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T.S.H Chapter 571: Retreat

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The two shock forces, which were almost identical in nature, collided with each other.

In almost an instant, the surrounding ice surface under Naito and the Whitebeard broke apart, turned into icy debris, and while they burst out by the shock waves, they turned into crystal clear powder.

Moreover, the fragmentation on the ice surface didn’t stop but spread directly in all directions, centering on Naito and the Whitebeard. The ice surface was shattered inch by inch and turned into power and rose!

This scene, seen from a distance, is like a huge and crystal clear ice flower blooming on the frozen sea, extremely beautiful.

However, in this beauty, there’s an inexplicable horror!

Along the entire ocean, a horrifying pressure also hit the surface.

Even the members of the Whitebeard Pirates that were standing far away got affected. Fortunately, almost none of them were weak, and most of them stood still.

No one was affected by this horrible pressure. However, everyone looked like they were!


After an endless thunderous roar, the aftermath gradually subsided.

At the center, the ice layer under the Whitebeard and Naito’s feet had already collapsed, and they were now standing inside a huge pit that was full of cracks.

Both Naito and the Whitebeard kept their steady and their fists facing each other in the air.

The confrontation between the two Shock Forces seemed to be infinite.

Time seemed to have frozen.

Finally, in the next moment, under the unbelievable gazes of everyone, the cracks there were in front of the Whitebeard’s fist suddenly broke like glass and disappeared.

Under this frontal collision, the Shock Force of the Whitebeard was defeated by Naito’s and crushed abruptly!

At this moment, the shocked people weren’t only Whitebeard’s captains, but even he, himself, he looked in disbelief.

Naito could also use the Shock Force, and… it turned out to be stronger than his!


After Naito’s Shock Force crushed the Whitebeard’s, the remaining aftermath rushed toward the Whitebeard.

A circle of light visible to the naked eye appeared, and it suddenly pushed toward the Whitebeard. At the same time, it also shattered the already cracked ice between the two into countless crystal powders, which were engulfed by the impact. And the Whitebeard got bombarded!

The Whitebeard had already ignored the shock force that hit him and immediately retracted his fist, held the Naginata with both hands, and face it head-on.


The Shock Force crashed down, and it directly shook the Whitebeard back. This was the first time that the Whitebeard experienced the feeling of being repelled by the Shock Force, and the first time he had experienced the feeling of facing someone stronger than him!

Crack! Cack!!

The Whitebeard’s feet had already crushed the cracked ice and directly embedded in it, but he still stubbornly withstood the impact.

But even so, the ice under his feet kept breaking and breaking, and his body kept constantly being shaken back.

This kept on until his back finally hit the ice wall at the edge of the ice pit behind, and then it smashed the ice wall abruptly and continued falling back.

The broken ice flew to the sky.

The Whitebeard’s back kept crashing inside the ice wall for more than ten meters before he finally stopped!

At this time, there was already a distance of ten of meters between him and Naito. In other words, this confrontation ended up with him being pushed back by dozens of meters!

What is even more shocking is that the warship behind Naito still didn’t receive any damage!

Marco and the other were stunned.

At this moment, even the Fleet Admiral Sengoku looked in disbelief.

Before the Great Age of Pirates, Sengoku and the Whitebeard fought many times, and he knew what kind of a monster he is.

Sengoku was shocked!

He thought that Naito would use that horrifying swordsmanship of him to fight the Whitebeard, but he didn’t expect that Naito could use the Shock Force and even use it to force the Whitebeard to fall back!

Even if the Whitebeard is old, this is still an almost unimaginable thing.

One punch to defeat the Bigmom, one punch to repel the Whitebeard is completely insane!

Sengoku, at this time, couldn’t help but start wondering whether Natio actually possesses some ancient weapon. But do ancient weapons have such terrifying powers?!

“It’s not just a simple shock wave, but a spatial shock force too? Well, if he didn’t have much power, he wouldn’t have stayed as the strongest in the world for decades.

After slamming the Whitebeard back with that punch, Naito slowly retracted his fist.

When the Shock Force is strong enough, it can distort the space and even shatter it. However, Naito estimated that even at his peak, Whitebeard wouldn’t be able to reach the level of shattering space. Being able to shake it or distort it should be his limit.

However, in this world, space distortion is enough to stop most people. In the entire sea, only people like Garp, Sengoku, Shiki, and Roger can fight against him.

Even among these people, Whitebeard’s power is still the undisputed strongest, and that’s how he got the title of the strongest in the world.



In the distance, Marco exclaimed and even prepared to rush over.

But at this moment, they heard a crash, then countless ice cubes flew away, and the Whitebeard walked out step by step with his Naginata in his hand.

Although he was shaken by Naito’s punch, his Busoshoku Haki is strong, so he wasn’t injured, but he seemed to be a bit out of breath.

Seeing that, Marco and others were relieved and stopped.

However, when they turned their head to look at Naito on the other side, they couldn’t help but show a hint of horror!

“Why… do you have my power?”

After walking a few steps, the Whitebeard stopped. Although he looked calm, it was still hard to believe.

This world may have mirrored fruits, duplicate fruits… which can replicate the others’ powers for a short time, but it’s definitely not up to Naito’s level.

The Whitebeard could tell that Naito’s control over the Shock Force was almost perfect. Otherwise, it would be impossible to protect the warship behind him!

This kind of perfect control proves that Naito didn’t copy his power but had the power of the Shock Force long enough to master it.

“Your power… you mean this?”

Naito raised his fist randomly, and a white halo light appeared around his fist, and at the same time, he said while faintly looking at the Whitebeard, “If you mean the Gura Gura no Mi, then it’s really your power, but if you’re talking about the Shock Force… You’re not the only one who can use it.”

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