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T.S.H Chapter 543: Naito Vs. Kaido

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“Lucky. I’ve finally found one.”

After finding the Devil Fruit, Naito was slightly taken aback, and then he smiled. Suddenly his figure flickered, and then he disappeared out of thin air under Ain’s gazes.

Seeing Naito disappearing all of a sudden, Ain was shocked, and just when she was about to exclaim, Naito appeared again.

It seemed that it was only her imagination.

However, when Naito appeared again, he was holding a small box in his hand, and what was inside it was naturally the Past Past Devil Fruit.

Although this belonged to Kaido, the moment Naito found it, he claimed it.

Perceiving that Kaido was about to reach them, Naito didn’t eat it but threw the box to Ain.

“Hold it for me, and go back to the ship.”


Ain blinked. It was weird how Naito was suddenly holding this box and why it was so important, but she instinctively responded.

Naito looked ahead, and he could already see a figure rushing forward madly, with a savage and wild posture.


A ray of light glowed in his eyes, and Naito suddenly clenched his fist. When he stepped forward, his body flashed, he instantly crossed the long-distance and appeared in front of Kaido.

Kaido was bigger than Bigmom, and he had bulged muscles that seemed to contain explosive power, the man standing looked like a mountain!

Seeing Naito suddenly appearing, Kaido wasn’t shocked by rejoiced, and under a roar, he punched down without hesitation.

At this time, Naito, who stopped in front of Kaido while taking a punching stance, suddenly swung his fist.

Instantly, the two fists crashed together.


At this moment, it seemed that the world was shaking, and the entire island is trembling. Ain, who had just returned to the warship, couldn’t help but lose her color when she felt the vibration of the entire island.

The shaking of the island caused the sea to roar wildly and set off huge waves.

“The battle… began!”

Those who watched this scene thought of this.

The warships that the Beast Pirates and Naito rode were the closest to the island, and there were many various forces in the distance watching too.

Everyone’s heart’s beats were rising and dancing with sea waves. At this moment, no matter who it is, it was almost impossible to keep calm.

Everyone knows that if the Kaid wins, it is okay. Although Naito defeated the Bigmom, everyday life won’t change much, and at most, the four emperors will become three.

But if Naito wins… everything will change!

This era itself will change!


On the island.

Both Naito and Kaido maintained the posture of punching. Even though the two fists were different in size, it didn’t seem like there was a difference in strength.

A shock wave burst out at the impact, and the two punches kept pushing each other.


Instantly, the groud between the two couldn’t withstand the power of these two forces, and a crack suddenly appeared, then spread to the distance.

As if a swordsman did it, the ground was split evenly between the two of them.

The Bushoshoku Haki wrapping Kaido’s fist was already extremely strong, coupled with his powerful physical strength. Only a few people could take Kaido’s punch in this world.

However, such a terrifying punch was by Naito’s skinny body and small fist!

Kaido’s fist on the other side looked like a piece of steel!


Even Kaido couldn’t help but look surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect Naito to try and block him; moreover, the guy’s strength is terrifying.

Naito’s Busoshoku’s Haki wasn’t even attached properly, and it should hardly improve his strength in that state.

In other words, Naito’s physical strength alone blocked his all-out punch enhanced by the Busoshoku Haki!

It’s hard to believe that Naito has this astonishing physical power with such a skinny body!

“It’s been a long time since I had such a battle.”

Naito’s figure stood still and then suddenly raised his head, and smirked which made Kaido’s expression change.


Suddenly Naito shouted, and a stronger force suddenly burst out of his fist!


Just like a bomb that exploded, after that roar, the ground beneath Kaido’s feet suddenly shattered, then his body was pushed back several steps before he could finally stop.

Kaido regained his footing with widened eyes and a look of shock and disbelief on his face.

He was surprised to see his fist being blocked by Naito, but this guy was even strong enough to shook him back!

Kaido has fought many strong people, Whitebeard, Garp, Sengoku… He has almost experienced the fists of every strong man in this word, the closest power to Naito’s fist was undoubtedly Iron Fist Grap!

Yet even Whitebeard had to rely on the power of Shock Force to overwhelm him, and Garp needed to use the Busoshoku Haki to defeat him.

But this Naito was only using his pure physical strength!

“Your body isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface.” Kaido stared at Naito.

“Your body is also very interesting.” Naito retracted his fist slowly with no trace of damage on it, and at the same time, replied.

Kaido stared at Naito, then suddenly grinned.

“Come again!”


The earth shattered once again under Kaido’s feet as he leaped toward Naito with his fist crashing down like thunder.

Facing Kaido’s punch, Naito didn’t even have the slightest thought of backing down. He didn’t even move his footsteps and greeted him with a punch.


The two fists collided together again, and a strong shock wave burst out in all directions.

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