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T.S.H Chapter 548: The End

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A mushroom cloud rose to the sky, and huge waves were set off instantly, rushing in all directions.

Naito flashed to the warship, grabbed it with one hand, and lifted it. After retreating beyond the attack range, he put the warship back on the sea.

The en thousand-foot waves rose into the sky and swept in all directions.

Watching this scene, Ain and the marines on the warship finally came back to her sense and revealed a horrified expression.

Such a terrifying huge wave has far surpassed the wave Naito and Kaido had caused when they were fighting on the island.

Even strong people would be helpless facing such a big wave.

However, after he put the warship on the sea, Naito didn’t even face it. Instead, he clenched his fist and hammered it on the space behind him.


Cracks appeared on the space as if it was a broken mirror.

With the sudden appearance of these cracks, the monstrous wave that was about to crush the warship stagnated in the air and finally collapsed!

However, even the waves that broke apart were still horrifying. The scattered waves suddenly turned into smaller ones, and more waves spread to the surroundings.


However, the scattered waves swept across the warship’s sides, and not a drop of seawater could fall inside.

It wasn’t until these waves passed that the sea finally began to calm down, and Ain and the marines finally woke up from their dream and breathed a sigh of relief.

But the traces of shock were still evident in their eyes.

Even though they have followed Naito from the very start and they saw how strong he is when he dealt with the Bigmom Pirates, this scene just now still shocked them.

Even now, no one could figure out how Naito could make such a big meteorite suddenly appear in the sky. This is simply not power a human can possess!

“Sir Naito, we…”

Looking at the sea’s direction, the falling meteorite has completely crashed on the already shattered island, forming a new island on the sea.

“Let’s go to the next Yonko.” Naito glanced at the sea in the distance and said lightly.

“Huh?! How can you leave like this?”

Ain didn’t even have a chance to react and couldn’t help but open her mouth and say in a daze.

Naito smiled slightly and said, “Oh do you want us to go back and erect a monument to Kaido’s tomb?”

Hearing Naito’s words, a strange look flashed across Ain’s face.

Build a monument?

Could it be that…

Ain finally reacted. She couldn’t help showing a somewhat stunned look and said, “Could it be that Kaido is already…”

After a moment of astonishment, Ain was relieved slightly and murmured, “Yes, being hit by that kind of terrifying meteorite, even if it’s Kaido, it should be unblockable.”

Even when she saw it, Ain didn’t think of it; she didn’t think that monster Kaido would die.

Ain, who had seen the Admirals helpless in front of Kaido, didn’t think that it is possible to kill him.

Naito shrugged casually. If it was Kaido in his heyday, he might have been able to block that meteorite, but he got severely injured by that punch, and he will not survive that attack unless he’s lucky.

“By the way, what did you do to the thing I’ve handed over to you?” Naito asked Ain.

“It’s here!”

Ain kept holding the box for Naito the entire time. And after hearing what he said, she quickly handed the box over to him.

Of course, she would do that. However, even for an adjutant, Ain was very obedient.

She once felt Kaido’s Hoashoku Haki and watched her teacher, Zephyr, being beaten by him.

But now, that beast Kaido was defeated by Naito’s hand. In Ain’s heart, Naito’s status had even surpassed her teacher Zephyr.


Naito took the box from Ain and replied casually.


The sea.

Several broken pirate ships floated on the surface.

After they got hit by the gigantic waves caused by the Tengai Shinsei, most of the ships got sunk. Even Jack could do nothing to stop it.

Although a few ships were eventually saved, most of them fell into the sea.

Even though many competent people on the board dived into the water to save others, it was impossible to rescue all the devil fruit users.

At this time, these broken ships were slowly floating toward the new island, the meteorite created.

Farther away, the ships spying from different sides looked from a distance with place faces.

“This is unbelievable….”

“No one knows what will become of this era anymore….”

These people didn’t know whether Kaido was dead or alive, but there was no doubt that Kaido was defeated by Naito!

Suddenly a thought flashed in everyone’s mind.

This era will be completely rewritten!

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