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T.S.H Chapter 539: The Reactions

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The New World.

“Durarara! Tha marine kid did something amazing.” Whitebeard was drinking his Saki while reading the newspaper.

“Father is it really okay?!”

“That guy has defeated the entire Big Mom Pirates…”

This time, Marco, Vista, and others didn’t have those same calm expressions from before. After they saw the newspaper, they couldn’t even believe their eyes.

After repeated verification and confirmation, they handed the newspaper to the Whitebeard with a look of anxiety.

“Although that guy is very strong and has strong Haki like Garp back then… I’m still the Whitebeard!”

After Whitebeard gurgled a few sips of Saki, it seemed that there was a slight gleam in the depth of his eyes, but his face seemed relaxed and laughing.

Seeing that expression on their father’s face, Marco and the other looked at each other with a sigh of relief and said, “Yes, that guy can’t be this old man.”

“Father is the strongest in the world. If he wanted, he could do the same to the Big Mom!”

Marco, Vista, and the others laughed again.

If there is any pirate group in this sea that dismisses the title of the Yonko, then there is no doubt that it is the Whitebeard Pirate Group!

Whitebeard once had a chance to become the second King, but he wasn’t interested in it. He just sailed on this sea all the time, witnessing the rise of the three Yonko, Shanks, Kaido, and others.

In the eyes of Marco and others, the so-called title Yonko is just a joke. The other three cannot be compared to the Whitebeard because he’s… the uncrowned king!

Everyone was talking and laughing around, and at the same time, in an inconspicuous corner on the ship, a man with several teeth missing picked up the newspaper that fell on the ground, and after a glance, his eyes were suddenly widened, revealing a shocked expression.

“A marine… how is this possible!”

“Is there such a strong person in this world?” Blackbeard’s face darkened, gritted his teeth and said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as I can find that fruit, I will…”


“Wow, this guy is so strong, even stronger than what Mihawk described!” Looking at the newspaper, Shanks exclaimed strangely, not in the least imperial manner.

“Don’t yell, idiot boss, think about what we should do. This guy will come for trouble soon.”

The fat man demolishing a piece of meat on the side looked at Shank solemnly.

“Ben Beckmen, what do you think?”

Everyone turned to look at Ben Beckman, the vice-captain of the Red-Hair Pirate Group.

Beckmen took a puff out of his cigar, open his eyes slowly, and said, “The purpose of this guy is the only thing I can’t understand. It seems that he doesn’t care about his reputation, power, or wealth. Why he joined the marine is also puzzling.”

“I think… it’s best not to do anything, so as to remain unchanged and only adapt to changes.”

Hearing these few words coming from Beckmen, everyone present was silent for a while. At this moment, even Shank’s expression couldn’t help but become very solemn.

Beckmen flicked the cigar, then took a hard puff, looked at everyone around him, and said, “You have watched those few scenes leaked from the marine’s Den Den Mushi.”

“Haoshoku Haki, Gravity, Floating Power, Space Power, what Mihawk said…”

“I’m afraid, even now, no one has figured out this guy’s true ability!


The new world.

This was the Yonko, Kaido’s territory.

“There is another guy like this in the world, Hahaha! I really hope that guy will come here soon.”


Kaido’s subordinates all stared at him wide-eyed, and some of them even had cold sweat on their foreheads.

“Captain, that guy solely defeated the Big Mom entire Pirate group!”

Kaido gurgled his Saki, and then suddenly, a mace blasted down, directly crushing the person who spoke.

“We defeated Big Mom before… So what?!”

“Who do you think I am?! Do you thought I would be afraid of him?!”

Kaido had a fierce look on his face as he said, “I will be waiting here for him! Let’s see if he dares!”


The sea.

The whole world was in an uproar after Naito’s news defeating solely defeating the Big Mom Pirate Group reached everyone.

However, Naito, which caused the entire world to shake at this time, was sitting on a recliner, leisurely relaxing in the most elegant room on this warship.

“Sir Naito, is that…. really okay?”

Ain standing behind Naito was squeezing Naito’s shoulders gently with her little hands, but she seemed to have a tangled expression on her face.

“Well, we can’t do all the work alone.”

Naito shook his head casually and smiled.

Speaking of it, the people’s vitality in this world is really astonishing, and their physical strength is really high, almost as if all of them have the Immortal Body.

Unexpectedly, after the Chibaku Tensei technique was lifted, most of the people trapped inside it were alive, and they survived with some injuries.

Even Bigmom, who Naito was sure that she got killed after getting hit by his Evening Elephant, was inexplicably alive again, which surprised him.

He thought that it’s mostly Big Mom’s ability to put a part of her “soul” and “lifespan” in other objects. After the Chibaku Tensei technique was lifted, these scattered pieces of her soul and lifespan returned to the Bigmom’s body.

It was also because of the resurrection of the Bigmom that her Pirate Group was only hit hard but not destroyed. Therefore after Naito left their territory, this matter didn’t end there.

Since the Big Mom Pirate Group wasn’t entirely destroyed, it was up to the marine now to finish this task.

But even though they were severely damaged by Naito, it wasn’t an easy fight, and suddenly her territory turned into a battlefield.

After that, half of the world focused on the battle between the remnants of the Big Mom Pirates Group and the Marine, and the other half on Naito.

In the beginning, Naito said that he would visit the Yonko, and everyone mocked him for that.

But who would dare to do such a thing now?!

He defeated the Big Mom Pirate Group with his own strength, and if he chose to finish the task, one of the Yonko would have long been completely wiped out!

As for the world government, the name Naito was hitting their ears like thunder strikes!

The power he displayed was uncontrollable to the point the Marineford didn’t know how to deal with Naito, and the world government didn’t know what kind of order they had to give. After all, Naito’s power was comparable to the existence of the Yonko.

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