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T.S.H Chapter 557: Shanks Swordsmanship

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Watching this sword cutting energy sweeping through roaring like a dragon, giving the feeling that it can penetrate everything, Naito didn’t look scared but rather interested.

In Naito’s eyes, this sword-cutting energy was getting slower and slower and finally seemed to stagnate.

The composition of this sword cutting energy, every fragment, the sword intent hidden inside it, is aura… everything was disassembled.

Although it was only a moment in the outside world, it was enough for Naito to analyze Shanks’ sword cutting energy, his sword intent, and his realm.


The Sword Cutting Energy whizzed past, Naito finally lifted the Kusanagi no Tsurugi and lightly swung it, and Shank’s sword energy hit the blade, making a clear, sharp golden iron sound.

Despite having a sharp edge that felt like it can penetrate the word itself, Shanks’ sword energy couldn’t break Naito’s sword. It didn’t make him take a step back and didn’t even make Naito’s hand tremble!


In the end, this fully condensed sword energy exploded in front of Naito, tearing the ground under his feet, while Naito stood there firmly.

This scene surprised everyone, but it wasn’t shocking. After all, this man was the one who killed Kaido. If Shanks could repel him with a random sword swing, that wouldn’t be reasonable.

“Sure enough, you’re powerful. You stopped my slash without moving a single step…”

Shanks looked at Naito from a distance with a sharp look in his eyes. The man himself seemed to have become a sword, one that can penetrate everything in this world.

At this time, Shanks was no longer laughing and joking but stood there with a compelling aura, indicating that he was a king who refuses to let go of his crown!

This is the real Shanks!

A true emperor of the sea!


Shanks held his sword with one hand, and while inhaling, he instantly moved up his arm, encircling the sword in his hand, and finally attached the blade with his Haki, turning its color into pitch black.

Busoshoku Haki!

As one of the Yonko, Shanks may not have a massive strength like Whitebeard, unbreakable defense like Kaido, he doesn’t have such bizarre abilities like Bigmom, but his Haki is the strongest!

Both his swordsmanship and Haki stand on the top of the world!


Shank’s eyes were sharp, he knew that Naito’s swordsmanship is still inferior to his, and as long as he doesn’t comprehend this Realm, he will always be just a swordsman, but no master.

But even so, he wouldn’t underestimate him. After all, Naito’s real power isn’t swordsmanship, but what he used to defeat the Bigmom and Kaido!


With a roar in Shanks’ heart, the sword in his hand swept away like a stream of light, and the pitch-black blade fell down as if it meant to cut throughout the night and dawn.

Above the tip of the world, a bright light burst out suddenly. This shimmering light wasn’t as magnificent as the previous sword energy, but relying on his Haki, he condensed this sword cutting energy into one point!

It wasn’t just sword-cutting energy. Shanks’ unique Haki was attached to it!

A glittering light flashed away and rushed to Naito instantly as if it was ignoring the space and time!

“What an amazing skill.”

Even Naito couldn’t help but admire it as he pointed the edge of his sword to the clouds. When the tip of the sword was in mid-air, the blade collided with Shanks’ beaming sword energy!

Roar! Roar!!

Emitting the sound of sharp gears grinding against steel, the little white edge, at this moment, seemed to contain endless bright streamers!

However, what was shocking is that even when that beaming energy sword was condensed to one point, attached to Haki, it still couldn’t make Naito take a step back!


Finally, the sounds of grinding stopped abruptly, and the shining light beam stopped trembling, and it seemed that thousands of rays of light have gathered instantly, covering everyone’s vision.

This attack was unable to break through or repel Naito and eventually burst to both sides. A terrifying sword energy cuts rose to the sky, tearing the ground in front of Naito a ravine, and even spread to the sea, cut it, creating an abyss!

“The captain’s attack was actually parried!”

“This wasn’t enough to make him take a step back?!”

Shanks’ cadres looked at the long ravine and the deep abyss in the sea, and they couldn’t help but look at each other.

His strength is a bit too ridiculous!

The aftermath alone cut open the island and sea, but it couldn’t make Naito step back or even make his sword tremble!

“Is this guy’s body even more powerful than Kaido?”

“No, he should have used some kind of ability… he doesn’t seem to be strong, but he still parried the captain’s attack. What he used wasn’t swordsmanship. He just used the sword as a shield.”

One of the swordsman’s analyzed calmly, and even though Naito parried Shanks’ two attacks without taking a single step, he still had confidence in Shanks.

Because he knew in his heart what’s the difference between a swordsman and a master of the sword. There are so many swordsmen in the sea, but only a few masters. Mihawk and Shanks… only these two are standing at the peak of the world!

“It seems that such a slash isn’t enough to stop you.”

Shanks watched Naito easily take his all-out attack head-on, without showing the slightest fear. Instead, he became more serious, and his whole aura suddenly condensed.

Since the long-range attacks failed, then close combat was the answer!


Instantly, Shanks’ figure suddenly flickered, as if turned into an afterimage, and rushed directly in front of Naito, directly cutting down with his sword!

However, even if Shanks was fast, Naito was faster. Then moment his sword fall, Naito’s sword moved faster and swept across, blocking Shanks’s sword in mid-movement!


The two swords collided together. This time, there was no aftermath of sword energy. All the power was focused on each other as their sword intents rose to the sky between collisions.

Under the shocking gazes of countless people, an abyss was opened in the sky!

Wherever a swordsman swings, he cuts!

“Two swordsmen who tied with Mihawk before. Their too powerful.”

After blocking Shanks’ strike, Naito’s expression didn’t change at all but kept looking at him faintly.

Shanks said hesitantly, “I have to make you serious.”

Shanks could see that Naito hadn’t gotten serious yet, and had always been dealing with his attacks at ease.

“That depends on how strong your swordsmanship is.”

Naito held his Kusanagi no Tsurugi with one hand, blocking Shanks’ sword, and while speaking, he suddenly broke, then swung his sword.

Shanks didn’t hesitate at all and also greeted him with his sword.

The two swords collided once again, and Shanks’ sword intent finally revealed the true color of a master swordsman, faintly suppressing Naito’s sword intent, as his sword seemed to have also the upper hand over Naito’s sword.

However, even though Naito was suppressed in swordsmanship, Shanks was still shocked by Naito’s power and speed. It was obvious that his swordsmanship wasn’t as good as him, but he didn’t know that he could be as fast as him and even more powerful!

But… the difference in swordsmanship cannot be offset by simple things like strength and speed!

Shanks’s eyes flashed sharply, and he swung his sword again, fighting Naito. For a while, the light continued to flicker, and the aftermath of their sword energy spread, tearing the ground and sky.

The entire island was gradually getting shattered under the two’s fierce attack, leaving traces of slashed on the clouds in the sky!

This can be seen clearly even on the sea far from the island, and countless people were shocked and awed by it.

“Even this… what can stop this man?”

“He’s Yuu Naito. Even Shanks’s swordsmanship won’t suppress him. He’s the man who killed Kaido!

“But it seems that he’s having troubles with Shanks… It seems that isn’t so easy to take down a Yonko.”

It wasn’t until this time that some people managed to remember. It seems that because Naito easily defeated Big mom and killed Kaido, everyone was shocked by how powerful he is and forgot how can a Yonko be scary.

No matter how powerful Naito is, he’s still facing a Yonko that stands at the top of the world!

Each one of them has different powers and aspect that helps them stands on the top. It may be easy to find a way to deal with one or two, but it’s difficult as reaching heaven to take all of them down!

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