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T.S.H Chapter 563: Ace And Jimbe

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On the warship.

Naito was standing in a spacious room, leaning on a wall. There were many pillars and targets around him. This was a place specially made for training.

In the field, Ain was taking off her marine uniform, wearing a tight beige shirt, and working out.

Ain doesn’t like swordsmanship very much. Instead, she habitually uses her own double guns to shot her abilities. Her physical strength isn’t weak originally, and after Naito’s enhancement, she’s now stronger than most marines.

Ain is currently practicing her Busoshoku Haki.

Ain, who sweating profusely, looked bright and beautiful, which was quite appealing to any man, but Naito didn’t show anything and stood there watching her with a smile.

Although Naito is in a higher realm than other humans and is relatively indifferent to many things, it’s impossible to completely ignore such a beautiful woman training in front of him.


Ain shouted, and black-colored matter suddenly gently covered her arms, but still, she was unable to control it.

Naito kept watching and found that Ain could only succeed one out of ten times. While frowning slightly, he muttered for a while before suddenly showing a thoughtful expression.

Ain is not him, after all. Although her physical strength has become stronger after his enhancement, she still needs to train to master the Busoshoku Haki power.

Hard-working isn’t always the key.

Luffy, in the original, practiced his Haki on an island full of monsters. Only dangerous situations and actual experience can increase the rate of your improvement. Moreover, he’s really skillful in actual combat.

“Okay, you can stop.”

Thinking of this, Naito spoke softly and asked Ain to stop.

Ain walked toward Naito with an embarrassed expression and said, “I’m very sorry, Sir Naito, I haven’t been able to fully grasp the Busoshoku Haki so far.”

Naito shook his head slightly and said, “No, you’ve done almost what you can through simple training. If you want to master it, you need to go through a lot of battles.”

Although Ain is already very strong, she hasn’t really experienced many battles. Since following Naito, she has only fought once.

Hearing Naito’s words, Ain also thought of something and nodded in response, “I remember Zephyr-Sensei saying that in addition to talent, mastering the Busoshoku Haki requires proficiency that can only be gained through actual combat.”

Since she has Haki, Ain cultivates very quickly and has a high talent. In terms of Busoshoku Haki, her talent appears to be very ordinary.

Listening to Ain’s words, Naito pondered for a while, but suddenly he looked surprised, and he raised his head and looked to the other side.

When Ain saw Naito’s expression, she also subconsciously followed his movement and turned her head to look over, but she saw nothing. There was just a wall over there.

“Change your clothes, and then come to the deck.”

Naito turned and spoke softly to Ain and then walked directly out of the training room.

Ain watched Naito leave. After blinking twice, there was a lovely blush on both her cheeks. He looked at her sweat-soaked body and couldn’t help but muttering, “Change your clothes… Sir Naito is really something. How can he lightly say such things to a woman in such a gentle tone.”

Apart from respecting and admiring Naito, Ain certainly had some thoughts, but she never dared to show it directly. After all, Naito’s light was too dazzling, and she always been shy in front of Naito.


The sea breeze was blowing, and the sun was in the middle of the sky.

Naito arrived on the deck and looked at the distant sea with interest. On the distant sea, there was an inconspicuous small boat heading straight toward the warship.

When Naito was in the training room, he was trying to perceive whether there were sea-kings or some monsters nearby for Ain to train with, but he didn’t expect to perceive this boat.

To be precise, the person on this boat.

Fire Fist Ace!

It’s estimated that it’s only a year or so before Luffy goes out to the sea. Ace has already joined the Whitebeard Pirates by this time and may have become the second division captain.

So he didn’t even have to guess what were Ace’s intentions.

“The Whitebeard, Edward Newgate… deserves to be one of the most charismatic characters.” Looking at the boat on the sea, Naito chuckled.

Because this ship was too small and looked inconspicuous on the sea, It was not until Naito came to the deck that the marines spotted the ship and reported to Naito.

At this time, Ain had also changed her clothes, put on a marine uniform, walked onto the deck, and also saw the boat in the distance.

“That’s… Fire Fist, Ace, the second division captain of the Whitebeard Pirate Group, what is he doing here? Is he trying to stop Sir Naito?” Putting down binoculars, Ain looked a bit surprised.

The whole world knew that Naito’s next goal was the Whitebeard, but at this time, a captain of the Whitebeard Pirate Group took the initiative to find them, which is naturally strange.

“No, it’s not just Ace. There’s another person…” Naito shook his head, with a bigger smile on his face, looking at the rippling sea.

“Another one?”

Ain blinked, picked up the binoculars, then put it down again in confusion, and said, “There’s only one person on that boat, wait, you don’t mean…”

“Yes, under the water.” Naito nodded.


On the sea.

A small boat was riding the wind and waves, swiftly approaching Naito’s warship.

Fire fist Ace, wearing an orange leather cap, stood there with a chuckle, showing no signs of tension or fear.

“We’ll reach them soon. They won’t attack you if you don’t shoot first. After all, you have that identity now.”

“Brother Ace, what do you mean? Although he’s a marine, and one that I admire now, I will never allow anyone to hurt father.”

In the water beside the boat, it was the Knight of the sea, Jimbei, and he was very fat!

Ace grinned and said, “I came here in a hurry, so I only took this boat. Otherwise, I would have loved to have a drink with you first.”

“If you really managed to stop him, and you were alive by that time, we will drink until we pass out.”

Although Jimbei’s body was huge, as a Fishman, he’s even lighter in the sea than a human on the ground. His huge body is completely flexible like a fish in the water.

“It seems that you don’t have much confidence.” Ace chuckled slightly, then his expression gradually changed, and he looked full of confidence, “In this case, leave it to me. I’ll stop him!”

“Although he defeated the other three Yonko, but… if he wants to reach the old man, he has to pass through me first!” Ace said decisively.

Jimbei was silent for a moment, then firmly said, “No matter what are the odds, even if it’s a bet on my life, this old man will always go all out.”

Seeing that the warship was getting closer, Jimbei said, “Ace, let me send you up.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Obviously, it was impossible to lower a ladder on the warship to allow them to climb up slowly. Therefore, Ace was ready to get close and jump on directly, but when he heard Jimbei’s words, he smiled and nodded.

Just when they were about to hit the warship, Jimbei under the water opened his hand, and as if he was holding the sea, he suddenly waved it upward.

“On the way!”

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