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T.S.H chapter 542: Devil Fruit

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As soon as that voice fell, Kaido’s the sky deemed, and lightning struck down, shaking the space.


In the next moment, a terrifying Hoashuko Haki instantly rose to the sky and shook in all directions.

At this moment, everything on the entire island seemed to shudder slightly and tremble due to his Emperor Haki.

This is gonna turn out to a battle of Haki!

Kaido’s Haki was naturally targeting Naito. The Hoashoku Haki in Naito’s body was about to explode, but Naito raised his brows and forcibly suppressed it.

Because at this time, Ain, who was standing next to Naito, was resisting Kaido’s Haki. This move seemed to have awakened that fear in her heart again, but she gritted her teeth and revealed a firm expression.

Finally, she forcibly suppressed his Haki. she didn’t pass out, and she looked like she has overcome her fear.

Seeing that, Naito nodded slightly and then stopped suppressing his Hoashoku Haki and let it explode.


Naito didn’t deliberately add anything else to his Hashoku Haki, nor did he let out his Aura that far surpasses anything in this world; he just let his Hashoku Haki burst out.

But even so, Naito’s Hoashoku Haki seemed to have the power to shake the world, and when it crashed with Kaido’s Haoshoku Haki, it directly caused it to stagnate!


The two Haoshoku Haki broke out and shook the sky and earth and directly caused the ground between them to crack and spread in all directions.

Between Naito and Kaido, it was as if two air cannons were blasting at each other.

This Haki clash didn’t last long, it was almost a breath of time, and Naito’s Hoashoku Haki abruptly defeated Kaido’s.

The sky that was originally clear got filled with dense dark clouds, and slowly two vortexes appeared there, and as if it was representing the two’s Haoshoku Haki, one vortex was crushing the other.

Suddenly, only one of the two vortexes remained and solely rotated above int the sky!

“This guy…”

Kaido was shocked that his Hoashoku Haki was defeated by Naito, but there was one more shocking thing about this.

“His Hoashoku Haki is even stronger than Red-Hear.”

A smile appeared on his face, Kaido stepped forward, and the ground collapsed, then he suddenly rushed in Naito’s direction!


At this moment, outside the island.

On a ship stopped inside the sea not far from the island. There were many people on it. They were all members of the Beast Pirates Group. At this time, they all gathered on the deck, looking in the direction of the island.

“That guy, it seems he has arrived.”

“One person defeated the Bigmom Pirates Group. I don’t know whether it is true or not.”

The members of the Beast Pirates were discussing the matter.

Suddenly, the conflict of the two’s Haoshoku Haki attracted everyone’s attention on the ship.

Because there was a great distance between the ship and the island, even the newcomers did get stunned.

“Hoashoku… Haki!”

“How is it possible that a marine has a Hoashoku Haki?!”

“Wait, Captain Kaido’s Hoashoku Haki seems to have…”

Naito’s Hoashoku Haki turned out to be strong than Kaido’s, and when it got defeated, these pirates looked shocked.

Although Kaido didn’t have the strongest Hoashoku Haki between the Yonko, it was still horrifyingly strong.

“A strong Hoashuko Haki than Captain Kaido… but it’s still useless, no matter how strong his Hoashoku Haki is, it won’t be enough to defeat Captain Kaido!”

“Yes, no one can win against him in face-to-face battles!”

Standing on the ship’s deck, Jack, one of the disasters, spoke in a deep voice.

Hearing Jack’s voice, the others stopped talking, and with a look of awe and admiration, they all looked at the island in the distance.


On the island.

Naito could clearly perceive Kaido’s movement, and with a smirk, he was about to meet him. However, a few seconds before that, Naito’s Ultra Perceive caught something, and he suddenly looked a bit stunned.

Naito’s suddenly sensed a warehouse-like place on this island where a few small boxes were stacked there.

And what was inside these boxes is… A Devil Fruit.

He couldn’t find such a place in Bigmom’s territory where they keep spare devil fruits that none ate.

As the names indicate the “Beast Pirates,” all the crew members were humans who ate a Zoan type Devil Fruits, so even if they got their hands on other types of Devil Fruits, no one would eat it.

There are a lot of devil fruits here, but Naito ignored them all. Even Logia Devil Fruit couldn’t attract Naito’s attention, yet only one did.

It was “that” Devil Fruit.

Because Naito had previously studied the devil fruits book and searched for the Time Devil Fruit, Naito could recognize it instantly.

The Past-Past Devil Fruit is a Paramecia Devil Fruit, and you can tell from the name that the ability of this devil fruit is to see the past.

Different from Ain’s ability, which makes things that she touches go back in time. This devil fruit allows you to see things in the past, and as you go stronger, you can see an even more distant past.

This devil fruit has almost no effect on offensive or defensive abilities, so it’s no use for a pirate.

However, it’s a great ability to gather intelligence, and it is also the devil fruit that the world government and the marines are looking for.

In Naito’s case, it doesn’t matter whether it boosts his power or not. What Naito needs is a Devil Fruit that allows him to come in contact with the power of time, and it’s even better to be able to see it.

This Devil Fruit is undoubtedly what Naito needs.

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