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T.S.H Chapter 569: Naito Vs. The Whitebeard

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The Whitebeard’s Haoshoku Haki isn’t as strong as Shanks’ and, naturally, isn’t stronger than Naito’s, but there’s in his aura a sense of invincibility that is above everything.

A king that rules the sea and overlooks everything below it!

Under this momentum, the extremely tall figure of the Whitebeard suddenly stood on the field like an invincible God of War, and monstrous evil spirits filled the space.

Although no moved yet, the pressure was already overwhelming, making it difficult to breathe. If ordinary people were here, I’m afraid that they would have already passed out.

“Such aura… fits the world’s strongest man.”

Sensing his aura, Naito smirked.


Standing there, the Whitebeard suddenly lifted his Naginata, spin it over his head, then held it with both his hand. Enormous force suddenly surged, and a bright white light suddenly covered the blade.

Naito is a marine, Whitebeard is a pirate. Naito had to defeat three Yonko to reach this stage, while the Whitebeard has been the World’s Strongest for decades.

There’s no need for any more words.


Suddenly, with a sharp look in his eyes, holding his Naginata, the Whitebeard waved it in Naito’s direction!

Instantly, the bright white light flew toward the warship. When it was close to the warship’s bow, it suddenly burst in the air.


Instantly, the space in front of the warship broke like a mirror, and strange cracks spread in the void instantly.

But in the next moment, a terrifying shock force burst out loudly.


The force of the shock wave hit the entire front, directly smashing the ice below. Instantly, the shock wave reached the Naito and the others on the warship, bombarding them. For a moment, it felt as if they were going to be shattered into pieces!

“There are cracks in the air. Is this the Whitebeard’s ability? The Earthquake Human, who ate the Gura Gura No Mi…”

Using the Observation Haki, Ain, who stood behind Naito, felt very clearly the terrifying power contained in this shock wave, and it was enough to smash the entire warship instantly.

However, even though this power appeared to be extremely powerful, Ain didn’t show any tension. On the contrary, she was calm.

The reason for being calm is a person, who was right in front of her, Yuu Naito!

Naito was a tall man, shorter than big fellows like the Whitebeard, but also in the same height as ordinary people.

However, standing there, you will feel like if you’re facing a mountain that traverses thousands of miles!

The mightly shock wave finally reached them.

Under Naito’s gaze, this shocking force’s trajectory was calmly visible, and the speed became extremely slow. This force, after all, was very familiar to Naito.

Although what Naito ate wasn’t the Gura Gura No Mi, there was no difference in the essence of the shock wave power that he gained.

Watching the Whitebeard shattering the space in front of him, Naito’s eyes flash with a little bit of emotion and nostalgia, thinking of when he first received the power of Shock Wave and how he trained it and worked on it a little by little.

This feeling didn’t last long. It was just a flash.

The next moment, a lightness appeared in his eyes, and facing the Whitebeard’s blow, Naito casually stretched out his hand and pressed it towards the void.

This action looked very ordinary, and nothing seemed to be special about it, but when Naito’s hand fell, there was a terrifying impact, and he suddenly bombarded straight ahead.

Shinra Tensei!

Naito once used the shock waves to stop the Shinra Tensei, but this time it happened in reverse.

There was a wave mark visible to the naked eyes in the air, like a barrier, rushing towards the whole front, and finally crashed into the Whitebeard’s shock wave.


There was an earth-shattering roar between Naito and the Whitebeard, or to be more precise, between the Shinra Tensei barrier and the broken space of the Shock Wave that instantly shattered the frozen sea!

The cracks spread to both sides, and instantly, it crossed the endless distance and spread to the end of the line of sight.

Not only did the ice collapse, but even the clouds in the sky that shrouded it since the Whitebeard Pirates’ arrival broke apart in the middle!

It’s as if the whole world was divided into two halves!

The momentum was extremely large, and the airwave caused by this collision swept in all directions, and the sound that erupted was like the roar of thousands of thunderbolts, deafening!

Gradually, the roars stopped, and the airwave finally whizzed away. Everyone watching, no matter who it was, looked anxious.

The Whitebeard was still standing there, unscathed, but his face looked a bit different.

And in front of him, there was an abyss, across the frozen sea.

Further forward, it was… the still undamaged warship.

Naito was still standing on the warship’s deck. He had already retracted his hand, and the warship had not been affected in any way!

In other words, Naito stretched out his hand and pressed the gravity field, completely blocking the Whitebeard’s attack, and there wasn’t even the slightest shock power that broke through!

“Father’s blow… was it completely blocked?”

“This guy is unfathomable.”

Even captains like Marko couldn’t help but take a deep breath after watching such a scene, showing a solemn expression on their faces.

As the captains of the Whitebeard Pirates, they know more than anyone about the Whitebeard’s power.

Even if the Whitebeard is old now, and it’s difficult to extract the same amount of power he used to have. Still, there are not many people who can resist his attacks!

Even the unkillable Kaido was defeated many times!

“Is this all you got?”

Standing on the deck, Naito looked at the Whitebeard calmly and then suddenly took a step forward, and his figure flashed abruptly, fell from the warship, and came to the frozen sea.

The Whitebeard squinted his eyes slightly, watching Naito stepping off the warship, then suddenly said to Marco and the others, “Marco Jozu… you all step back.”


Hearing the Whitebeard’s words, someone suddenly exclaimed.

“Do as Father said!” Marco took a deep breath, then he shouted, “If we’re here, Father can’t fight freely!”

While talking, Marco walked back with the others.

Different from the calm expression on his face, Marco’s heart was anxious. As he stepped back, Marco looked at the Whitebeard with a touch of worrisome in his eyes.

If it was the Whitebeard from before, he wouldn’t have any worries even if he faces a stronger enemy, but he’s… old now!

Naito didn’t stop Marco or any of the others from retreating and stood there calmly watching while quietly examining the Whitebeard.

With his Ultra Perception, Naito could see anything, and with a glance, he analyzed the entire situation in the Whitebeard’s body.

“The hidden wounds are wearing his body, and it may collapse at any time, but this isn’t the only problem… he aged!”

There are ways to heal such wounds or resist aging in this world, but it’s a pity that the Whitebeard didn’t get any of them, and knowing what kind of person he is, these kinds of solutions wouldn’t have interested him anyway.

Marco and the others quickly retreated to a far place, then the Whitebeard finally retracted his gazes and looked at Naito ahead again.

After a short break, the battle of the greatest forces in the world exploded again!

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