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T.S.H Chapter 538: Uproar

Tsuru put the teacup down, then said, “At least we should investigate the situation, and know how much damage the Big Mom Pirate Group has suffered, and how much it took them to kill Yuu Naito.”

Akainu smirked, nodded, and said, “Yes, that guy is dead. But if he really managed to deal some damage to Big Mom Pirate Group, then it’s indeed a good achievement for the Marineford.”

Although his pride got broken by Naito, he wouldn’t ignore the fact that dealing damage to the Big Mom Pirate Group is an outstanding achievement.

However, in his opinion, it’s almost impossible for a single guy to severely damage the Big Mom Pirates.

Naito’s warship is only a medium-sized one, and it wasn’t even fully equipped. Still, he went to face a Yonko with that. This only proves how arrogant he is.

Let alone winning, it’s almost impossible to escape in one piece.

Naito is arrogant, who cannot follow the rules, and in his opinion, no matter how strong he is, he will end up causing trouble to the marine, so it’s better if he dies earlier.

“We will send a ship…” Sengoku said in a deep voice.

However, as soon as his voice fell, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

“Report, Fleet Admiral. Vice Admiral, Yuu Naito’s warship has sent intelligence.” A marine came in.


At this moment, the people in the room looked at each other in surprise.

Since they sent information, it means that Naito’s warship didn’t sink into the sea, then Naito is mostly not dead, and he might have safely left the Big Mom’s territory.

The person who wants to hear such news the most was naturally Akainu.

“Is that guy still alive? Could it be that he didn’t engage the enemy at all?”

Akainu’s face darkened.

“How about the specific information?!”

After he took a deep breath, Sengoku asked in a deep voice.

The marine holding replied respectfully, “There isn’t a specific textual report. But they said that everything was recorded on the Den Den Mushi.”

“Because we are worried that it contains important information, we didn’t dare to open it, and we brought it directly here.”

Marine warships are generally equipped with Den Den Mushi video phones.

Even if the warship sink, as long as the Den Den Mushi is there, they would be able to figure out what happened. But it seems that Naito’s warship preferred to send the recorded video instead of reporting back directly.

“Is that so?”

Tsuru widened her eyes, then with a look of interest, she said, “Bring it over.”


The Den DenMoshi was soon put on the conference table, and the marine left the room after saluting respectfully.

“He didn’t even send a written report and said that everything was recorded in the video… what’s the matter with this perfunctory?” The always-serious Akainu stared at the Den Den Mushi on the table coldly.

“It’s already very good to be able to pass a recorded video back from the inside of the Big Mom’s territory…” Aokiji said lazily.

“Huh! Even so, you should at least say what’s recorded in it!” Akainu shouted.

Tsuru looked at the Den Den Mushi and said, “In any case, this video should contain the information we want to know, then…”

With that, Tsuru played the video.


Instantly, the video was projected on a screen on the inside of the conference room, and it started playing.

Akainu sat there with a cold stare on his face, took a sip of tea, and waited.

As the video began to play, Akainu’s face seemed dark and gloomy, but as the pictures kept flashing, his expression changed, and he suddenly looked stunned.



This was the sound of a drop of magma falling on the ground and burning the floor.

Shocked to the extreme, Akainu failed to control his power! What the hell is this?!

However, no one has noticed because all of the people around had the same reaction.


The teacup held by Aokiji froze and turned into ice instantly!

Kizaru kept pouring tea while staring at the video screen in disbelief. Even when the tea started overflowing and run on the table, Kizaru didn’t stop or notice.

Garp didn’t say anything from start to finish. He was eating donuts at the time, and when those scenes started flashing on the screen, he opened his mouth in disbelieve and froze there for a long time.

Even Tsuru, who has always been the calmest, seemed unable to maintain her composure.

There were not many images recorded by the Den Den Mushi, and the video soon came to an end. It ended with a beam of light blasting Big Mom into the depths of the earth, and without confirming whether she was alive or dead, the warship slowly left.


The image stopped abruptly.

The entire conference room fell into silence for a while. No one spoke. In fact, no one moved. And they kept staring at the black screen for a long time.

Suddenly a thought flashed in everyone’s mind.

This sea… is gonna turn upside down!


A few days later.

The countless newspaper fell from the sky like raindrops, scattered around the world, making the sea fall into silence for a moment.

After countless new reports were spread to all parts of the world, almost everyone couldn’t help but feel that this was a silly joke.

Not just ordinary people, even the world government, couldn’t help but feel shocked!


The New World.

Derosa, in the palace, Doflamingo casually took over today’s newspaper, and after a quick glance at the headline, he suddenly froze.

He couldn’t believe what he read, and the smile on his face gradually got wiped out.

“Are you kidding me?!”

The Kingdom of Alabasta.

The Baroque agency, in a mysterious room.


The crisp sound like glass cracking echoed in the room, and the red wine flowed along the floor.

Holding the newspaper, Crocodile’s expression looked the same as Doflamingo’s.

“What is… are you kidding me?!”


A site was full of wreckages.

A spooky palace stood there at the center. Inside it, and in the main hall, Mihawk was sitting there, tasting his wine, and at the same time, he picked up today’s newspaper.

As he was about to bring the glass to his mouth, he suddenly stopped midair.

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