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T.S.H Chapter 567: The Whitebeard

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On the vast sea, thousand of miles were frozen instantly, the eyes could only see ice, and the billowing waves on the sea froze like an exquisite piece of art.

Not only Jimbei, who was also frozen, Ace, and even Ain, who had followed Naito for a long time, couldn’t help but open her mouth slightly, revealing evident shock in her eyes.

Fire and Ice!

Naito has shown two more abilities, and both are powerful.

In the ice below warship.


Jimbei struggled hard and shattered the ice that trapped him, but he could only shatter a small part. Looking around, the ice spread to the depth of the seabed, and no one knows how far it went down.

Even the ice above is at least hundreds of meters long; it’s not easy to get out of such a thick ice layer.

Jimbei fully realized that the ice that froze the sea isn’t ordinary, but like Aokiji, it’s a lot colder and extremely strong!

The ice-cold was unbearable even for Jimbei, and when he tried to break it, he has realized something more shocking, the hardness of this ice seems to be even stronger than Aokiji’s!

Even if he is one of the seven Shichibukai, he could only break the ice bit by bit with difficulty!

“Is this the true difference in our strength?

Jimbei looked up through the ice and the warship and couldn’t help but look shocked. Is Naito really this powerful?

Is the gap really that big?!


On the warship.

Everyone was immersed in the shock of the sea being frozen. Ain, on the other hand, once saw Aokiji’s ice age and managed to calm down.

She looked at the frozen sea, then at Ace, who was still in disbelief and suddenly curled her lips helplessly.

“Sir Naito, even though the warship isn’t damaged, we can’t set off.”

“Is that so?”

The cold aura around Naito’s body calmed down, and he looked around.

“The warship is completely frozen.” Ain stretched her hands helplessly and then suddenly thought of something, “That’s right! I almost forgot, Sir Naito, you can make the warship float.”

Thinking of this, Ain nodded but then narrowed her eyes slightly and curled her lips again, “Speaking of which, Sir Naito, you could have solved this trouble without freezing the entire place.”

Hearing these words from Ain, Naito couldn’t help but smile and said, “It got a little hot when we played with fire, so I thought I should cool it down.”

Ain: “…”

Ain rolled her eyes at Naito in silence.

After he smiled, Naito shrugged then said, “Actually, I did it to build a suitable venue.”

“Venue? What venue?”

Ain blinked in confusion.

Naito didn’t explain but turned to look at Ace, who had just woke up, and said, “Following your guts isn’t bad always, but… you must know your place first.”

In the original work, it was Ace who disgraced the Whitebeard and pursued Blackbeard alone, which eventually led to a war, and the end of the Whitebeard Pirates, and both their death.

Speaking of it, in his previous life, Naito was more biased towards Whitebeard and Ace, but now his realm is higher, and his mentality is, of course, different. Naito no longer cares about the so-called light and darkness, nor justice and evil.

If he finds it interesting, he doesn’t mind playing for a while. If it makes him feel a bit uncomfortable, he doesn’t mind if he slaps it to death.

“Know… your place?”

When ace heard Naito’s words, he couldn’t help but fell into silence. Even though he was defeated by Whitebeard and failed to assassinate him countless times. He has never given up or felt inferior. However, after he got defeated by Naito in a flash, he finally understood the gap.

“Sir Naito, do you want me to catch him?”

Ain walked to Naito, looked at ace, who was bowing his head, and said, “Although he’s a Logia user, we have sea stone cuffs on the warship.”

Naito glanced at Ace indifferently, then turned to look at the distant frozen sea.


At the end of the frozen sea, a dark shadow suddenly appeared!

Ain noticed Naito’s expression and couldn’t help but in the same direction and suddenly looked shocked.


The atmosphere on the warship suddenly got strange, and Ace, who noticed this, turned his head a little and looked at the frozen sea behind.

At this time, the black shadow has gradually become clear, and there were some human shadows!

As soon as he saw these figures, Ace opened his mouth slightly since he could recognize their identities instantly.

These were the shadows of the Whitebeard Pirates!

As those figures gradually became clear, an aura also pressed towards Naito’s warship. This wasn’t the aura of a person, but the aura of the entire group, almost perfectly integrated!

The Whitebeard crew advanced slowly above the sea, and a thick black cloud suddenly started taking form, with a strong sense of oppression, pressing a bit by bit. It felt like a mountain dumping in this direction!

“The Whitebeard Pirates… came?!” Ain looked at the Whitebeard Pirates in the distance and couldn’t help but take a deep breath, with a solemn look on her face.

The Whitebeard hadn’t fully reached the front of the warship, even their silhouettes hadn’t been seen clearly, yet their terrifying pressure caused everyone to breathe heavily.

Ain was doing a bit better. The ordinary marines, on the other hand, began to tremble.

Naito stood calmly on the deck, faintly watching these people walking by while the breeze blew by his loose white cloak.

On Naito’s face, there was no solemn expression but a calm one.

The terrifying pressure fell on Naito’s body, but like that breeze, passed by without leaving any traces or effect, as if Naito’s existence was completely integrated with the world, and no matter how strong the aura is, it’s impossible to suppress the entire world.

The silence controlled the sea.

On the warship, it seemed that even the sound of the breathing could be heard clearly.

It’s not just the marines present. At this moment, the eyes of the entire world are locked at this place. The solemn and tense atmosphere seems to have spread to the entire world!

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