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T.S.H Chapter 577: Conclusion

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The magnificent Ki sword flashed by like a meteor falling from the sky.

Although it was only a flash, it seemed to exist in the sky all the time, and almost everyone who saw this scene felt amazed.

“Is that… a Ki Sword?”

“This is the same sword energy that cut through nearly half of the Gand Line.”

Countless people were watching the sky either by looking up at it or through the Den Den Mushi.

That moment seemed to have lasted an eternity, and when it finally flashed by, someone murmured, “Has it ended?!”


The Sky.

Shiki was suspended in the air. His two swords were cut off in the middle, and the broken halves were suspended under him.

On his forehead, there was a line of blood that spread all the way down!

There was still a shocked look in his eyes. It seemed that even now, Shiki couldn’t believe that Naito Ki Sword is that strong.

From the beginning to the very end, Naito was just stomping his feet and flickered his fingers, yet Shiki was crushed completely.

The battle ended so quickly.

You know, even if he invaded the Marineford solely and faced Garp and Sengoku at their peak, he still lost to them.

At this time, Shiki finally understood why the Whitebeard lost to Naito. His power is incredible!

Even if Gol.d Roger was here, it would have been difficult for him to defeat Naito.

His consciousness gradually blurred, and Shiki’s body suddenly swayed twice in the air and finally divided into two halves, then fell downward.

The Legendary Pirate, Shiki of the Golden Lion Pirates, died!

As the corpse fell, countless broken ice pieces also lost the power to float and crashed toward the sea below.

In the sea, there were many ships, and the waves have gradually subsided, but because these ships come from various forces, the atmosphere was stressing because Whitebeard’s ship was among them.

Although he lost to Naito, no one would dare to say that he isn’t strong, at least for these people present, the Whitebeard is still someone they won’t dare to provoke.

When the ice fell from the sky, the people below finally came back to their senses and reacted with horrified expressions.


“This is bad!!”

These pieces of ice-covered a range of nearly a hundred miles, and it was impossible to avoid. At this time, it felt like it was the end for many people.

Even the Whitebeard had a solemn expression looking at the sky, and with a low cry, he clenched his fist.

At the same time, Marco and the others all shot together, and the other forces didn’t care about confronting each other, and they all attacked the falling ice.

Of course, there are also people hiding in the corners who haven’t move.

Like Blackbeard, Teach.

“Shiki had also lost… that guy’s power is probably stronger than that of Father when he was at his peak. Unless I find that Devil Fruit and then take Father’s power, it’s impossible to fight him.”

Blackbeard Teach has always been hiding among the Whitebeard’s ranks, and he hasn’t done anything from the beginning to end.

He looked up at the sky, not concerned about the falling ice, but looked at Naito floating in the sky with extreme fear.

Above the sky at this time.

Several warships were floating behind Naito. Naturally, these warships were not suspended in the sky because of the Float Float Fruit ability but were controlled by Naito.

Watching Shiki’s body crash down with the broken ice that stretched for hundreds of miles, Naito shook his head, and his figure suddenly flashed and returned to the warship he had been on before.

“Sir Naito.”

Although she has just witnessed too many shocking scenes continuously, Ain still reacted immediately when Naito came back.

However, in spite of this, Ain’s gaze still unconsciously glimpse down, watching the ice falling down to the sea, setting off countless monstrous waves on the sea that looked as if it was boiling.

The Whitebeard Pirates and other scattered forces worked together against the ice and waves, but because they were on ships, they were scattered everywhere by the impact. And some ships have even got directly smashed by the ice.

But Naito didn’t have any intention to help them.

“Let’s go.”

After taking a look at the scene below, Naito shook his head, and at will, he controlled all the ship, and they landed down in the distance.

The place where the warships landed was a calm side of the sea.

But even so, they could still see the ice floating on the sea behind, and it even seemed to be frozen again.

Such a huge block of ice will take a lot of time to melt away, and at this time, no one knew what happened to the Whitebeard Pirates and the other forces’ ships.

The Whitebeard should be okay. He’s the Whitebeard, after all. But the other forces have probably crushed a long time ago.

“Uh, you won’t go back to deal with the Whitebeard anymore?” Ain estimated that the Whitebeard Pirates are unlikely to have been completely wiped out by these ice blocks, so she asked in a soft tone.

Naito shook his head and said, “It’s meaningless. Let’s go.”

Seeing that Naito seemed a little lazy and didn’t want to move anymore, Ain murmured helplessly.

But even if Naito was too lazy to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates, Ain had no objection, so she asked, “Sir Naito, where are we going next?”

“To… whatever.”

Naito glanced at the sea again, then shrugged and walked directly to the cabin, leaving Ain with a black line on her face.

He really doesn’t care… Ain stood there for a while speechless, then shook her head helplessly, turned, and ordered to turn around and return to the Marineford.

Several other warships didn’t follow but continued to implement emergency orders from the Marineford, patrolling the sea and reporting back the situation.

As for Naito’s warship… who dares to give them any orders!

Today’s Naito is no longer within the range of anyone’s control. Even if the warship that Naito is riding on leave this sea, no one would dare to stop them.

With Naito’s departure, this war finally ended with the Whitebeard’s defeat and the death of Shiki!

After the news spread to the sea, it didn’t cause any uproar like before, but instead, it made the world strangely silent.

When Naito defeated the Bigmom Pirates Group, even when he killed Kaido or defeated Shanks, the whole world was shaking.

However, when Naito defeated the Whitebeard and even killed one of the legendary pirates, Shiki, the world was calm.

Everyone was silent.

It’s not like they don’t want to react. They just don’t know how. Almost everyone is like this, including the Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the marine hero, Garp.

After being silent for a long time, someone finally raised his head and looked at the vast expanse sky and said profoundly.

“This era… belongs to him.”

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