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T.S.H Chapter 537: The Marineford Council

The white beam of light that pierced the sky fell suddenly.

Big Mom’s Busoshoku Haki and her physical strength were all defeated by a single bow. And her entire body was directly wrapped in this beam of light and crashed into the ground.


The Cake Island that was already half-destroyed got penetrated by this beam of light that violently blasted the Yonk Big Mom into the depths of the earth!

This technique was indeed the Evening Elephant!

Only with 2% of his strength, coupled with his Busoshoku Haki, Naito found that he could efficiently perform the Evening Elephant, and so he did.

However, it seems that he can only do one punch.

But just this one punch was enough to destroy the Yonko Big Mom’s defense and send her into the depth of the earth.


After the Evening Elephant fell, and Big Mom was buried underground, the aftermath brought by it finally rippled in all directions.

The Cake Island, which was already in tatters, finally collapsed, and the entire island shattered into several parts.

Simultaneously, turbulent waves were also set off on the sea, and even the warship has almost capsized!

At that moment, Naito tried to sense Big Mom, but she seemed motionless, so after shaking his head, he flashed back to the warship.

Naito returned to the warship deck, and without doing any movements, the waves were suddenly crushed by a terrifying force.

The warship that was about to capsize gradually stabilized.

However, although the warship was stable, the ordinary marines on it, and even Ain, seemed shocked.

Especially Ain, her eyes were widened, and she looked stunned. Compared to the other marine, she could use the Observation Haki, and she perceived that punch!

The terrifying power erupted by Naito’s punch was unbelievable. Even her Sensei Zephyr’s all-out punch isn’t comparable to that punch.

Moreover, she could also perceive how bottomless that pit was, and she could also sense the Yonko Big Mom inside it motionless!

In other words, Naito has killed Big Mom… with one punch?!

Ain’s could no longer bear it. This was too much. The scene where Naito defeated the Big Mom’s entire crew by creating that meteor was shocking enough!

The Yonko are people that even the government can’t deal with, cruel pirates that rule the New World, a place that even an Admiral fears.

But Naito solely destroyed her Pirate Crew, even killed the Big Mom… with one punch!

How can Naito be this strong?!

Does this mean that Naito is more terrifying than the Yonko themselves!

Ain could hardly imagine what would happen in the world when this news spreads.

Finally, a faint voice emitted, making Ain come back to her senses.

“Let’s go.”

Naito stood there, glanced at the meteor in the sky, shook his head, then turned around, and returned to the cabin.

At this time, the marines on the warship finally woke up.

The Yonko hadn’t appeared again, and there was no movement. I’m afraid what just happened is true.

We defeated… a Yonko!


Soon after Naito’s warship left the Cake Island ruins, the huge meteor in the sky finally ran out of energy and collapsed.

The sea poured down, and countless figures fell like raindrops.

Because most of them weren’t ordinary pirates and had strong vitality, most of them were still alive.

However, even though they were alive, most of them were really weak and couldn’t stand up for a long time.

Luckily they were fortunate enough to fall on a piece of land instead of falling directly into the sea.

All the people who were still alive looked horrified.

Although most of them are fierce pirates, thinking of Naito’s terrifying power, they shivered.

It’s like the gap between heaven and earth!

One person defeated their entire Pirate Group!

Just when these pirates were lying there feeling weak.

Suddenly, the rocks, trees, and strange buildings that fell on the ground withered and emitted a strange light.

These rays of light hovered and danced, as if it was being pulled by something, then rushed into the center of the pit and disappeared…

Suddenly there was faint breath inside the silent pit.



This is the highest authority meeting in Marineford. The only people here are three Admirals, as well as a handful of people such as the Fleet Admiral Sengoku, Great Staff Officer Tsuru, the Hero Garp, and few other people.

“Since Naito entered the Big Mom’s territory, the intelligence has been cut off, but according to time estimates, he should have already engaged with her Pirate Group, but we didn’t receive any information…” The Fleet Admiral said in a deep voice.

Sitting on the other side, Admiral Aokiji took a sip out of his tea, then said solemnly, “With his strength, Big Mom’s commanders wouldn’t be able to stop, but it’s not necessarily that he would reach the Cake Island alive.”

Kizaru tilted his mouth and said, “Big Mom is one of the Yonko, she’s a terrifying woman, but Naito is also a monster. Hmm, a fight between monsters, I don’t know how it will end.

It’s very difficult for the marine forces to break into a territory ruled by Big Mom and gather intel.

And Naito has been there for a long time and should have come into contact with the Big Mom a long time ago. As a result, if there’s no news at all, it means that he’s already…

At this time, Akainu, who has been sitting there looking gloomy, spoke up.

“That arrogant kid thinks life is that easy. He went there without back up, without a plan, and he’s now… huh!”

Akainu snorted, but it was clear what he meant by that.

“Sasaki, you can’t say that, but… even if he died, he should have at least done some damage.”

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