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T.S.H Chapter 540: Next Is Kaido

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Although Naito didn’t completely destroy the Bigmom Pirates Group, he still defeated them. The demonstrated strength no only silenced the Fleet Admiral Sengoku but also the world government’s Gorosei.

It’s almost like that beast Kaido, who likes to single-handedly challenge the other Yonko and even the Admiral, and it’s as difficult to deal with a monster that can’t be killed. Even the Gorosei didn’t know how to deal with Naito next since it was obviously impossible to treat Naito as an ordinary Vice Admiral anymore.

And when they thought that Naito will also end up clashing with the other three Yonko, the Gorosei decided to continue watching the changes!

While Naito’s ship continued to sail, Ain learned that Bigmom wasn’t dead and that the Big mom Pirates Group had a large number of survivors, and they were fighting the marine, and things got a bit messy, so she came to ask Naito.

When Naito said that he can’t do all the marine work, Ain couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, it’s up to you.”

Compared to dealing with remnants of the Bigmom Pirates Group, there is no doubt that dealing with the next “Yonko” is more important!

Ain believed this.

When Naito defeated a Yonko solely, Ain couldn’t help but respect him even more than her teacher Zephyr.

“Then, according to the plan, we will continue to sail to the next Yonko’s territory.”


Ain nodded softly.

However, while nodding her head, she seemed to have thought about something, and a slight fright flashed in her eyes.

Although it was only a flash, Ain seemed to have got a little afraid thinking of the next Yonko.

Naito didn’t know what was going on inside Ain’s little head. At this time, he was pondering and studying the abilities that the Bigmom used.

Speaking of eternal life, this thing seems to really exist in this world, but in new ways of immortality.

After seeing Bigmom’s ability, Naito suddenly felt that his research direction seemed to be a little off from the beginning.

Soul, lifespan, time, space… Human, animals, nature…

Although the Devil Fruit’s power in this world is messy, these powers seem to be more regular.

If Kaguya’s power is biased towards Dojutsu and Soul, then Naito’s power is biased toward the Body and the absolute power.

And the power of this world, such as those Gomu Gomu Fruit, the Hobi Hobi Fruit, Soul-Soul Fruit… is more like a regular force that is different from Soul and independent of it.

Because the Hobi Hobi no Mi can turn any person into a toy, it’s almost impossible to explain how this process works, including the Big Mom’s soul fruit that Naito has seen.

There is no process, only results, which is like imposing a rule.

Naito is actually no stranger to this kind of rule power. When he created his own space and transformed it into a small world, he had shaped rules for it.

However, the whole process was still dominated by natural evolution. Naito just watched the rule formation process and failed to control it.

“Imposing rules… If my body didn’t reach the level of ever-changing, perhaps various abilities in this world would have had an effect on me.”

Naito sat there, thinking.

Since Ain’s return fruit can make his body younger, Devil Fruits like the Hobi Hobi can turn him into a toy, but even if he becomes a toy, Naito can get back to his original state with a single thought.

Ain’s devil fruit ability is still the object of Naito’s research, but even if he thoroughly studied her ability and body, it will still be like looking at flowers in the mist, having a completely unclear idea about how these abilities work.

Naito felt that if he was in his heyday, he would be able to forcefully smash this kind of imposing rule with his strength. That is to say, he might even be able to cancel the side effect of eating a Devil Fruit.

However, smashing and controlling are two different things.


Gand Line, New World.

This is the territory where Beast Pirates is located, and at the time, the sea looked endless and extremely peaceful.

But, at the next moment, a dark shadow suddenly appeared on the distant sea.

As this shadow got closer and closer, its shape was more visible, and it was a medium-sized warship!

This warship is undoubtedly the warship that Naito was riding on!

After defeating the Big mom Pirates Group, Naito’s warship’s direction was to Kaido’s territory!

The moment they saw this warship, all the small flies under the Kaido moved, and the news was quickly passed back to the Beast Pirates.

“Finally… is he here?!”

The guy who defeated Bigmom.”

The Beast Pirates were all watching the medium-size warship in the distance. No one stepped forward to stop it, but they all watched it with a touch of fear.

Some people even had cold sweat on their foreheads. Countless people watched the warship sailing forward, but they didn’t move an inch. It seemed as if they were ordered to not stop them.

It’s not just the forces under the Beast Pirates. At this moment, almost all the major forces in the world were watching Naito’s warship sailing to the Beast Pirates’ territory!

When Naito was on his way to defeat the Big mom, there was not much attention. But now, his warship seemed to have become the center of the world.

Even the battle between the marine, the remnant of the Big Mom, wasn’t eye-catching anymore. Compared to this event, it was like a kids’ show.

“He defeated the Bigmom, and now he’s after Kaido?!

“Almost all of the Beast Pirates members are monsters, not to mention Kaido, the man who can’t die, even The Disaster, the three commanders under him are all monsters!”

“Compared to Bigmom crew who focuses on weird, messy abilities, the Beast Pirates were all about pure power.”

“Well, such character may not be strong in the first half of the Grand Line. But in the New World, are all strong enemies.”

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