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T.S.H Chapter 573: Golden Lion Shiki

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Under the gaze of countless people, Naito just stood there quietly, with a trace of inexplicable loneliness in his eyes.

At this moment, the whole world seemed to be silent.

In the distance, some pirates of the Whitebeard Pirate Group were rushing in their captain’s direction, but the Whitebeard in mid-air landed perfectly on the ground, crashing it.

Seeing how he was fine, his crew members stopped. Some of them were looking at him, but most of them were looking at Naito.

Even the Whitebeard was locking his eyes on Naito.

As one of the Yonko, the Whitebeard who was considered invincible for decades and even before the Great Pirates Era, has witnessed the changes that occurred on this sea several times.

No matter who it was, Gol.d Roger, Golden Lion Shiki, or the Yonko, no one could shake his position as the strongest man in the world. Although he lost to Roger, his personal strength and ability have always been superior. He was the strongest.

This was the first time that the Whitebeard ever felt so powerless.

It’s not psychological weakness, but physical, deep fatigue and weakness from the depth of his old bones.

Even if his heart is still unwavering, even if he is still the king of the sea, that won’t make Whitebeard’s body return to its peak state again.

In fact, he himself was very aware of his own physical condition.

He also knows better than anyone that with the changes of the times, his name will eventually disappear from the sea and become a legend, a part of history.

However, the Whitebeard had no regret.

He didn’t become the Pirate King?

He doesn’t care.

If he really wanted to find the One Piece or become the king, he could do that anytime after Roger’s death.

He treats every mere pirate on his ship as family, as his own sons. He watched his sons grow up and become famous in the sea. He was satisfied with that alone.

“You’ve been sailing for too long. You want to stop here?”

The Whitebeard slowly wiped away a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, but there was no sadness or pain on his face. In fact, there was a wide smile on his face that no one could understand, but it reminded them of the one the Pirate King Roger had on his face before his death.

Step! Step! Step!

The Whitebeard stopped slowly, then walked forward on the ice, and every time his feet fell, there would be traces of cracks on the ice.



Seeing the Whitebeard walking forward step by step, his crew members all turned and looked at him.

Marko and the others, who originally wanted to help him, the moment they saw him step forward, they subconsciously fell back. It seemed that he that Whitebeard had a strong will and momentum that they simply couldn’t stop.

Of course, there were still people trying to stop the Whitebeard from continuing, but he wasn’t planning on doing that.

“Stupid sons, life and death… I’ve traveled for a long time, and it’s time to end it!”

Whitebeard glanced at his crew who some of them stood there blankly, exclaimed, others gritted their teeth as he watched him walking forward.

Everyone knew that it’s impossible for him to defeat Naito, and if he continues to fight Naito, there will only be one outcome, and that is death!

But, he’s the Whitebeard!

He will never back down on a battle!

“No regrets, huh?”

Looking at him, Naito murmured softly. At this moment, there seemed to be only the two of them in the world. The other members, even their crazy shouts, were wiped out and lost.

For a man like the Whitebeard, who doesn’t seek to be king but seek a family and the power to protect them, Naito felt for him because he himself was such a man, yet he was standing on a higher realm than the Whitebeard.

The Whitebeard and Naito stared at each other.

However, just as the two were about to go to war again, an arrogant voice suddenly emitted abruptly throughout the field.

“Whitebeard… I really didn’t expect that a person like you would fall to such an extent. This is not the you I know!”

This voice made the noisy field suddenly become silent.

You must know that with such two men standing in the center of a battlefield, it’s almost impossible for a third voice or aura to exist.

Anyone else is just a part of the battlefield, even people like Marco, who was yelling, couldn’t attract any attention, the answer to that was simple… because he wasn’t a king!

Everyone’s attention was focused on Naito and Whitebeard.

However, at this time, there was an existence that forcibly caught everyone’s attention, a king!

For an instant, the Whitebeard Pirate Group’s pirates present almost all raised their heads subconsciously and looked in the direction of the sound.

The sky.

The collision between Naito and the Whitebeard had already knocked away the dark clouds in the sky, and at the time, it was clear, so they would see a figure floating there, overlooking the audience with its glances.

He had a strange rudder stuck in his head, a long golden hair that almost extended to the ground, but the strangest thing is that he had two sharp swords instead of his legs.

Who is he?!

Many people have doubts.

However, people such as Marco, who had been on the Whitebeard’s ship since he was a kid, and others in the world, such as Sengoku, have all recognized him at a glance.

“The Golden Lion… Shiki!”

“Why is he here?!”

Almost everyone who could recognize his identity as the Golden Lion Captain couldn’t help but explain.

When the other people heard the title of the Golden Lion, they were puzzled for a while, and then they thought of something, and all looked horrified.

It turned out to be him!

Before the start of the Great Pirates Era, three contenders were standing on the top of this sea, The Golden Lion, The Whitebeard, and Gol.d Roger.

Among them, the Whitebeard was the strongest physically, and the Golden Lion had the strongest power, but both of them were defeated by Roger, and in the end, Roger became the Pirates King.

However, even though he lost to Roger, the Marine and the World Government couldn’t underestimate Shiki’s power.

After Roger, Shiki once invaded the Marineford solely and fought in a stunning decisive battle against the Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the marine hero Garp. Half of the Marineford collapsed before he was finally defeated by Garp and Sengoku.

After being imprisoned in the Impel Down, he cut off his feet and escaped from the shackles. He was also the first and the only man in history to break from the Impel Down. Since then, he disappeared without a trace.

But today, the legendary pirate the Golden Lion, Shiki, which has disappeared for nearly 20 years, has come out again!

“The Golden Lion… Shiki?”

Garp, who had been silent, saw him and subconsciously clenched his fists, “He’s really alive.”

Sengoku daze became cold, and he said solemnly, “He must have been planning something for all of these years, but Naito’s actions were too great that he to come out.”

“This guy… what a bastard!”

While talking, a look of anger appeared on Sengoku’s face.

Because, throughout the video projected by the Den Den Mushi, Sengoku could clearly see the ships floating behind Shiki in the sky.

These ships are not his pirates’ ships, but the marine warships!

Shiki is the Float Float Human, who makes everything he touches, even an island, float into the sky!

“Unexpectedly, you who dominated the sea for nearly 20 years was eventually defeated by a marine. This really adds a bit of shame to our era.”

Shiki stood there in the sky, looking down coldly.

Behind him, several warships were floating in the air, and there are still some surviving marines struggling aboard.

The scene was extremely shocking!

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