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T.S.H Chapter 572: The New World Is The Strongest

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On the frozen sea.

Countless broke, ice was scattered around, the field was full of holes and cracks. These holes weren’t bottomless, but they seemed to reach the sea deep down.

The sea was silent, no one spoke, and no one knew what they should say. Everyone was looking at Naito and Whitebeard in the center.

Even Ain, who had followed Naito very early and knew that he used the Shock Force to repel the Whitebeard forcibly, couldn’t help but feel amazed!

Whitebeard looked at the white halo light on Naito’s fist, and there was a moment of silence. He could tell that his power so familiar.

Suddenly, the Whitebeard smiled.


The laughter lasted for a short period, and with a last grin, the look in Whitebeard’s eyes sharpened instantly.

The Whitebeard at this moment seemed to have returned to his youth, back to his peak state!

“I haven’t been in such a battle for a long time!”

The moment his voice fell, the Whitebeard nailed his Naginata to the ground and then suddenly clenched his fist.


Fully concentrating his power on his fist, a dazzling white halo light suddenly wrapped his fist, and the size was much larger than the one he used to punch Naito’s sword just now!

Instantly, the Whitebeard slammed his fist towards Naito.

Seeing his momentum and energetic punch, Naito couldn’t help but sigh in secret.

It’s not that the Whitebeard isn’t strong enough or doesn’t have potential, but the rules of the world made it almost impossible for him to break the shackles of time. It stopped him from surpassing everyone in this world.

Even his all-out punch didn’t make Naito exert all his strength. He could easily block it.

However, Naito still showed a serious expression facing this punch, and while eyeing it, he also threw a punch.


The two fists were separated by a few meters, slammed out from a distance, bombarding the void at the same time.

Crack! Crack!!

The air shattered like a mirror, and the two Shock Forces twisted and intertwined, and even the space between the two twisted horribly!

The two Shock Forces clashed and collided with each other, and the resulting power has reached the extreme of space distortion!

Even a beast-like Kaido would be smashed into pieces if he was ever thrown in the middle!

The traces of the broken mirrors appeared and disappeared on the void at the same time.

At the moment of disappearance, it seemed that thousands of rays of light gathered there, making it difficult for both of them to look at each other, and they couldn’t help but close their eyes.

There was no roaring sound because the momentum generated by this force had reached the range that ears can’t hear.

Everyone can only see that the ice surface with a radius of nearly 10,000 meters around Naito and Whitebeard collapsed and shattered instantly. The thick dark clouds in the sky were instantly twisted and torn, revealing the blue sky again.

What is crazy about all of this is the even in this case, the marine warship behind Naito hasn’t been destroyed!

Even if the ice layer below was shattered by the Shock Force, it still remained undamaged.

The sun shined down, making a dream-like scene.

Whitebeard’s sturdy arms trembled, and the blue veins appeared on it and on his forehead; apparently, he had exerted his full strength, which wasn’t something his body could bear!

However, what made his heart sigh is that even when he over-loaded his Shock Force, he still couldn’t defeat Naito. Naito’s strength was still one point stronger than him.

But that wasn’t all; he could tell that there was more from where that one point came from.

He could feel that even if he really returned to his heyday, Naito would still be stronger than him!

He didn’t know why, but he felt that way.

At this moment, the Whitebeard looked at the figure in front of him, which was much shorter than him, and felt a sense of inexplicable remoteness.

It’s like peaking at another dimension, two different spaces, in two different worlds.


Finally, the Whitebeard’s Shock Force was defeated again, and the entire man flew out.

Because of the overload, the Whitebeard’s body couldn’t resist this time, and while flying backward, he spurted blood.

This time, without any ice to stop him, the Whitebeard flew upside down for a farther distance.


Marko and the other saw this and exclaimed all together, they could no longer hold back, and they all rushed over. Some people rushed toward the Whitebeard and the others to the front of Naito while squeezing their weapons, ready to fight.

However, no one dared to take the initiative to attack.

Naito watched the Whitebeard flying in the distance, and slowly retracted his fist, then stood there calmly, with no one knowing what he was thinking of.

Just standing there quietly, there was a hint of aura emerging from his body. This aura wasn’t a domineering one, but it seemed more detached.

It was loneliness!

Marco, Jozu, and the others were watching Naito vigilantly, but they were all shocked by this aura, and no one dared to act rashly.

As for all the people who watched this scene through the Den Den Mushi Video, they were also silent.

When Naito repelled the Whitebeard the first time, it didn’t mean anything, but at the second time, when he faced him head-on and sent him flying without using any fancy skills, the result was very clear.

The strongest man in the world, the Whitebeard, lost!

For decades the Whitebeard was never defeated and was regarded as the strongest in the world, but now, he has finally been brought down from his throne and was replaced by Vice Admiral Yuu Naito!!

Although Naito is still a Vice-Admiral of the Marine HQ, his identity is irrelevant. Everyone knew that he was the strongest marine.

And now Naito is the strongest in the world!

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