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T.S.H Chapter 575: What It Means To Be A Pirate

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A hundred miles piece of ice rising to the sky, this is definitely a sight that you usually will never see in your entire life!

The ice that spread all the way to the bottom of the sea rose to the sky due to Shiki’s fluttering ability.


The ice rose up, and the sea suddenly seemed to boil. The distant sea tried to fill the space that the ice left and finally collided in the middle setting off a monstrous ocean current, which hit the ice violently.


The bottom of the ice block was hit by the sea current, and some cracks suddenly appeared on it, but since it was such a colossal block of ice, these cracks were really insignificant and couldn’t completely break it.

In the distance, due to this crazy movement of the sea, several ships of the Whitebeard Pirate Group docked in the distance were washed over, and most of which sank to the bottom of the sea.

Similarly, some ships of other forces, and even some marine warships that followed far away, were also hit by the ocean currents.

Looking up at the huge block of ice rising up towards the sky, covering the sun, almost everyone was shocked.

Waves kept surging while the ice block above kept shattering.

“Shiki, you bastard.”

There was such anger on Whitebeard’s face. This was originally his fight with Naito, and Shiki interfered.

Although it’s impossible for him to defeat Naito, and he will surely lose in the end, he knew all of that, but no one should intervene in a war between two kings.

The Whitebeard looked back at his crew and how they were barely hanging on, then jumped toward them and immediately stamped on the ground.


The Shock Force poured down, and the ice layer under his feet suddenly cracked.


“We will step back first.”

The Whitebeard spoke in a deep voice, Marco and the others nodded, and then they retreated altogether.

At this time, in the center, countless pieces of broken ice suddenly gathered and condensed into countless huge lion heads.

These huge ice lion heads surrounded Naito and the warship, while Shiki stood above one of the lion heads.

Because he was afraid that Naito gonna use the same move, he didn’t dare to fly around with the fluttering ability.

“These kids calling themselves pirates have really brought shame to the old generation. No one seems to know the horror of facing a true pirate!”

This era is the Great Pirate Era that was initiated by Gol.d Roger, the Pirate King. Although many people sails under the pirate flag, in his eyes, these people aren’t true pirates.

A true pirate is someone who creates terror and makes the entire world fell in fear.

Shiki stared coldly at Naito below, and a terrifying killing intent rose up!

However, this horrible and fierceness of Shiki didn’t have any impact on Naito.

The whole world seemed to be shrouded by this murderous aura, yet Naito was unmoved. He was in an entirely another world; no matter how strong his aura is, it won’t shake him.


Realizing that his aura is completely unable to shake Naito, at most, it can only make the marines in the warship scared, he cried loudly, and the huge ice lions rushed towards Naito and the warship.

This made the marine on the warship scared, but Ain didn’t have any fear. She blinked, looking at Naito standing there.

At this time, Naito was looking at Shiki indifferently.

Naito totally agrees with what Shiki said. People like Luffy, even though they claim to be pirates, don’t burn, kill, loot people. They’re more like knights who are on the road to make justice and draw their blades only to help.

Roger, the king pirates, started this era and also completely distorted the concept of “Pirates.”

It seems that anyone who seeks to find the one piece is a pirate.

In fact, only people like Shiki, who has a plan to destroy the world, can be truly considered a pirate, and a crazy one too!

Of course, because the world government said so, all people who pose a threat to them are pirates. The justice and evil in this world are often distorted.

But, justice and evil… what does it have to do with Naito?!

He came to this world just to recover and have fun. If the world government dares to provoke him, he will just destroy them!

For Naito, the one who provokes him is an enemy.

Facing the ice lions, Naito raised his leg casually and stepped downward lightly.


His movement almost seemed like it had no power, but the moment it fell, the entire ice block suddenly hummed, and the roaring ice lions were all frozen!

“Are you trying to use the ice that I’ve made to hit me?”

From the beginning to end, Naito never looked around but kept looking at Shiki faintly, with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

“So what? Under my ability, everything can be controlled!”

Suddenly Shiki felt like the ice lions and ice block broke away from his control, and his expression changed.

Naito smiled and said, “Is that so?”


At the moment these words fell, the ice under Naito’s feet suddenly showed a trace of fragmentation.

Crack! Crack!! Crack!!!

Almost instantly, the crack under Naito’s feet spread away.

Ten of meters… hundred of meters… thousands of meters…

In a few breaths, dense cracks covered the entire ice block, which was much larger than an island!

The cracks have even appeared on the ice lions.


Under the shocking gazes of everyone, this huge piece of ice, which floated to the sky and was bigger than an island, burst into pieces just like that!

Time seemed to freeze at that moment, while countless pieces of ice were suspended in the air, like crystal clear gems, it looked like a perfect artwork that shocked all people.

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