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T.S.H Chapter 570: Shock Force Vs. Shock Force

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The Whitebeard’s Shock Force has a very wide range. The Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, said that he has the power to destroy the world. Although it’s a little exaggerated, it’s not entirely wrong.

If the Whitebeard in his heydays decided someday to set off a Tsunami with his full force, he would have destroyed countless islands and killed many people instantly.


Looking at Naito, the Whitebeard held his Naginata with both hands, his muscles flexed, and a monstrous force surged.

Instantly, the Whitebeard rushed to Naito, and at the same time, swiped the Naginata in his hand, slashing at Naito obliquely. It wasn’t a simple slash. It contained the Shock Force!

At this time, the Whitebeard had already gone all out, and the power he mobilized was much stronger than before!

“Pretty good.”

Watching this scene, Naito smirked and stretched his hand. The light suddenly flickered, and a sword erupted out of the void, got held by Naito, then it was instantly waved.


The sword collided with the Naginata, and a clear of gold and iron clashing emitted, followed by a huge roar that made the whole ground tremble!


Instantly, Marco and the others could no longer see Naito and the Whitebeard because of the monstrous shock wave that wrapped the broken ice and surged like a sea wave in all directions!

The ice surface, which almost froze the bottom of the sea, shattered, collapsed, and disintegrated, turning into countless pieces of ice, then the wind engulfed the cold, and a strong wind burst out, roaring and surging, then swept to the world.

Instantly, a deafening roar like a thousand thunderbolts emitted!

However, under this huge momentum, Naito and the Whitebeard’s sides showed completely different scenes.

The void looked broken like a mirror behind the Whitebeard, and the ice surface was collapsing, while behind Naito, the warship was still fine, and there were no signs of any fragmentation!

Suddenly, there was a small crack at Naito’s foothold.

Compared to the huge airwave and shattered ice, this was extremely shocking!

In this kind of confrontation, the area behind wasn’t affected in any way!

This is simply not something that anyone can do!

How can a person stop an attack and its aftermath!

“This is impossible!!”

Even a captain like Marco looked in disbelief. Although they couldn’t see it, they could perceive the situation in the field by the Kenbunshoku Haki.

It’s normal for Naito to be unscathed, but Naito didn’t even let the damage reach the ice or the warship behind him. This is simply incredible!

In the field.

The Whitebeard held the Naginata with one hand. His Naginata was in constant contact with the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, but the huge blade was clearly dented. It was clear to him that his Naginata was inferior to Naito’s sword.

But at this time, the Whitebeard didn’t care about damaging his blade.

“This guy…”

The ice surface behind Naito was undamaged, and the Whitebeard, who was standing in front of him, could see that more clearly than anyone, as he could also feel Naito’s power.

At this time, he finally felt the gap!

The Whitebeard didn’t know if he could defeat Naito at his peak, but at least now, it was very difficult for him to do it.

However, he is the Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, who has been sailing on this ocean for decades, experienced countless battles, and has never backed down once!


Suddenly, the Whitebeard screamed, and while he held his Naginata with one hand, he suddenly made a fist with the other and hit Naito directly.

There was a white halo light on his fist, with a terrifying shock force brewing in it that seemed enough to destroy an entire island!

The Whitebeard, who has gone through countless battles, has naturally gained an incomparable rich combat experience. His Haki mastery, his use of the Naginata, and his Shock Force are almost perfect.

The Whitebeard at his peak had almost no weaknesses, just like Naito, who was invincible in the Shinobi World.

As their blade collided, he slammed his fist at Naito. If the person in front of him wasn’t Naito, but Shanks or Mihawk, they would have been forced to retreat, or they might get injured.

However, it was Naito who was fighting against the Whitebeard!

And he also has the power of the Shock Force!

“You’re good!”

Naito smiled excitedly; it was something he hadn’t felt for a long time.

Facing the Whitebeard’s fist, Naito held his sword with one hand and made almost the exact movement as the Whitebeard and slammed his fist toward him!!

Doing the same movement was something, but having the same white halo light covering his fist was something else that shocked everyone at once!


“This power is… Impossible!!”

“Damn this! Is this a joke?!”

The captains of the Whitebeard Pirates, and especially Marco, watched this scene with stunning faces!

Even the Whitebeard himself looked surprised. Since coming here, even when Naito blocked his attacks, the Whitebeard didn’t show any kind of expression, but at this moment, even he, the Whitebeard, couldn’t hide his shock!

Under the shocked gazes of everyone, Naito and the Whitebeard’s fists finally knocked the void at the same time!

Because their blades’ size is uneven, their fists didn’t come in contact, but it didn’t matter whether they collided because both could use the Shock Force.

When the Whitebeard and Naito’s fist knocked the void, cracks suddenly appeared between them.

The void between them broke like a mirror!!


The shattering sound seemed to be emitting from the hearts of all the people watching this scene with expressionless faces.

Two Shock Forces, just now, have crashed each other.


Instantly, the sky and the earth collapsed!

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