It feels like…”

Seeing this scene, the Gorosei could no longer stay still, and all of them exclaimed and subconsciously stood up.

Focusing on the scene in front of them, their expression changed.

When they saw the sudden appearance of the huge meteorite in the sky, tearing the clouds and falling to the sea, they were even horrified!

“What? Meteorite?!”

“What kind of joke is this?!”

“Damn! What kind of ability is this?!”

One of the Gorosei was even trembling from fear, and the tea inside the cup he held in his hand kept splashing on the ground.

There was nothing in the sky but endless thick dark clouds. Suddenly, such a huge meteorite appeared without warning. This scene is simply incredible!

The Gorosei knows that there is a kind of gravity devil fruit that can drag meteorites from the sky as an attack, but that ability and Naito’s Shock Force can’t belong to the same source of power!

This meteorite itself isn’t so terrible. And admiral or even Garp, or other can join forces to smash it, but the question is… how is he doing it?!

It just appeared out of thin air!

It’s just hard to believe!


After the meteorite fell, it set off a monstrous wave, sweeping in all directions. In the projected video, the wave was getting bigger and bigger, and as if they were on the battlefield, the Gorosei felt cold sweat on their forehead.


The video came to an abrupt end. It was obvious that the ship they sent to investigate got caught in the attack.

The picture disappeared, but the expression on the Gorosei’s faces was still hideous. When they looked at each other, they could still see the shock in their eyes.

“This person… cannot be an enemy!”

“Fortunately, he’s not a pirate, but I heard that he has the Hoashoku Haki…”

“In any case, we will try to stabilize him. We will give him whatever he wants!”

They didn’t have to discuss it. It was clear now to every member of the Gorosei that they must never let Naito become an enemy.

“By the way, I heard from Sengoku that Naito doesn’t seem to be very interested in money or power, but the intelligence sent by Sengoku has specifically mentioned that he requested to transfer a beautiful marine girl to him as an adjutant. Seems like he has some hobbies in this regard.”

“So… maybe we can start from this aspect, but we should also pay attention to other things. The Vice-Admiral Rank is definitely not good and must be changed.”

“Yes, do it.”

The Gorosei looked at each other, nodded one after another, and then began to give orders.


Kaido is dead!!

This news spread all over the sea almost overnight, causing an uproar in the entire sea.

Even a king like Doflamingo, Crocodile, or the other Shichibukai couldn’t maintain their composure.

These people know what terrifying power the beast Kaido possesses.

A person who fought against the other Yonko, the marine, got captured, defeated many times, but no one managed to kill him!

That monster was killed now!!

Countless pirates became frightened by the name Naito, and some have even begun to say that the age of the Yonko… is about to come to an end!

Before the great pirate era, it was Roger’s time as the Pirate King. At the beginning of the great pirate era, it was the strongest man in the world, Withebeard’s era.

Today, the Yonko and their pirates’ group has been defeated by the hands of Naito, and they’re being pursued by the marine.

This sea has turned upside down.


“In other words, the marine named Naito is a monster that is more terrifying than Kaido… and he even had the Haoshoku Haki…”

Doflamingo was staying in Dresrosa’s palace at this time, bowing his head in thoughts.

“We did such a monster emerge from?” After taking a deep breath, a sharp looked appeared in Doflamingo’s eyes, and he said, in a deep voice, “Fortunately, this guy doesn’t seem to be on good terms with marine…”

“By the way, Dofy, it seems that the intelligence obtained from the world government says that Naito isn’t interested in power and money, but shortly after he joined the marine, he specifically requested an ordinary lieutenant commander to be transferred to his side as an adjutant.”

Standing next to Doflamingo, Trebol, who was covered in snot, whipped his nose and said, “This lieutenant’s name is Ain. Besides being a disciple of former Admira Zypher, the only special thing about her is that… she’s pretty.”


Doflamingo raised his brows and said in a little surprise, “Did this really happen?”

Treble snorted and said, “It’s very possible, Dofy. If this man is really not interested in power or money, he must have something he wants. Otherwise, with his power, he would no longer be a man, but a god.”

Doflamingo let out an evil laugh, and with a wicked smile on his face, he said, “Fuffuffuffuffu, If this is the case, then maybe there is a chance…”

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