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T.S.H Chapter 541: Attention

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The major forces are watching, contemplating, and discussing, and no one could be sure or choose a winner.

The beast Kaido also like to single-handedly challenge the other Yonko and even the Admirals. Although sometimes he gets captured or defeated, no one could kill him before.

Anyone who encountered that monster ended up having a headache. In the eyes of these people, Naito would be no exception, and it’s unlikely that he would be able to do anything to Kaido.

Naito also defeated a Yonko solely, but this was different. Kaido is someone who, even when he got suppressed, couldn’t be killed.

The power of the beast Kaido is all about pure physical strength!

In many people’s eyes, Naito defeated the Big Mom and her Pirates Group, relying on his abilities.

So it’s gonna be Naito’s powerful ability against Kaido’s monstrous physical strength.

How will this collision end?!

No one dared to make judgments casually.

And under the attention of the whole world, the warship that Naito was riding on had already crossed the borders of the Beast Pirates and sailed towards the center of their territory!


On the deck of the warship.

The sea breeze made the white cloak that Naito wears gently flutter, and the snow-like white hair also moves slightly.

Compared with those who are tall and have muscles, Naito looked undoubtedly too much normal in this world.

When you look at him from the outside, Naito didn’t look strong at all. He only had a temperament that is different from an ordinary person, as if he was a nobleman.

“Sir Naito, the location is ahead.”

Ain stood by Naito’s side, a little further back, her blue hair was also fluttering gently by the wind, and there seemed to be faint waves in her water-like eyes.

Although she absolutely believed in Naito’s strength, at this time, Ain couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. After all, it was the second Yonko right in front of them, the Beast Pirates!

Ain was still a little afraid from the very thought of standing in front of Kaido because the latter provoked the marines many times and even attacked the Marineford before.

Although he got suppressed by the marine and was captured, they couldn’t kill him. In the end, he escaped. Ain has even experienced the horror of Kaido’s Hoashuko Haki up close.

But at the time, she was just an ordinary marine recruit. Kaido didn’t care about her at all, so she just fainted out, and luckily he didn’t kill her.

But even so, that kind of fear went deep into her heart. Compared to Bigmom, Ain was more afraid of Kaido.

“It seems that you’re a little scared.” Naito turned and looked at Ain and chuckled.

Speaking of it, Naito was quite curious about Kaido, the Yonko who had been defeated many times, captured many times, yet no one could kill him. It was a bit puzzling.


Ain nodded and admitted that she was a little scared.

This made Naito a little surprised. After he glanced at the island that was right in front of them, Naito asked, “Is there any reason?

“Kaido… I saw him before…”

After Ain took a deep breath, she also looked at the distant island, and suddenly her eyes flashed, and she seemed to have recalled some terrible scenes from before, then a trace of fear appeared on her face.

“One time, when we were out with Zephyr-Sensei, we got attacked by that guy. Sensei barely managed to stop him.”

“Later, other admirals came, then worked together to suppress him, and took him back to the Marineford. But he was tough, no sea stones shackles or any other way could keep him, and he could easily break free.”

Ain took a deep breath, then said, “The Admirals couldn’t stay there and guard him all the time. In the end, they couldn’t help but let him go.”

It seems that Ain has never managed to suppress the fear she had in her heart for Kaido. At this time, she looked extremely horrified.

“If you talk about face to face battles, that guy… might be the strongest!”


Naito listened to Ain’s words, with a look of interest, feeling that he hadn’t had to chance to punch with all his strength for a long time, or in other words, he never had to add a second punch.

Few can make him fight seriously.

Now that he only has 2% of his strength, if Kaido made him at least use the Husoshoku Haki, it would be very good.


The warship finally docked slowly.

“If you’re afraid, you can stay on the warship.” Looking at Ain, who was following behind him, Naito said casually.

Ain shook her head with a trace of firmness in her eyes as if she wanted to use this opportunity to overcome her own fear.

Naito looked at her with a smile, then turned to look forward, and the Ultra Perceive enveloped the entire island.

What surprised Naito a little was that there was only one person on the island!

All the Beast Pirates weren’t here, including the Disasters!

Naito’s power didn’t fully recover, but after his Ultra Perceive merged with Observation Haki, it became stronger, so he could easily perceive that the Beast Pirates were on the other side of the island standing on the deck of their ships.

Only Kaido was on the island!

Kaido… It seems that he’s ready to face Naito!

After sensing all of this, a little surprise flashed across Naito’s face, and then he couldn’t help but smirk.

The Yonkoin this world, compared to the Five Kages of the Naruto World, they seem to indeed possess the so-called imperial pride.

As if he was aware of Naito’s arrival, Kaido stood up with a look of excitement on his face.

“So you’re finally here?!”

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