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T.S.H Chapter 559: One Cut

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On the island.

“This is the apex of swordsmanship’s domain, the sword aura, energy, intent… all the swordsmanship is integrated into one, and all powers can be attached to the sword with one swing.”

Naito’s sword domain finally stopped expanding and no longer continued to cut the surroundings. The sword intent that burst to the sky finally converged, and the terrifying sword presence faded.

At this time, Naito’s eyes flickered, and there seemed to be a hint of surprise.

Originally, Naito felt that the power of swordsmanship can be used without the need for a strong body. As long as he understands it, even if the power in his body someday disappeared, he can still use the swordsmanship of the swordsman master.

This is equivalent to setting a lower limit for his strength. No matter how weak he is, he will not be weaker than the level of a swordsman master.

However, after he truly stepped into the realm of the swordmasters, Naito suddenly discovered that to him, the power of his swordsmanship is equally useful to any other power he possesses. It’s not as simple as icing on the cake!

Swordsmanship is a kind of power that can contain anything and everything. Simultaneously, it can gather the powers into one point; cutting the world with a sword is far simpler than smashing it with a fist!

After Naito stepped into this realm, he felt that if he had recovered completely now and then met Otsutsuki Kaguya, he would be able to slay her and her six worlds with a wave of his sword!

“Although I prefer fists, this swordsmanship…”

Looking at the golden glass-like Kusanagi no Tsurugi in his hand, Naito couldn’t help but show a faint smile on his face.

With a hint of shock in his eyes, Shanks was standing in front of Naito, holding a sword in his hand. Obviously, he couldn’t imagine that Naito had improved during the battle and reached the swordsmanship apex.

Originally, even when Naito’s swordsmanship didn’t break through, Shanks felt that his winning chances weren’t great. But now, he feels that Naito has become even stronger than him, which made him feel that his odds of winning are even lower.

Thinking of this, Shanks took a deep breath and once again clinched the sword in his hand.

However, Naito, who had been standing there and comprehending the realm of the swordsman master, suddenly moved.

This was the first time Naito takes the initiative to swing a fist.

Lifting the Kusanagi no Tsurugi lightly, everything seemed to have disappeared from Naito’s eyes, and there was only the sword in his hand.


The moment he lifted the sword, a terrifying Busoshoku Haki surged out, along Naito’s arm. It instantly covered the blade of his sword.

Shanks, who originally thought that Naito can’t use Busoshoku Haki, looked shocked, be it was surprisingly stronger than his Busoshoku Haki!

“How is it possible, this Busoshoku Haki…”

Even Shanks was shocked, not to mention his cadres. All of them looked stunned.

His Busoshoku Haki strong by one or two levels; this is simply appalling!

When Naito finally swung his sword, and it fell.

The sword intent, energy, aura were all integrated by the sword domain and enhanced by his Busoshoku Haki and condensed into a single line that suddenly fell!

At this moment, it seemed that thousands of rays of light gathered on this slash.


After the sword fell, the silence controlled the field as if nothing happened.

Time seemed to stagnate.

No one knew how long it lasted. It felt like a moment, an hour, and an era, then a shock wave suddenly appeared in the void where the sword’s edge had crossed.


The void seemed to have turned into glass, and the wave mark that emerged weirdly twisted, then a slender black crack that can be seen suddenly appeared in the center!

This was space distortion, a space rift!

Originally with only 3%, even a slight distortion in the space would be impossible, but after consensing all his abilities in one line using the sword domain, he managed to burst out an enormous attack power!

The ripples spread instantly, at an extremely fast speed, as if ignoring space and time; instantly, they swept across half of the island, across the entire sea, across the sky, and flew to the end of this horizon.

Then, under the gazes of countless people, the earth split in front of Naito split into two!

In front of Naito, an abyss that spread to the sky suddenly appeared!!

This vast abyss has spread all the way to the edge of the island. The sea was also split and even continued to spread, completely covering the Red-haired’s territory!

This slash almost cut off split the entire New World!

Such a shocking and terrifying power was captured clearly by the various birds flying over the island, carrying video Den Den Mushi.

For a few moments, the whole world seemed to have fallen into silence.

All those who watched this scene still looked in great shock.

How could he… be this strong?!

Is this the level that a master of the sword can achieve? Is it okay for a slash to have all of this power?

Such power is simply not something that humans can possess. This is already… strong enough to destroy the entire world!


“How… so strong!”

“Is this the true power that killed Kaido?”

Almost all the cadres stood there stunned on the island, looking at the abyss that spread to the sky.

After the sea was cut open, it didn’t recover quickly but remained divided. After a few breaths, it finally closed in.


The waves shook the sky, just like everyone’s heart.

This slash passed by Shanks’ side, so he was standing on the edge of the abyss. After the sea closed, the monstrous waves filled the abyss with water and splashed him all over, but he didn’t notice it.

As one of the Yonko, he was sure that if this attack was meant to really cut him, he would have definitely died!

The sea flew along the cracks and finally rushed to Naito, but the splashing water seemed to have hit an invisible barrier, and not a single drop of water reached his body.

Red-haired’s entire territory was hit by this slash’s aftermath, and no one knows how many islands were hit by these waves.

“I lost.”

Shanks sighed lightly but didn’t show any discouraged expression. On the contrary, he smiled.

The third Yonko, Red-haired Shanks, lost!

Naito was very satisfied with the power of his new ability. At the time, he was in a very good mood; thus, when he saw how Shanks surrendered, he stopped, and the golden sword disappeared and melted into his body.

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