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T.S.H Chapter 547: Obstacles

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Naito’s figure was quietly suspended on the surface of the sea, watching Kaido sinking in the sea, with broken bones and blood continually flowing out of him, Naito looked at the bottom of the sea indifferently.

Kaido didn’t die, but due to Nairo’s Shock Force, he was dying.

This can be said to be the most severe injury he ever suffered since he came out to the sea!

When Naito first appeared in the world, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Kaido with 1% of his power, but the moment it became 2%, his power gradually exceeded this world’s limits.

Naito’s punch wasn’t just a simple shock effect, the Shock Force has even made the space tremble, and it was almost beyond the limit of this world.

While in the Marineford, Naito’s power recovered by 2%, on the journey to Kaido’s territory, Naito managed to recover a bit of his strength and add half a point.

The recovery from now on will get faster.

Naito, who was initially above this world and possesses the ability to easily destroy this entire realm, even if he lost most of his power, he’s still not comparable to the people in this world.

At this time, Kaido, who is sinking under the sea, was slowly recovering from his injuries.

“You’re the first one to push me to this level. Even the Whitebeard couldn’t do it… cough cough….”

Kaido was underwater, looking at Naito floating above the sea. Even in this state, there was still no fear in his heart.

Naito looked down at Kaido, shook his head, and said, “Your defense is indeed strong, but you can’t withstand this force, nor resist it. Punching you again is meaningless, then…”

Naito sounded like he was talking to himself more than to Kaido. Suddenly, he raised his hand, but he wasn’t gonna throw a fist. Instead, he folded both hands and performed a hand sign.

“It’s been a long time since I used a hand sign, but my power has recovered now, and if I want to use this, I must perform a hand sign!” Naito laughed, then the power in his body suddenly surged.

“This is going to be interesting.”

This hand sign was very simple, and after it was completed, Naito put down his hands and glanced at the Kaido underwater.

Although the sea was red with Kaido’s blood, the latter could still see Naito’s movements clearly, and he looked puzzled.

What did Naito do?!

Naito only Kaido, but the other pirates of the beast, the spies, the various forces, they all had strange expressions.

On a ship far away, a person holding a telescope saw Naito’s movement and felt puzzled.

“What is he doing? Is Kaido dead?”

The man stared at Naito through the telescope with a puzzled expression on his face while muttering to himself.

After putting down down the telescope, he turned his head to look at the other people around him, but to his surprise, when he wanted to say something, he found that they all had a dull expression.

“What’s the matter with you?!”

The person beside him was shivering, and he couldn’t even hold the pen in his hand firmly, which was even stranger.

The person couldn’t help but notice that they all looked in the same direction, so he followed their sights and looked in Naito’s direction. This time, he didn’t use the telescope. The field of his vision was wider, and now he finally sees it.

Cang Dang!!

This was the sound of the telescope falling on the deck. The lens broke, but no one paid attention.

Under everyone’s horrified gazes, a huge meteorite appeared in the sky that was almost as huge as an island!

This can no longer be described as a meteorite. This was simply a star!

Tengai… Shinsei!!

“Good luck.”

At this moment, Naito, who was floating above the sea, said these random words to Kaido under the sea, then he flashed and disappeared.


Instantly, Naito landed on the warship, and when he reached out to the void, it rose from the sea and flew towards the distance.

This time, almost all the marines had stunned expressions. Even Ain was almost in a frozen state. Looking at the sky-shattering star that was falling from the sky, her mind was blank!

At this moment, everyone’s mind was blank and even at a loss.

These scenes from the battle were broadcast live by the video Den Den Mushi. At this moment, those who watched it live also looked shocked, and they seemed like they have lost the ability to think for a while.


The huge meteorite hasn’t yet fallen, and a terrifying pressure already caused everyone to breathe hard, the air squeezed, and the entire area began to sink!

“Am I… dreaming?!”

“Meteor, no, a star?! How did he do it?!”

Almost all the pirates’ ships were within the attack range of this extremely large meteorite, and many people were still muttering subconsciously at this time.

Until the meteorite was about to fall, these people finally came back to their senses, and they looked too shocked.

“Oh… oh!!!”

“Hurry up! Runaway!”

At this moment, even people like Jack looked in shock and disbelief.

There was finally chaos on the sea, and the Beast Pirates, regardless of whether Kaido was alive or dead, all desperately used their abilities to flee in the distance.

The Beast Pirates’ reaction finally awakened the other forces, who were spying in the distance, so everyone started fleeing in horror.

And at this time, at the bottom of the sea, right under the center of the falling meteorite.

Kaido lying there, looked at the gigantic meteorite falling from the sky and muttered, “Meteorite? That guy… how did he do it…”

Under everyone’s horrified gazes, the huge meteorite finally crashed down.

Instantly, the world fell over.

The colossal meteorite fell on the separated pieces of the island and on the sea, destroying everything.

The scene was indescribable.

The huge waves that were set off instantly seemed to have reached the distant sky. Even those who watched this scene from the Den Den Mushi had their hearts sank.

Such a scene will be unforgettable!

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