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T.S.H Chapter 568: The Whitebeard And Naito

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“The Whitebeard, and Yuu Naito…”

In the Marineford, Fleet Admiral Sengoku was watching this scene through the Den Den Mushi on the warship. Even though he was the Fleet Admiral of the Marine, watching how Naito and the Whitebeard were about to clash, he couldn’t help but feel nervous.

He has faced the Whitebeard many time, and he knew in his heart what kind of a monster he is!

The tsunami that he can create using the Gura Gura No Mi is enough to easily destroy an island, and because the seawater can weaken all the Devil Fruit users, except for Aokiji, who can freeze it, most people can’t deal with such an attack.

However, just now, Naito showed Aokiji’s same ability and froze the sea. This ability can deal with the tsunami, which made Sengoku feel both relieved and afraid of Naito’s power.

Ice, Fire, Fists, Sword, he can also summon those weird meteorites and manipulate gravity. The power Naio possesses is too incredible. Can ancient weapons really reach such a level?!

Because the Den Den Mushi on the warship was streaming the battlefield in the Marineford, some spies who sneaked into the place were passing the information to the various forces outside.

Countless people were looking at the same scene anxiously. Even the Shichibukai couldn’t keep calm!


Tap!! Tap!! Tap!!

Countless footsteps began to emit as the Whitebeard group finally got closer and closer, including their captain, Edward Newgate, the Whitebeard!

Behind him, the first division captain, Marko the Phoenix, the third division captain, Diamond Jozu, and others who followed closely behind, staring straight ahead calmly.

The Whitebeard was wearing a large white cloak that looked a lot like the Admirals’ cloaks. As he moved, the cloak’s bottom floated slightly, and in his hand, he was holding a huge Naginata.

Whitebeard walked step by step while the edge of the Naginata’s blade was constantly stapping on the ice, making a continuous sound that seemed to overwhelm the sound of all the footsteps. It felt as if it was tapping on everyone’s hearts!

“Gurararara, so you’ve even learned that little kid, Aokiji’s ability? But it seems that you’ve unexpectedly created a very good venue for our battle.”

After walking a few steps, the Whitebeard finally stopped and looked up at the top of the warship.

Behind him, Marko and the other captain also stopped altogether, looking up; some had their eyes’ locked at Naito, and others looked at Ace.

“Venue… so that’s what he meant.”

Ain, who was standing next to Naito, heard the Whitebeard’s words and finally realized why he used this method to suppress Ace and Jimbei.

It turned out that this was to create a battlefield… for the world’s greatest battle!

“Yes, this venue should be enough.”

Standing on the deck of the warship, Naito looked down at the Whitebeard with a plain expression. Although the Whitebeard was very tall, he wasn’t as tall as the warship after all.

“Gurarara…” The Whitebeard smirked, laughed out loud, then a sharp look suddenly appeared in his eyes. He looked at Naito and said, “It doesn’t matter what the venue is, but it seems that you’ve taken my son Ace as a guest on your warship.”


Ace had recovered some of his strength at the time and was barely able to stand firm. Hearing the Whitebeard’s words, he couldn’t help but yell, “It’s obvious that my actions…”

“Don’t talk, Ace…” Whitebeard turned his head to look at Ace and said in a deep voice, “I asked you to greet our guests. But it seems that you’ve run into some troubles, which made you suffer a bit.”

The Whitebeard was ready to take the blame and stand up against any danger for his crew because he treated them as family, as his sons.

When Ace heard these words, his eyes widened suddenly, and he gritted his teeth wanting to refute but was interrupted by Marco, the first division captain.

“Ace! Now that our guests have arrived, you should be back too… can you walk?” Marco looked at Ace calmly.

At this moment, the entire Whitebeard Pirate group locked their eyes on Naito, staring coldly, ready to shoot if it’s needed.

Even the Whitebeard stared at him.

Ace felt really ashamed, gritting his teeth while watching this scene, then he glanced at Naito, and jumped directly from the deck, and landed on the ice below.

“Sir Naito, why did you let him go?” Ain couldn’t help but speak.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Naito’s eyes didn’t even shift, just staring lightly at the Whitebeard in the front.

Every single member of the Whitebeard Pirates was ready to attack at any time, but to their surprise, Naito didn’t even try to stop Ace from going back, allowing Ace to return to his crew.

Watching this scene, the Whitebeard couldn’t help but smile and said, “I have never seen a marine like you.”

“Is that so?”

Naito responded casually.

At this moment, Ace returned to his crew, scratched his head slightly embarrassed, and smiled at Marco and the others.

After that, Ace suddenly remembered Jimbei and quickly looked at the ice layer below. When he looked closely, he could see a clear shadow trembling under the ice layer.



Ace was so weak that he couldn’t even make fire, so he turned to look at Diamond Jozu, the third division captain.

Before Ace could even finish his sentence, Jozu nodded and looked at the ice below. After walking a few steps forward, he suddenly roared and hit the ice with a punch.

Crack! Crack!!!

The ice layer broke apart instantly, and a crack appeared, then spread all the way, smashing all the ice within ten meters.

The moment Jimbei saw how the ice was breaking hard, he gritted his teeth, rushed with all of his strength out of it, and landed on the ice.

However, he couldn’t even stand still since the cold has penetrated his body, and he hasn’t been able to recover until now.

“Jimbei, I’m sorry…”

Ace looked at Jimbei sorrowfully.

Jimbei shook his head, frowned himself to walk a few steps to Ace’s side, and then turned to look at the field.

Naito faintly watched Jozu rescue Jimbei but didn’t try to stop him, and it was only then that he finally spoke.

“The rescue mission is over, then… it’s about time we start.”

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