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T.S.H Chapter 565: Amaterasu

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The sea was violently surging. In seconds, it soared into the sky, above the warship.

Naito stood quietly on the deck, gazing calmly below. It seemed as if he was looking through the deck and seeing clearly what was going on under the water.

However, Naito was calm, as if he had foreseen Jimbei’s actions a long time ago.

“It turned out to be like this. What a great plan!”

Ace also noticed the sudden changes in the ocean and understood Jimbei’s intentions instantly. After he smiled, he rushed up to block Naito without hesitation.

Although he will lose his foothold after the warship is destroyed, Jimbei would be there to help.

“Great Flame Ring!!”

Facing Naito, Ace directly used his technique because when he saw how Naito used his bare hands to extinguish his flames before, he knew that an ordinary attack will not stop him.


A monstrous pillar of fire suddenly rose from Ace’s body. The flame enveloped the area, even covered the warship deck, and spread to the sea!

The flames’ expansion caused Ain to step back, as for other marines, they had long been hiding away.

However, facing these monstrous flames, Naito didn’t take a step back and even let the flame spread pass through him.

The weird thing is that when this hot golden flame passed by Naito, it didn’t couldn’t even burn the corner of Naito’s clothes, let alone his body!

Naito kept looking calmly at Ace in front of him as if he hadn’t noticed these flames at all.

“Although after you’ve eaten the Flame-Flame Devil Fruit, your body can turn into flames, your fire itself isn’t good enough. It’s way inferior to the Amaterasu.”

As Naito’s voice fell, the hot flames released by Ace suddenly rippled.

It didn’t extinguish or dissipate. It rippled as if it was trembling!

It was as if the flames were shuddering fearfully from Naito!

This scene made Ace’s pupils shrink, and he once again felt how mighty is Naito’s power.

As a result, Ace didn’t dare to lift it, and without hesitation, and pointed his hand in the sky while shouting.

“Dai Enkai: Entei!!”

The monstrous flames suddenly swept into the sky and the pillars of fire that skyrocketed suddenly gathered on Ace’s palm and instantly turned into a huge fireball!

The huge fireball was held by Ace with one hand and hung in the sky as if the sun had descended on his palm, making countless people feel its terrifying heat.

Even surrounding seawater began to make a sizzling sound, and under the heat of the flames, steam started rising to the sky.

The ordinary marines had already hidden inside the warship, but they were still somewhat unable to withstand the temperature, all of them were sweating profusely, looking at the flames gathered on Ace’s palm in horror.


Holding the huge fireball with one hand, Ace suddenly screamed, then blasted it toward Naito.

The huge fireball gathered by the golden flames was slammed down like an actual sun making the surrounding seawater boil.

Naito watched this huge fireball crashing down, but there was always a trace of indifference in his eyes, and suddenly flickered his fingers.


Suddenly a strange black flame appeared at Naito’s fingertips, and along with Naito’s finger movement, the black flames plunged into the huge fireball instantly.

It’s the immortal flames of the Amaterasu!

The seemingly inconspicuous black flame fell into the golden fireball and surprisingly step off an earth-shaking change instantly.


The black flame suddenly rose, and the huge golden fireball instantly turned into a black monster fireball.

It was at this moment that Ace directly lost control over the fireball.

“How… how is this possible!!”

Watching the black flame that popped out of Naito’s finger swallowing his fireball, Ace looked shocked and in disbelief.

“My flames, it got…”

He clearly saw that strange black flame, eating his flames and using it as fuel!

“Although I don’t like playing with fire that much, but when it comes to it, you’re way far behind.”

Naito stretched out his hand to grab the void, and the huge black fireball suddenly shrank. Under his control, it condensed and finally turned into a fist-sized black flame, suspended in Naito’s hand.

Naito looked at Ace faintly and then randomly flickered his fingers. The black fireball suddenly overflowed with a ray of flame, like a sword burning with black flames, and suddenly shot towards Ace.


Ace saw the black flame bursting out, with a look of disbelief in his eyes, then gritted his teeth, crossed his index finger in front of him, and a cross flame suddenly shot out.

The flame of the cross and the flame of the Amaterasu suddenly collided, but it was as if gasoline had met a raging fire. The cross flames were directly swallowed by the Amaterasu’s flames, and it spread instantly and fell on Ace’s body.

The moment the black flame touched Ace’s body, it spread directly, and Ace couldn’t stop it.

“Damn it! What kind of fire is this?!”

Ace was already horrified. This was the first time he encountered a flame that he couldn’t control, and it could even ignite by his fire!

Only at that moment when he felt the power of these black flames that Ace truly felt its horror, covered by it made him almost instantly feel the horror of hell!

“Take it off me!!”

Ace mobilized his power, trying to resist it, but instead, the black flame enveloped his entire body instantly.

Although he’s in a Logia state and can offset the damage, the Amaterasu was eating his flames. It is impossible to completely offset the damage of the Amaterasu!

Fire fist Ace, who was originally wrapped in golden flames, his flames now have turned black!

However, Ace was the Second Division of Whitebeard Pirate captain, and he’s extremely talented. At this moment, he desperately exploded his own flames, not against the fire of the Amaterasu, but to cut off his flames and throw them to the sky.


The black flames immediately engulfed the golden flames, then scattered in all directions, most of which fell directly in the sea, and a small part fell on the warship, but they were all extinguished by Naito.

The entire time, the marines, including Ain, watched these scenes dumbfounded.


Ace finally managed to get rid of the black flames on his body, knelt on the deck of the warship, with both his hands on the ground, and panted heavily.

Looking at Naito, he still looked in disbelief.

If Naito used some swordsmanship or other means to defeat him, he wouldn’t be surprised. Although he’s a bit like Luffy, a reckless kid, he’s not a fool. He knows the difference between him and Naito.

It’s just that he never thinks of giving up, no matter how strong the enemy is.

However, what made ace stunned is that Naito defeated him using fire!

After eating the Flame-Flame Devil Fruit and become a Flame Human, he never thought that he would even be defeated by fire!

At this time, Ace couldn’t even stand still. As he was panting heavily, he looked away at the surface of the sea, and instantly his eyes widened, and he looked in shock.

The black flames that were thrown out before were actually still burning the sea.

These flames cannot be extinguished even by the seawater!

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