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T.S.H Chapter 576: One Finger Flicker And One Strike

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Seeing how the huge ice block that he was manipulating got crushed easily by Naito’s soft step, Shiki couldn’t help but feel horrified.

Although the ice is fragile, such a huge block usually doesn’t get shattered to pieces by a step; this kind of power is beyond him!

No wonder he could beat the Whitebeard.

Shiki is a thoughtful person. The reason he suddenly came out to make trouble is that he saw that the Whitebeard who was of his age was defeated by Naito, and it was disgraceful, and secondly, because he thought that the Float Fruit can have the upper hand.

As for the third reason, that is… he’s also a legendary pirate, how could he fear a marine. As a person who invaded the Marineford and faced their entire force solely, he had never been afraid!

However, seeing Naito taking a gentle step to crush the huge block of ice, Shiki’s heart was finally shaken.

The ice smashed, and some pieces fell to the sea where the Whitebeard Pirate Group was, but at the time, no one noticed.

Naito’s warship was floating in the air as if Shiki was the one manipulating it, but he knew that the warship wasn’t suspended in the air by his power.

Even Naito himself was suspended, with the ice crushed into powder under his step. Naito didn’t have any tendency to fall and was floating as if he was the Float-Float Human.

“Lion… Rankyaku!!”

Shiki didn’t dare to underestimate him anymore, and with a low cry, his legs waved left and right, sending countless magnificent Ki Swords, covering the sky and sun.

As one of the legendary pirates, although Shiki lost his legs, his swordsmanship… is still in the realm of the swordsmen masters!

However, in the face of these Ki swords, Naito didn’t even have any interest in using his sword to deal with it.


Those golden Ki swords, just like this, with a gentle flick from Naito’s fingers, all forces in mid-air, then broke apart inch by inch and exploded.

Everyone was looking up at the sky through the countless ice pieces, including the Whitebeard himself.

These crushed ice pieces didn’t scatter; as long as it was in the range of Shiki’s floating fruit ability, it will always make it float in the air.

Looking at the sky, they could faintly see Naito and Shiki’s figures. And the ray of lights reflected on countless pieces of ice made it look like a dream!

Fighting in the sky!

This kind of level, even the admirals, have hardly seen it or experienced it. It’s so rare that no one has paid attention to anything else. They were all immersed in it, and they all were looking up at the sky.

Even the Whitebeard’s pirates forgot that they were surrounded by the sea currents and kept looking at the sky.

“Is this the power of god?!”

One of them couldn’t help but mutter.

If the previous battle between Naito and the Whitebeard was shocking, this one could be described as amazing and out of this world.


Above the sky.

After he flickered his finger and shattered Shiki’s Ki sword, Naito smirked and said, “Is this the horror you were talking about? This is no different from a child’s toy.”

The moment his voice fell, Naito’s finger flickered again at Shiki.


It was just a simple flicker, but as if it was commanding the wind, a dazzling white light emitted, a Ki sword was formed, and was instantly shot at Shiki.

This Ki sword was extremely powerful, cut through the sky in a flash, and reached Shiki almost instantly.


Shiki’s heart was shocked, seeing that it was too late to dodge. He could only wave his leg in an attempt to block this Ki sword.

With a wave of both swords in his leg, the two Ki swords crisscrossed, and a cross-shaped Ki sword suddenly rushed out, meeting Naito’s Ki sword.

However, the collision was almost inexistent.

Naito’s Ki sword crushed Shiki’s attack almost instantly and continued to rush toward Shiki without even stopping.

Shiki never expected Naito to be able to send Ki cuts using his finger. Moreover, the power of this Ki sword itself is shocking and levels above anything he has seen in his life.

Facing this Ki sword, Shiki knew that it was too late to try and evade.

Busoshoku Haki!!

With a low cry, the Busoshoku Hak suddenly covered his body. As a legendary pirate, it was only normal that he could use it. And just like the Whitebeard, he was also proficient in it.

Instantly, Shiki’s entire body was covered with the Busoshoku Haki, as well as his two swords.

At this moment, Naito Ki cut finally arrived.

This magnificent Ki sword first hit his folded legs, and a sizzling sound like gears grinding emitted.

The moment Naito stepped into the realm of the Swordsmen Masters, he comprehended the profound meaning of the sword, his control of Ki swords was almost superb. Although he recovered less than 10% of his strength, he could shot Ki cut just by flicking his finger, and it was more powerful than Mihawk’s Ki swords!


Shiki gritted his teeth, trying to suppress Naito’s attack, but almost instantly, his two swords cracked!

The power of his Ki sword has completely surpassed Shiki’s expectation, and his face finally showed a trace of horror.

However, at this time, even if he wanted to withdraw, he could no longer do it.

Naito’s Ki sword cut into his two swords bit by bit. And after cutting the two swords abruptly, it flashed instantly, passing by his body, and then flew to the sky.

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