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T.S.H Chapter 561: Leaving

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The Yonko Territory.

The island was cut from the middle, and the abyss connected to the sea was finally fully filled with seawater, forming a river that leads to the ocean.

At this time, on the side of the river, there was spacious grassland, where Naito was sitting with a goblet in his hand.

Opposite to Naito, Shanks was sitting there too with no image, holding a cup of wine while laughing and chatting.

As for the other crew members of the Red-haired Pirates, they were all gathered on the other side.

Although Naito was sitting on the grass, there was still a faint noble aura around his body, which was stronger than Mihawk, it felt as if he was above everything, and people need to look up if they want to see him.

Shanks had no fear of Naito, even though Naito’s power was enough to kill him instantly and even wipe out his entire pirate crew.

Naito didn’t dislike this either.

After all, in his previous life, Naito had imagined coming to this world countless times. Unfortunately, the route was a little off. He first experienced the rise of the world of Shinobi and then descended to this world as higher existence.

With the increase in strength and status, Naito gradually became indifferent to ordinary people but was still somewhat interested in people who existed in his memories, such as Shanks and Mihawk.

Although Naito is now almost a god-like existence, Naito’s heart is not completely divine, and he still experiences such unchanging human emotions, yet he also doesn’t try to reject them.

Because if you despise everything all the time and wipe out the world with your hands, it would become too boring and lonely.

After drinking the wine, Naito stood up and gently tidied his white cloak.

“Are you leaving?” Shanks also stood up.

“Yeah.” Naito nodded.

Shanks took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, then said with firmness, “Are you going to the Whitebeard?”


Naito replied casually. Even though he had already got what he wanted since he had said that he was going to visit the Yonko, he should finish this last stop.

Shanks looked at Naito and said, “You’re very strong. Although I don’t know how you got such power, almost no can fight against you, so… I hope you don’t destroy the Whitebeard Pirates.”


Naito looked calmly at Shanks and said lightly.

Shanks looked straight into Naito’s eyes and said, “The defeat of the Bigmom Pirate and Kaido Pirates has already caused too much turmoil to the world. If you destroy the Whitebeard Pirates, this world will be completely plunged into the flames of war.”

“The Whitebeard Pirates are protecting way more islands and forces than the Bigmom and Kaido. If they fall, the world will be completely chaotic.”

Shanks didn’t care about being the Pirates King or finding the One Piece because he was a Roger Pirates crew member. He knew almost all the secrets he should know. He just didn’t want to see the world in chaos.

In the original, he tried to prevent Ace from pursuing Blackbeard and cause a battle between the Whitebeard and the Marine. Now he’s trying to prevent the collision between Naito and the Whitebeard.

“And… why would I care?”

Naito looked at Shanks calmly and said, “Do you think I care about what this world becomes?”

“Sure enough, I can’t stop you.”

Hearing Naito’s words, Shanks shook his head with a wry smile, put the cup in his hand against his mouth, then poured all the wine in one breath, and said, “If the gears of this world break, everything could happen, maybe even the Legendary Ancient Weapons will also be born.”

“At that time, even you might no longer stop the gears from breaking, and the world will fall into chaos.”

Shanks was still trying to prevent the collision between Naito and the Whitebeard.

However, when he heard this, Naito suddenly smiled. The smile revealed a kind of disdain and said, “Are ancient weapons really powerful?”

After faintly speaking, Naito turned around and took a step forward, then his figure gradually disappeared.

Naito leaving before hearing an answer left Shanks a little bit astonished and couldn’t help but mutter, “He doesn’t even care about the power of the ancient weapons. Could it be that I guessed it wrong?”

Almost all the forces in this world have linked Naito’s power with the ancient weapons. As one of the Yonko, he was the first who speculated that because humans usually cannot possess such power.

Therefore Shanks tried to warn Naito that if the world order was disrupted, all the ancient weapons would appear and indicated that he should back down.

However, the result was that even when he mentioned the ancient weapons, Naito’s attitude didn’t change at all. He was indifferent to everything from beginning to end, and it seems that he doesn’t even care about the ancient weapons at all.

Shanks, who originally thought he knew Naito a little bit, suddenly felt that Naito was covered in a deep mist, making it difficult for him to see through.

And just when Shanks was uncertain and at the same time a little confused, Ben Beckman, the Vice Captain of Red-haired Pirates, stood beside him.

“Maybe his power isn’t derived from the ancient weapons… In short, you can’t stop this man if you can’t see through him.”

Beckman shook his head, looking in the direction where Naito disappeared. His eyes revealed a hint of wisdom and profoundness, as well as a hint of deep fear.

Even an admiral, Ben Beckman, can calmly deal with him, even if it’s another Yonko or even the Whitebeard, he will not panic because he’s the Vice Captain of the Red-haired Pirates, and his resourcefulness is among the top people in the world.

However, when he faced Naito, he felt that Naito was shrouded in a cloud of mist that he could never see through, and this mist made him faintly afraid.

It’s like, if the secret of Naito’s body was revealed, it would be enough to overturn the entire world!

“So even you can’t see through?”

Shanks couldn’t help but take a deep breath upon hearing these words. Ben Beckman was his Vice Captain, and he knew very well how smart he was.

Ben Beckman took a puff out of his cigar, then said, “I don’t even know why he was merciful to us… this person does things all according to his own preferences. If the world government provokes him, he might go to Raftel in the next moment!”

“You’re right.”

Shanks recalled how he felt when they Hoashoku Haki clashed, then nodded solemnly.

From time to time, there are people like that, mostly newcomers, but once they come to the New World and hit their heads against the Yonko’s wall, they become honest with themselves.

Naito is different.

The strength he possesses is incredibly powerful, so powerful that Shanks, a Yonko, felt his own insignificance!

People who have absolute power, cannot be seen through, and do things based on their preferences, are undoubtedly the most terrifying existences!

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