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T.S.H Chapter 566: Dazzled

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Ace was in great shock, and this felt unbelievable. He couldn’t help but tremble and ask in a dry voice.

“This… what exactly is this…?”

“Immortal flames.”

Naito looked at Ace indifferently, waved his sleeves casually, and the black fireball that had been floating in front of Naito instantly extinguished along with the flames on the sea.

Ace stared at this scene in a daze. He had a tenacious habit of not admitting defeat. Even when he was defeated by the Whitebeard, he never conceded. After being saved to the Whitebeard’s ship, he tried to assassinate the Whitebeard countless time.

But now, Ace suddenly realized his insignificance.

He’s like a frog at the bottom of a well that doesn’t know how high the sky is. It suddenly jumped off the well one day and finally saw how big the world is!

Naito defeated Bigmom, using his fist, killed Kaido using a meteorite, and defeated Shanks, using a sword.

Ace was ready to deal with Naito’s fists, meteorites, and sword. But in the end, Ace was helpless. Only a small flame that was released from Naito’s finger was enough to defeat him.

The battle between Naito and Ace lasted just a few breaths, and while Ace was still immersed in shock, the surging sea under the warship finally stirred frantically!

In the sea below the warship.

Even though Jimbei was in the sea, he clearly perceived the battle on the ship. And even across the sea, he felt that horror of the Amaterasu flames and was in a shock.

He couldn’t believe that Naito used fire to defeat Ace, who had eaten the Flame-Flame Devil Fruit!

After taking a deep breath, a trace of firmness flashed across his eyes.

Although Ace was defeated by Naito in a flash, those few breaths were enough from Jimbei to prepare his move!

“Don’t worry, brother Ace, I won’t let your efforts go in vain. I will at least destroy this warship!”

Jimbei suddenly stopped waving as he swam, and suddenly he clenched and as if he had embraced the entire sea, he slammed it upwards!

“Fishman Karate, ocean current impact!”


The monstrous ocean current burst out with a push from his hand and rushed towards the warship on the sea.

This move is actually similar to the one used by Jimbei to send Ace to the warship earlier, except that the ocean current that he manipulated this time has become larger, and the impact has become much more terrifying.

With this much, it’s enough to smash a large warship!

Jimbei didn’t dare to underestimate Naito. Although this warship was only a medium-sized warship, he still used his strongest shot!


Above the sea surface, although the sea current hasn’t yet rushed up, a terrifying pressure spread, and the entire sea surface has begun to vibrate and roar crazily.

Ace, who was immersed in shock, suddenly came back to his sense, and a smile appeared on his face.

Although he couldn’t defeat Naito, at least… he’s gonna destroy his ship!


“It’s over!”

On the warship, the marines, including Ain, felt the sea’s crazy tremors and its horrible pressure, so they looked terrified.

Ordinary marines were going crazy. If the entire warship is destroyed, those who can’t even use Marine’s Six Powers will not survive!

Ain gritted her teeth.

She knew that Naito had the ability to lift the entire warship into the air, but now it seemed that after being delayed by Fire Fist Ace for seconds, it would be too late to avoid the current in the way.

The marine on the warship, including Ain, was either horrified or shocked. Only Naito, who hadn’t moved from start to finish, had a calm expression.

After waving his sleeve to wipe out the remaining flames of the Amaterasu, Naito looked toward the water faintly.

Perceiving the huge, rushing ocean current, Naito’s expression didn’t change but showed a trace of disdain and mockery.

“Do you want to destroy the warship? Although, this warship isn’t valuable…” Suddenly, Naito’s tone became cold.

“Did I say that you can destroy it?!”

The moment his voice fell, Naito suddenly raised his foot and kicked the ground.


This kick didn’t seem to have any power, but instantly, an icy surface appeared under his feet.

Click! Click!

This icy surface spread instantly, freezing the deck, and spread all the way down, and the moment it reached the sea, the surface condensed and turned into ice!

What’s more terrifying is that this ice isn’t just covering the deck on the warship and the seawater below, but after touching the sea, it spread directly in all directions.

Almost instantly, the sea as far as the eyes could reach turned into ice!

He instantly… froze a thousand miles!

Under the water, Jimbei was watching the current under his control rushing toward the warship, as if he already the scene of the warship collapsing, but it suddenly froze!

The turbulent ocean current, when it reached the surface, froze almost immediately.

And as the ice spread, Jimbei also got frozen in the ice.

The silence controlled the world!

As the ice spread, it seemed that it didn’t only freeze the sea, but everyone’s hearts too.

The marines who were aboard the warship, and even Jimbei, who was frozen in the ice, looked in shock.

“This is… Ice!! How could this be possible! Is Aokiji also on the warship?!

On the warship at this time.

Ace’s face, which was smiling a second ago, stiffened and his eyes widened looking at the surrounding scenery.

Thousands of miles turned instantly into ice!

Isn’t this ability belongs to Admiral Aokiji? How can Naito use it!!

Ace was shocked, and his mind seemed to have went blank. If Aokiji suddenly appeared and froze the sea, he wouldn’t be so shocked.

However, Naito used that terrifying black flames just now to defeat him, then in the next moment, he stepped on the deck and froze thousands of miles.

From fire to ice instantly, what kind of ability is this?!

Ace looked at Naito with a dull expression. Questioning whether the young man who looked about the same age as him is also human!

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