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T.S.H Chapter 558: Break Through

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Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

On the island, the ground was constantly cracking open. With Naito and Shanks in the middle of the field, occasionally bursts of sword energy will fly off to the sky.

It is simply impossible to watch the battle between these two from a close distance. Even if someone could do it, it should be at least at Shanks’ cadres’ level.

Shanks’ swordsmanship was being used to the fullest, and the thousands of energy blades that seemed to be densely covered with Haki seemed to be overwhelming Naito.

The odds seemed to be gradually leaning toward Shanks’ side, and his crew members seemed to be extremely excited about that.

Naito defeated Kaido and Bigmom. If Shanks defeats him, it would almost prove that Shanks is stronger than others.

In this way, their pirates’ group will only get closer to get the One Piece!

Most of them were extremely excited and seemed as if they have already seen the scene of Shanks’ victory, but few of them could notice that Ben Beckman, the vice-captain, was still calm.

On the battlefield, Shanks, who was striking up and down, seemed very desperate. He didn’t look like someone who was winning.

Only Ben Beckman could tell that Naito didn’t exert any of his powers.

And only Shanks could feel how terrifying it would be if Naito’s vast sea-like power were truly poured down!

Although Shanks suppressed Naito with his higher realm of swordsmanship during the battle, he could still sense the terrifying power contained inside of Naito.

That power… made his heart shiver!

“The power that could kill Kaido…”

Shanks took a deep breath, and he knew in his heart that once Naito uses that power, he would only rely on his flexibility and swordsmanship to fight Naito. He wouldn’t be able to continue to fight head-on like this.

Fortunately, Naito’s swordsmanship hadn’t reached his level yet. Thinking about this in his heart, Shanks felt that he still had a slight chance of winning.

However, at this moment, Naito, who had been fighting with him, suddenly spoke indifferently.

“It’s almost there.”

What’s almost there?!

When Shanks heard Naito’s words, a strange expression suddenly appeared on his face.

Naito looked at Shanks indifferently or, more precisely, at Shank’s sword and his own sword. At that moment, it seemed as if he has turned into a sword too.

Strike after a strike, a block after a parry, although he seemed to be suppressed by Shanks all the time, Naito’s swords intent, in fact, was getting more stronger, more restrained, and its edge was getting sharper!

When he was in the Marineford before, Naito was able to condense his sword intent to the extreme, and break into the sword domain of the master swordsman, and set foot on the apex of swordsmanship.

During his fight against Shanks, he analyzed and finally realized that there was a second master, Red-Haired Shanks. Naito had a deeper and more comprehended understanding of the apex of swordsmanship, which is the so-called swordsman masters’ realm.

Naito suddenly added a little strength, and when his sword fell, Shanks swung to block it, but he couldn’t stop it and was directly shaken by Naito for a few steps!

Shanks, who was shaken back, looked shocked. It wasn’t because he was shaken by Naito, but because of what he felt from Naito’s sword intent at that moment!

As someone who was at the apex of swordsmanship, the Red-Haired Shanks, a master of the sword, was familiar with this change!

“You did not…”

Shanks looked at Naito with a look of astonishment. Instantly, the little change in Naito’s sword intent finally made a chain reaction!

His sword intent suddenly burst into the sky, and a horrible sword pressure spread instantly. Ravines suddenly cracked open under Naito’s feet, and the ground suddenly fell apart!

The chaos continued to spread away as his realm started to take a form. It was one that will tear everything inside it into pieces!

Even Shanks was shocked, not to mention some of the swordsmen from his crew. These people almost instantly widened their eyes in disbelieve.

“This is impossible!!!”

“That guy, he actually…”

The few swordsmen all had incredible expressions.

At this moment, even those cadres who were not swordsmen felt a terrifying weird power, and they couldn’t help but ask the others around them in surprise.

However, these swordsmen looked shocked. They couldn’t speak, but their minds were screaming the words.

A master of the sword!

He became a swordsman master!!!

In this sea, a swordsman can become a famous powerhouse, and the number of these people is actually very large, and their strength is also uneven.

But only those who stepped at the apex of the swordsmanship can be called a swordsman master!

And those who actually achieved that can be counted by the fingers!

A swordsman master is actually not the name of the realm. It’s like the Yonko. Only people who reached the top can be called a Sword Master!

Naito unexpectedly stepped into this level during the battle, reaching the apex of swordsmanship.


The moment his sword intent rose to the sky, whether it was his aura, the sword energy, its pressure, Naito was almost the strongest!

The stronger the sword intent is, the stronger the aura, the pressure, and the energy, and when you combine all of that, you naturally create the strongest sword domain!

Not only the cadres on the island but all those who spied in the dark were horrified. Those who knew even a little bit about swordsmanship were shocked and in disbelief.

“This feeling… how is this possible?!!!”

Before they could feel Shanks’s sword intent standing at the apex of swordsmanship, suppressing Naito’s sword, but suddenly, the latters’ sword broke through the suppression and also stepped onto the apex of swordsmanship. And in contrast, it was even more terrifying than Shanks’ sword!

This directly caused countless swordsmen, even those who didn’t understand swordsmanship, to look shocked.

There are too many powerful people in this sea.

You will keep forgetting names if you started counting, but only a few of these powerhouses are standing at the apex of swordsmanship, and those who can reach such a level, are only a few!

Only Shanks and Mihawk are still walking in the world as true masters. Silvers Rayleigh and Golden Lion Shiki haven’t appeared for a long time, and no one knows if they’re dead or alive.

Now, in addition to Mihawk and Shanks, there is a third person who has reached the apex of swordsmanship!

Although Naito’s record of defeating the Bigmom and Kaido is such a terrifying one, and being a great swordsman only seemed to be the icing on the cake, the thought of him reaching the apex of swordsmanship was enough to terrify anyone in this world!

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