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T.S.H Chapter 564: Passing Time

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Having already made a decision, Jimbei naturally won’t have any hesitation. Under his hands, the sea suddenly formed a strong wave, and the boat that was carrying Ace flew into the sky.


The huge wave twisted and hovered like a water dragon, rushing directly from the sea below to the top of the warship, and then crashed down.


As the water splashed, a golden flame suddenly ignited, evaporating the water instantly, and then the flame slowly gathered, revealing the Ace.

From the still surging dragon wave, a fat figure swimming like a fish suddenly followed and landed on the warship steadily.

“The Knight of the sea, Jimbei!”

“Captain of the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Fire Fist Ace!”

The marines on the warship looked at the two men and recognized their identities instantly. Then they couldn’t help but take a deep breath and speak of their names in a deep voice.

In normal circumstances, these low-level marines wouldn’t be terrified to see such big pirate names in front of them, but now, when they saw Jimbei and Ace on the deck of their warship, none of the marines showed any fear.

Even the smallest marines didn’t look scared.

Of course, this due to the fact that there was another man also standing on this ship, Admiral Yuu Naito, who has defeated three Yonko in a row!

Even if their heart trembled a little, as soon as they saw Naito’s back, all of them calmed down. Naito is here. Even if it’s an army, they wouldn’t have the slightest fear!

Standing on the deck, Naito looked at Jimbei and Ace with a faint smile on his face, while Ain, who was standing next to him, ignored Fire Fist Ace and spoke directly to Jimbei.

“Knight of the sea, Jimbei, you’re one of the Shichibukai. Why are you violating the regulations and have such a close relationship white one of the Whitebeard’s captains? Stop this nonsense at once, or you will be deprived of that title!”

Ain used to be afraid of such strong pirates like Jimbei, but now she, of course, cannot have the slightest fear. Even if she faces the Whitebeard himself, she will still be this calm.

Jimbei looked at Ain, and with evident determination in his eyes, he said, “I’m here to stop you, Admiral Naito. I admire your actions in defeating three Yonko in a row. This will always be unprecedented in history, but… I hope that you can change your mind and not conflict with the last Yonko.”

“Why?” Naito looked at Jimbei lightly.

Jimbei said seriously, “Because you have already defeated three of the Yonko, and this has already strengthened Marineford’s horn, the goal has been achieved. Although defeating the last Yonko can help continue to suppress the pirates, it will bring chaos into the world. I think you shouldn’t ignore such a thing.”

“Goal…” Naito looked at Jimbei with a smile, then suddenly mocked, “When did I say that my goal was to suppress the pirates and strengthen the marine’s horn?”


Jimbei looked at Naito with a stunned expression.

Naito shook his head slightly, with a casual look on his face, and said, “I don’t have any purpose or goals. If there’s such a thing, then… it would be, killing time.”

Coming into this world and slowly waiting for his strength to recover was quite boring. It’s indeed that Naito was trying to kill time when he decided to visit each Yonko.

However, this sentence was too unbelievable to Jimbei, and even Ace, who had been silent on the side.

Killing time?!

He defeated three of the Yonko just to kill time?!

What kind of joke is this?!!

“It seems that your words are in vain, brother Jimbei.”

A ray of flame suddenly appeared from Ace’s fist. He smiled and didn’t seem to have a trace of fear in his eyes facing Naito, “I knew it was inevitable.”


Jimbei looked a bit anxious. Although he was willing to put his life on the line, he wasn’t as stupid as Ace.

He knew how powerful Naito must be to defeat three Yonko.

After Ace joined the Whitebeard, he performed extremely well and even quickly promoted and became the second division captain, but the gap between Naito and Ace is probably the same as the distance between heaven and earth.

However, since he came here, and words didn’t solve anything. Jimbei can’t just back down, so he suddenly clenched his fist and said, “Since Admiral Naito is unwilling to give in, then I also cannot back down!”

“Are you sure that you want to shoot at me?”

Naito looked at Jimbei calmly. Although he was looking up at Jimbei because of the difference in size, Naito’s gaze gave people a feeling of overlooking.

“It should be said… that if you want to reach the old man, you have to pass through me first!” Ace looked at Naito with confidence and then suddenly snorted.

“Fire Fist!”

Ace’s clenched fist instantly turned into hot flames, and as Ace slammed it, the monstrous flame suddenly turned into a huge wall of flames, blasting towards Naito.

It was said to be blasting Naito, but in fact, it was blasting the entire warship because the range of this attack was too large.

“Not good!”

Seeing this scene, the marines on the warship couldn’t help but look scared. Although they weren’t afraid of Ace and Jimbei before, watching such a big flame about to swallow the entire warship was really scary.

However, at this moment, Naito, with a smile on his face, suddenly stretched out his hand casually.


A strange force suddenly exploded in the air and felt as if the wind pressure near him increased to a terrifying level.

The monstrous flames suddenly stagnated, as if being pressed down by a big invisible hand, and suddenly dissipated!

Ace’s figure was also mixed in it and was directly pressed into a ball of flame and shattered but instantly gathered again and turned back into his original form.

“Sure enough…”

Ace regained his original, confident look, but there were dignified traces in his eyes, looking toward Naito.

At this moment, Ain finally noticed that Jimbei, who was standing next to Ace, suddenly disappeared!

As if she realized something, Ain couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Not good!”

Ain turned around to look at Naito and wanted to say something, but it seemed that it was too late. The whole sea suddenly began to surge violently.

The person who was stirring the ocean was naturally Jimbei.

Jimbei wasn’t a fool like Ace. He knew that if there was a chance to win against Naito, it would be by avoiding a head-on fight, so he jumped back into the water and tried to destroy Naito’s warship to stop him.

Feeling the whole ship trembling, Ain’s looked anxious. Even if he destroys the warship, Naito wouldn’t be hurt, but it wouldn’t be good to be on such a sea without a ship to protect them.

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