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T.S.H Chapter 544: Undead Kaido

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The shock wave cracked all the surrounding buildings, and then completely destroyed it and swept in all directions.

Kaio was shaken back by Naito again, and this time he got pushed back a long distance, and he even lost his foothold for a moment.

Still, Kaido didn’t have any injuries on his body.


However, Naito managed to make Kaido spit a bit of blood, a thing that he didn’t see in a long time.

Suddenly, Naito flickered and came to the top, and at the same time, he threw a punch with a shout.

Using the Busoshoku Haki, he mobilized all of his strength, then punched the air. And suddenly, a white beam of light that seemed terrifying to the extreme slammed down.

Evening Elephant… One step!

When Naito flickered initially, Kaido was ready to fight back, but as soon as he saw Naito’s movements, his expression suddenly changed, and he felt that something was wrong.

Almost instantly, Kaido’s body was suddenly enveloped by the white beam of light.


Kaido was socked but didn’t hesitate to directly move his black colored hands in front of him crossed and try to block. But even so, he still couldn’t stop it!


It was like watching a meteor falling from the sky. The white beam of light hit Kaido’s body and forcibly blasted him to the ground that he violently penetrated it, creating a deep pit!

That slam created a terrifying shock wave that spread to the distant sea.


Under the impact, huge waves were set off in the sea.

Even though the Naito’s warship and the Beast Pirates’ ship have already dropped their anchors earlier, they were still affected by these sudden huge waves.

With Ain on the warship, she could wipe out part of the waves, and the Beast Pirates had one of the most dangerous men in the world. A few waves won’t do them any harm.

But even so, most people looked shocked.

Even a strong man like Jack, whose bounty is one billion Belly, couldn’t help but look stunned.

This moment seems to have even passed the one from Kaido’s battle with the Whitebeard!

“The sea…”

“What kind of power can create that white beam of light? It’s so terrifying!”

Almost most of the people present had the Observation Haki and felt the power that the white beam of light contains.

They could tell that if one of them was hit by it, they would end up being killed almost instantly or even turn into ashes.

Even Jack, who has always been crazily powerful, couldn’t help but feel frightened.


On the Island.

Using the Evening Elephant, Naito blasted Kaido into the earth’s depths, then stood tall after he landed on the ground.

The Evening Elephant is a continuous barrage of punches from one to five. Each punch will be faster and more powerful. So the first punch, in fact, is the weakest.

“Sure enough, you’re tougher than Bigmom. So you can even resist my Evening Elephant, huh?” Perceiving the situation in the pit, Naito looked stunned.

No wonder he never was killed, even though he got captured many times.

At this moment.

In the bottom of the pit.

Kaido was lying there, dripping with blood.

But if you look closely, you can see that even though Naito abruptly defeated Kaido’s Busoshoku Haki, Kaido’s wound wasn’t deep and didn’t reach the bones.

Moreover, what is even more terrifying is that the injury he suffered was recovering really fast!

This was too much!

You know, there are only a few people in this world that can use an attack as strong as Naito’s Evening Elephant.

Kaido’s defensive power is extremely abnormal, and when it’s enhanced with the Busohoku Haki, few people can break his defense.

And even if Kaido can’t use his Haki because he’s exhausted or defeated, it will take someone at the rank of an admiral to deal a fatal injury to his body alone.

In other words, if Kaido lies there and lets everyone attack him, almost no one would be able to kill him. And even if they injuries him, his body still has the ability to recover instantly.

However, Kaido also has a weakness, that is, his offensive power. Otherwise, if his attack power is as strong as Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi, Kaido would have conquered this world a long time ago.

Compared with the other three Yonko, Kaido’s attacks pose a lot less threat to people, not as good as Bigmom’s weird abilities, not as good as Shanks, and not as good as having the Gura Gura No Mi.

Of course, this low attack power is only relatively speaking to the Yonko.

The defensive power is extremely high, the resilience is extremely strong, and the offensive power is slightly weaker. This is the Yonko, Kaido.

Two admirals can basically hold Kaido or even suppress him, but they won’t be able to kill him even then.

“His defense and healing abilities are powerful. He’s basically an undead monster.” Naito observed Kaido’s body. Then he smiled and shook his head.

However, even if Kaido’s physical strength becomes stronger, it will still be in a real different league from Naito!


Suddenly Kaido jumped out of the pit and fell in front of Naito, touching the back of his head.

“Oh, Oh! This feeling… I haven’t experienced it for a long time!” Kaido looked at Naito, then suddenly grinned.


Kaido rushed toward Naito again. Although he was blasted into the ground with Naito’s punch. After climbing out, he didn’t have the slightest fear. Instead, like a lunatic, he continued to rush toward Naito.

He was, in fact, a lunatic!

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