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T.S.H Chapter 560: Undercurrent

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Countless forces all over the world were watching Naito and Shanks’ battle.

When the abyss that tore half of Red-haired’s territory and almost split the entire New World appeared, people were shocked. This was even more stunning than Naito’s summoning that huge meteorite.

The meteorite only destroyed an island, and this slash didn’t only destroy an unknown number of islands, but it almost split the entire New World!

The waves gradually subsided, but everyone’s hearts couldn’t calm down.

Facing such a slash, these people weren’t even concerned about whether Shanks was defeated, but whether he was dead or alive.

“Did he killed him?!”

“Such a slash, even Mihawk can’t do such a thing…”

Looking at the sea that had gradually subsided, someone couldn’t help but mutter.

The scene just now was almost dreamlike, they wanted to believe that it was an illusion, but the split clouds in the sky proved how real it was.

Shanks, his cadres, the Shichibukai, as well as the marines and the word government, they were all shocked.

These people, even if they didn’t fight the Yonko before, they encountered them before, and most of them know what the Yonko represents and what kind of power they possess.

What Naito showed before, whether it was a single person defeating all of the Bigmom Pirates Group, or summoning a meteorite to kill Kaido, although terrifying, it was still within the scope of understanding.

For the marine, the Shichibukai, or other pirates, Naito’s strength is ranked higher than the Yonko, a one-person arm who can rival a Yonko’s pirates group.

But now, the horror that his sword can cause is no longer what a Yonko can do!

A slash traverses nearly half of the New World. This kind of power is not a little bit stronger than a Yonko. This is a whole different level!

Shanks, Kaido, and even Bigmom, although they are very strong, compared with Naito’s sword’s sharpness, it’s like the difference between earth and heaven.

“There is such a terrifying swordsmanship in the world…”

“The strength of Admiral Naito may have reached a height beyond our reach. I don’t know if Whitebeard, who claims to be the strongest in the world and possesses the power to destroy the world, can fight him.”

“Although the Whitebeard is a very strong monster… but 20 years have passed. It’s not certain whether he can still wield his power back then.”

Many people couldn’t help but show awe, and there was still a hint of disbelief in their eyes.

The title of the world’s strongest, no one could even touch it for 20 years, even the later rising Shanks, Kaido, Big mom, the never been able to take the title from the Whitebeard.

But now, the title of Whitebeard is clearly shaky!

Before the battle between Naito and Shanks, many people who had seen Whitebeard, or witnessed his power, felt that Naito cannot compete for the title of strongest in the world.

But now, Naito’s swordsmanship has stepped onto the apex of swordsmanship, and a simple slash swung by him can cut nearly half of the New World!

This kind of terrifying power, even if the Whitebeard is at his peak, I’m afraid that he might not be able to do it, let alone twenty years later, no one knows oh strong is the old Whitebeard.

“The title of the world’s strongest, is it finally going to change hands?”


World government.

“Such power, even the ancient weapons we know… I’m afraid it is nothing more than that.”

“How could there be such a person in the world? How can a man be as strong as an ancient weapon? Or is he an ancient weapon comparable to the other three?”

The Gorosei watched Naito cutting off nearly half of the New World, trembling and with evident shock in their eyes.

This kind of power, even the world government and the ruler of the entire world, will fear it.

“That guy has a Haoshoku Haki…”

“It seems that he didn’t kill Shanks either. He could kill him easily, but he didn’t. What should we do?”

For a while, this conference hall, which symbolizes the highest power, fell into silence.

After a long time, someone slowly spoke and said in a deep voice, “A person who represents such power is like the Shichibukai, but his threat is greater. I think trying to destroy him is a stupid choice.”

“Yes, besides, he did join the marine. Although we don’t know what his purpose is, he didn’t show any hostility. So… it’s better to continue with the original plan, but I suggest to slightly modify it. We must give him a greater status. How about raising him one level?”


“Seconded, it’s indeed the best choice.”



After seeing Naito’s sword’s sharpness, none of the five wanted to be hostile to Naito and even no longer cared about Naito’s purpose.

The world government can formulate and tolerate the existence of Shichibukai, which makes piracy legal.

In the face of Nait,o who possesses the power to destroy the world, even if it’s the Gorosei who rules the world, they were unwilling to be his enemies.



The Fleet Admiral Sengoku watched how a slash traversed half of the entire New World and even spread out to the sky and almost split it without saying a word.

He didn’t know what to say, there was an emptiness in his heart, and he couldn’t help but be in disbelief. Even Roger, the Pirate King, didn’t have such power.

This kind of power is almost beyond the reach of human beings… it seems that only the legendary ancient weapons can have this kind of power.

“Yuu Naito… did you get some special power from the ancient times that is even comparable to the three ancient weapons? Or, you’re using one…”

“Forget it. This no longer something I can handle. Presumably, the higher ranks are already considering how to deal with him.” Sengoku shook his head.


In the beginning, when Naito solely defeated the Bigmom pirate group and then killed Kaido. Many people were just shocked by the strength of Naito’s power and never thought of the source of his power.

However, when Naito’s slash almost split half of the New Worl, they began to think about the source of Naito’s power.

The power that Naito possesses is different from what a human being can achieve. Even a Devil Fruit won’t grant you such power. In terms of swordsmanship, there are no other masters who can do a slash like Naito.

This could not help but make countless people think of the three legendary ancient weapons.

Uranus, Pluton, Poseidon.

The three ancient weapons are said to be powerful enough to destroy the world and cannot be stopped by humans. Many people are wondering whether the power of Naito is related to the legendary ancient weapons.

Did Naito discovered some ancient ruins and thus obtained strength comparable to the three ancient weapons, or did Naito obtain one of three ancient weapons?!

While countless people are in awe of this power, they couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement.

Although most people didn’t dare to look for troubles, many forces were spying on Naito secretly, and at the same time, some others began to look for three lost ancient weapons.

And the world fell into chaos.

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