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T.S.H Chapter 545: Shock

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Crying angrily, Kaido rushed toward Naito, like a wild beast.

Looking at him coming toward him, Naito’s expression looked calm.


Naito’s fist and the fist of Kaido collided once again, and the latter was shaken back again, but he instantly rushed over again.

This resembles a tireless tiger, pounces back again and again, with a ferocious beast-like expression on its face, as if he wants to tear Naito apart.

However, no matter how many times Kaido rushed at him, he always ended up the one pushed back.

But even though Naito was always countering him with one punch only, the distance he was being pushed back was getting bigger and bigger every time!

However, Kaido himself didn’t realize this. He seemed to have lost the ability to think and completely transformed into a beast. He just instinctively kept attacking Naito.

Finally, when Kaido rushed toward him for the last time, a light flashed in Naito’s eyes, then he clenched his fist tightly and cried.


The Busoshoku Haki that has been surrounding Naito’s fist this whole time finally enveloped it.

The Busoshoku Haki was almost instantly attached to his fist, and the color turned into deep purple that exudes a bright light!

The moment it was finally attached, the ground under Naito seemed unable to withstand this explosive power and cracked to the distance.

“Is this the power of my complete Busoshoku Haki?”

Looking at his fist, Naito’s eyes flashed slightly, but a slight disdain appeared on his face, “But this power… doesn’t seem to be that surprising.”

In the next moment, Naito’s figure flickered and appeared in the sky, and with his deep purple colored fist, he hammered Kaido’s fist.


The airburst and a thunderous roar emitted.

A shock wave greater than anything from before swept in all directions, breaking and shattering everything on the island, then fell on the sea, making the originally restless ocean chaotic!

At the same time, Kaido’s eyes flickered.


Upon the collision between his fist and Naito’s, Kaido’s arm made a cracking sound!

Immediately afterward, Kaido got bombarded, knocked on the ground, and kept embedding the ground as he continued to fly backward!

“Not bad…” Seeing the power of his punch, Naito commented casually.

In fact, relying solely on the power of this Busoshoku Haki was enough to crush an Admiral!

It’s just that this level of power is really not strong in Naito’s eyes. It can only be said that it is better than nothing.


A roar came, and Kaido’s body kept digging the ground out until his back finally hit a distant mountain.

When Kaido’s body directly smashed the mountain, he got buried by countless rubble; then, a voice came out.

“This guy…”


The wreckage burst, Kaido’s figure slowly walked out, holding his slightly twisted arm, then he fixed it forcefully.


His arm instantly returned to its original shape.

But Kaido didn’t care about his arm, because it seems like… Naito wasn’t fighting the entire time, seriously!

Originally, he thought that Naito’s strength was really horrifying, and he was a worthy opponent, so if they continued to fight, this gonna be a battle of physical strength, and he’s the man who’s never afraid of facing anyone head-on.

He fought against the other Yonko or the marine before, which led to a battle that lasted for several days. It always ends with him being defeated and captured, but none managed to kill him.

But now, Kaido suddenly realized that Naito wasn’t using all of his strength. He felt shocked, then irritated, because he was underestimated.

“Why aren’t you fighting seriously? Are you looking down on me?!” Kaido glared at Naito, and a monstrous aura filled the place.

Naito looked at Kaido a bit surprised, then he laughed and said, “Well, if you’re insisting, then as you wish.”

Ninjas and Pirates are completely different.

In particular, Kaido of the beast, one of the Yonko who rules the sea, has Hoashoku Haki, which gives him a strong presence and aura. In the Shinobi world, Naito believes that only Madara’s aura can be comparable.

“In this way, this should be considered as an all-out attack.”

While murmuring these words, a layer of white light enveloped Naito’s fist.

As soon as this light appeared, the surrounding space buzzed as if it had tremored.

“Huh?! This is…”

The moment Kaido saw this light, he felt that it was very familiar, and then as if he remembered something, his eyes suddenly widened, revealing a touch of astonishment.

But at that moment, when Kaido felt shocked, Naito’s figure flickered, and he flashed to the top of his head and suddenly slammed him with a punch.

Facing Naito’s punch, Kaido greeted it with another punch.

Naito’s punch didn’t hit Kaido, and Kaido’s punch didn’t touch Naito’s fist. The two fists stagnated in the air, separated by about a foot.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.


A crisp, like a shattering glass sound emitted abruptly, and suddenly the void in front of Naito’s fist turned into a broken ice surface.

There space cracked like a broken ice surface, and the white light scattered.

In the next moment, a shock force that was terrifying to the extreme, that was making the void tremble, burst out, and fell on Kaido!

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