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T.S.H Chapter 574: The Higher You Fly The Harder You Fall

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“Do you want to sink us into the sea? Shiki?” The Whitebeard raised his head to look at the Golden Lion with a touch of coldness in his eyes.

“Do you think you can still prevent me?” Shiki asked the Whitebeard, then smiled coldly and said, “However, I’m no longer interested in fighting you. My plan is almost finished. This world should know what the real pirate is!”

The moment his voice fell, Shiki’s fingers suddenly flickered, and the few warships floating in the air instantly fell towards the ice surface below.

The marines on the warship were terrified. There was no way to stop their fall. These warships’ mission was to follow Naito’s warship from a distance and prepare for sudden situations. There was also a Vice-Admiral on it.

However, Shiki killed all the high-ranked marines a long time ago, and the highest remaining man was just a colonel, and only a few could use the moonwalk.

“What are you… trying to do exactly?”

Standing there, Naito didn’t speak the entire time, and after seeing this, he spoke lightly.

Naito didn’t care much about this world’s marine, but the golden lion ran to him and dropped a few warships. What did he want to do?

Is this a provocation?

Seeing these fallen warships, Naito looked indifferent. Just as the warship was about to crash, Naito waved his hand in the air.


Suddenly, it seemed as if a strange force spread and the falling warships were suddenly frozen in mid-air at the moment they were about to fall!


Shiki’s eyes flickered, watching this scene, and said: “He defeated the three little kids and the Whitebeard. He’s quite capable.”

Shiki stood tall in the sky, condescending while overlooking every below.

Shiki, who used to compete with Roger, the Pirate King, has been dormant for twenty years. He looked at Naito as if he was a kid. Even though Naito defeated the Whitebeard, it was impossible for Shiki to respect him.

After all, Naito was a marine.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

After a few vibrations, the warships landed smoothly on the ice.

Naito faintly looked at the sky where Shiki was floating there. He wasn’t angry because of the way Shiki looked at him. On the contrary, he showed a touch of indifference.

In the original, Shiki was given justice. Cutting his legs shouldn’t have nerfed his power so much, and he shouldn’t have been defeated by Luffy in that way.

But… no matter how strong Shiki is, what about it?!

Naito didn’t care about Shiki’s strength or what he was planning to do, but Shiki ran up to him to show off his might, and that was a wrong path to choose!

“Sir Naito…”

Others don’t understand Naito, but ain, who has been following for quite a long time, understands his character a little bit. Seeing Naito’s expression and how he suddenly became so indifferent, she almost knew what he was going to do next.

Sure enough…

Naito suddenly reached out to Shiki in the sky.

Bansho Ten’in


A repulsive force fell on Shiki’s body, causing his expression to change suddenly, and his body sank instantly.


Shiki shouted, fully urging his ability to float, trying to resist Naito’s strange force.

However, what made him suddenly look shocked is that his floating force couldn’t resist the repulsive force!

The floating power was completely defeated by his repulsive force, and then his whole body fell directly from the sky like a golden meteor.


In the next moment, under the dull gazes of countless people, the warships that Shiki carried with him followed down and smashed him fiercely on the ice!

Almost everyone who met Shiki knows that he’s a little stupid.

And those who just heard about how great Shiki is from the people around them twitched the moths watching this scene. It seemed a lot like, “Are you kidding me?” moment.

Naito stretched out his hand and waved it.

This is the legendary pirate, the Golden Lion, Shiki?

Shiki wasn’t weak. But in the original, he chose Luffy, the protagonist of all people, and got defeated later. Now, he picked Naito as an opponent and died.

This is simply not a person with the Float Float ability, but a person with a stroke of really bad luck.

There was silence for about three seconds.


The ice layer suddenly burst open with a roar, and countless ice cubes floated up, then Shiki jumped out.

Naito faintly looked at him crawling out of the ice and said, “It’s best not to fly too high because the higher, the more painful the fall will be.

Shiki, who was still a little stunned, immediately got angry when he heard Naito’s words.

“You damn… Marine!!”

Originally, Shiki had never paid attention to Naito at all. Even when Naito defeated three Yonko, he didn’t care at all.

After all, the so-called emperors in his eyes, except for the Whitebeard, are just a bunch of brats.

It wasn’t until Naito collided with Whitebeard that he finally caught his attention, so he came here especially and witnessed the battle between the two from the clouds.

His plan was almost ready. Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to tease the marines a little bit, but he was smashed into the ice.

“Stop being so self-righteous, you goddamn kid!!”

The furious Shiki shouted directly at Naito, then suddenly waved his hands.

Crack! Crack!!

Accompanied by the movements of Shiki’s hands waving, the ice layer that had been damaged by Naito and the Whitebeard was suddenly completely shattered.

These broken ice blocks, large or small, floated towards the sky!

Shiki’s movements seemed to have caused a chain reaction. First is was the ice cubes around him, and then it spread away. Even the ice at Naito and the Whitebeard’s feet floated.

All the ice began to tremble!

The video Den Den Mushi on the warship could no longer take the whole picture, but the one flying in the sky clearly streamed the scene.

The ice surface was nearly a hundred miles wide was suddenly lifted up!

Under the shocking gazes of countless people, this piece of ice, which is almost bigger than an island, seemed to have been pulled by a big invisible hand and flew into the air!

“Golden Lion… Shiki! Is this his true power? This is too…”

Many people looked down on him when he saw how he was smashed into the ice like a fly by Naito, but after watching this, they were shocked.

This is the power of a legendary pirate who fought against Gol.d Roger, the Pirates King, the Golden Lion, Shiki.

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