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T.S.H Chapter 546: Island Broken

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Outside the island.

The thunderous roars emitting from the battlefield shocked and terrified the Beast Pirates, the marines, and the spies hiding around.

This feeling lasted long, but eventually, they become calm again. Although the island and sea kept rolling and roaring, it has been like that for a long time, and it wasn’t as shocking as before. Therefore, some people were even yawning.

“So… how long will it keep on going?!!”

“It seems that the marine named Naito can’t do anything to Kaido. It seems that there will be no victory or defeat in the end.” Someone shook his head.

“No, you can always tell who won.” One person said in a deep voice, “If he can’t kill him or knock him out, then Kaido must be the winner. No one can defeat the guy in terms of physical strength.

Someone nodded and said, “That’s right. It must be Naito who will lose this fight. It seems that this is his limit. Although he’s strong enough to defeat the Big mom, he’s helpless in front of Kaido.”

“It should be like this.”

On the other side, some of the pirates of the Beast Pirates have even begun to drink.

In the beginning, they were worried that Kaido might lose, but since he was still fighting, and no one seems like he’s winning or losing, they weren’t worried anymore.

Since Naito’s attack can’t knock him out, they were sure that Kaido will eventually win this!

“Sure enough, no one can defeat him heads-on.”

“Except for Whitebeard, who can’t be considered as a human…hehe!”

“It seems it’s over.”

Many people smiled, looking at the island in the distance with awe and admiration on their faces for Kaido.

Even Naito, who defeated the Bigmom Pirates, wasn’t an opponent of Kaido. So the Red-Hair Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates will be destroyed by them sooner or later.

The only one who can become the Pirates King is their Yonko, Kaido!

Thinking of this in their hearts, many people continued to look at the distant island relaxedly while drinking beers.

And on the island at this time, Naito threw a punch that contained enough power to shake heaven and earth.

Unlike the Whitebeard, Naito doesn’t need to control the Shock Force to prevent it from destroying his foothold. For Naito, it makes no difference whether it’s earth, sea, or the sky!

Therefore, Naito’s shock power is also the most powerful destructive power in all realms!

“Impossible… how could you have the Whitebeard’s…”

Kaido looked in shock and disbelief as his entire body was getting embedded in the ground by the terrifying power of the Shock Force.

The shock force defeated Kaido’s absolute defense but also shocked the entire island and spread in directions.


At this moment, it was as if the world was hit by an earthquake, and even if it was far away, people could still hear the roaring sounds that made their minds buzzing.

Under the shocking and unbelievable gazes of countless people, the battlefield that Naito and Kaido were on, the huge island… at this moment, got shattered!

“The island is falling!!”

“What kind… of an attack caused this?!”

Almost everyone exclaimed.

There weren’t any signs of fragmentation, it happened all in a second, the island suddenly burst into pieces!

People who have the Observation Haki could sense a terrifying force shaking both the sky and earth, bombarding the island and shattering it!

It would be really unrealistic to think that Kaido is the one who smashed such a huge island instantly because everyone knows that he isn’t strong offensively, and that leaves us with one person… the one who smashed the island with one blow was Naito!

At the thought of this, most people took a breath.

Even the Beast Pirates’ expression changed drastically. It’s really terrifying to think that Naito can deal such great damage!

In addition, some people who possessed strong Observation Haki could perceive something else, which set terrible waves in their hearts.

“That’s… shouldn’t be possible!”

“There can’t be such a thing! That power… must be an illusion!”


Wave os thousands of feet raised due to the island’s collapsing and rushed in all direction, but most people here couldn’t be effect by the waves.

When the waves were suppressed, almost everyone couldn’t help holding their breath and staring intently.

The entire island was torn apart and turned into countless pieces on the sea.

At this moment, above the sea, a person was floating in the air.

It was Naito!

Everyone almost recognized him with one glance.

Seeing that he was floating in the air, everyone couldn’t help but take a breath. There was no doubt that the person who smashed the entire island with one blow was Naito!

So, where is Kaido?!

When they thought of this, everyone looked down, but the island was completely shattered, and the sea was completely messed up, and there was no sight of Kaido.

Finally, someone noticed the bright red blood on the sea below Naito!

This bloodstain. Almost the entire area below Naito is completely red!


“Is that, Kaido’s blood?! Did Kaido actually lose?!”

Countess people who looked at that are shocked.

As for the Beast Pirates, they looked broken!

Kaido was captured many times, but no one managed to kill him, and no one managed to defeat him in a head-on battle!

“The island is smashed… what if Captain Kaido has really lost!” Someone gritted his teeth while watching this scene.

“Shut up! It’s not over yet!”

At that moment, Jack shouted and stared at him coldly.

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