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T.S.H Chapter 562: The Last Yonko

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On the vast sea.

A huge ship was docked on the sea. This ship looked a bit like a huge whale. It was the Moby Dick of the Whitebeard Pirates.

At this moment, a panicked sound suddenly emitted from the deck.

“Father! It’s not good!”

Suddenly one of the pirates came over hurriedly, with cold sweat on his forehead.

Just when he was about to rush to the Whitebeard, the first division captain Marco stopped him.

“Hey, calm down! What’s wrong?” Marco frowned as he watched the pirate taking his breath, then shouted.

“Captain Marco, Father… it’s bad news, Captain Ace is gone!!”

“What did you say?!”

Marco raised his brows and widened his eyes instantly. He couldn’t help but step and forward and grab the pirate by his collar.

As if he realized something, Marco’s forehead was suddenly filled with cold sweat. He gritted his teeth and put down the man and said, “Ace… you fool!!”

“Father, Ace must have gone to stop Yuu Naito. What should we do?” After taking a deep breath, Matco turned to look at Whitebeard, who was sitting there.

The whole ship was strangely silent.

Everyone heard of the news, and almost everyone stopped their movements and turned their heads together to look at Whitebeard sitting there.

A depressing atmosphere filled the ship.

When Naito first appeared and tied with Mihawk, it didn’t cause any shock, but after the consecutive defeats to three Yonko, it simply causes an uproar to the entire world!

Today, even civilians know the name, Naito. In a short period, Naito’s name reached the ranks of legendary pirates like Whitebeard and even more!

After defeating three Yonko, Naito’s reputation has reached its peak. Although he didn’t say anything and was still sailing on the sea on his medium-sized warship, everyone knew that Naito’s next goal is the Whitebeard!

The strongest in the world!

Even before the Great Pirate Era, the Whitebeard pirates group have competed with Roger, the Pirate King, and even in the Era of the Yonko, it has been regarded as the strongest pirate group for 20 years.

The strongest man in the world, the pirate group that competed with Roger, the pirate king…

Compared with the other three Yonko, the Whitebeard Pirates is carrying more glory and legends. Each of these legends is famous in the sea!

Under the deliberate propaganda of the Marine and the World Government, almost everyone single person in the world knows that there is a marine named Naito who is about to clash with the most terrifying pirate, the Whitebeard!

Even within the ranks of the Whitebeard Pirates, many rookies were trembling.

Perhaps the captains like Marco can still remain calm, but ordinary pirates who have just joined the Whitebeard Pirates group or have been relatively weak cannot remain calm under such terrifying circumstances.


The Whitebeard who have been sitting there suddenly stood up slowly.

As the Whitebeard slowly stood up, the aura and presence of the world’s strongest suddenly burst in all directions, making the sea instantly turbulent!

“As long as he put a foot on my ship, no matter how foolish he is, he’s still my son. I have not yet reached the point where I need my son to help me handle things.

“Set sail!”

The Whitebeard’s body suddenly groaned and shouted: “That fool, I won’t spare him this time!!!”


The Second Half of the Grand Line.

Naito’s warship didn’t conceal its whereabouts. Under countless forces’ attention, he left Red-Haired Shanks’ territory and went straight to the last Yonko, Edward Newgate, The Whitebeard.

Whitebeard’s territory is the largest of all the Yonko, and it’s not only in the New World; many other places belonged to them.

The Fishman Island at the entrance of the New World also belongs to the Whitebeard.

The name of the Whitebeard is no longer just the name of a big pirate group, but a flag sheltering countless islands on this sea!

Although it has been twenty years, and Whitebeard has grown old, no one dares to underestimate him, and no one has been able to take away his title as the strongest man in the world.

Twenty years ago, Whitebeard was the only one who remained alive among the three legendary pirates. Twenty years later, Whitebeard is still one of the Yonko!

Although Naito didn’t kill Shanks, the slash that defeated him shocked the world.

So everyone now thinks that the only man left who can fight Naito is one of these legends, the strongest man in the world, who has the power to destroy the world, the Whitebeard!

This battle didn’t even need the world government and the marine propagate. It has already attracted the attention of the world.

Countless people were anxious, awe, or excited.

Nearly all marines admired Naito to the extreme, and even the Admirals were in awe of Naito.

When Yuu Naito was in the Marineford and said that he was gonna take down the Yonko, everyone thought that it was a joke at the time and didn’t take it seriously. But now, Naito really did it!

He defeated three out of four!

Now, he’s visiting the last Yonko, the Whitebeard!

Fighting a Yonko, perhaps someone like Kizaru can do it, but defeating three in a row is just a joke!

“Regardless of whether he will win or lose, he still did it…”

“It’s unimaginable that he could achieve such a thing.”

Most of the lieutenants are participating in the suppression of Kaido and the Bigmom Pirate Group.

“This is his last stop. Whether he wins or loses, his name will be chanted as one of the legends!”

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