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T.S.H Chapter 579: Camie And Pappag

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The sea frantically roared and rolled, causing the entire warship to shake as if something was about to rush out from under the sea.

Naito opened his eyes, Ain also reacted, and the two looked out from the porthole at the same time.

An under the horrified gazes of countless marines, a monster that was huge to the extreme suddenly appeared on the sea. It was a giant sea king!

Fortunately, the bottom of the warship was composed of sea stones. This sea king didn’t notice the warship. Otherwise, it would have swallowed it in one bite.

However, although the bottom of the warship is composed of sea stones, the warship entirely isn’t made of it. Thus, when the sea king came out of the sea to take a breath, it still noticed it.

“A giant… sea king!!”

“This, this a bit too big, there’s no way he didn’t see us, he’s coming for us!”

Countless marines looked a the sea king that was huge enough to swallow the warship, and they couldn’t but get terrified. Although Naito was on the warship, the instant fear, this monster brought controlled their minds.

Looking at the giant sea king outside the porthole, preparing itself to swallow the warship, Ain’s eyes flashed coldly.

“I’ll take care of it, Sir Naito.”


Naito nodded casually. Ain has almost completely mastered the Busoshoku Haki, and with her power, it’s easy for her to deal with the sea king.

Naito glanced at the sea indifferently and was about close his eyes again and ignore it, but he suddenly seemed to have seen something and got a bit surprised.

“That’s… interesting.”

As if he realized something, Naito smirked. His figure suddenly blurred and then gradually disappeared.


On the deck of the warship, all the marines looked at the huge sea king with horror.

The sea king had already discovered the warship, opened his huge mouth, and rushed toward it.

Suddenly, a beautiful figure flashed by, appeared above it then kicked it.


To deal with such a monster, using her devil fruit ability would consume a lot of energy, and the gain isn’t worth the loss, so Ain decided to use her physical strength.

Ain’s feet were instantly covered with the Busoshoku Haki and suddenly kicked the sea king’s belly.


A blast of air suddenly burst, and a loud drum sound emitted along with the sea king’s screams.

Although this sea king was large enough the swallow this medium-sized warship in one bite, it was still not enough to be compared to Ain, who was already considered as one of the top marines.

Although Ain’s kick didn’t send the sea king into the air, it still made it fall on its back.

The huge sea king fell on the sea, setting off a huge wave instantly.

“Sir Ain!”

“So cool!”

The marines on the warship watched this scene, and the panicked expression on their faces disappeared and was replaced with awe and envy.

Such power, coupled with her great contribution in following Yuu Naito, after returning to the Marineford, Ain will surely be promoted to at least a Rear Admiral.

When they thought of this, they all showed a bit of joy. Although they didn’t o anything, since they came out with Naito, the credit for going back this time will be absolutely indispensable.

And just as these marines were thinking of how grateful they are for Naito, a figure instantly appeared on the deck, and it was Naito.

After he walked a few steps, Naito came to the side of the warship.

Ain, who knocked down the Sea King, instantly fell back to Naito’s side with a flicker and looked quite surprised. Was Naito afraid that she wouldn’t be able to deal with the Sea King?


Naito was absolutely clear about her strength because he was personally training and teaching her.

“Sir Naito, why are you…”


Naito didn’t look at Ain but kept looking at the sea surface and suddenly raised his chin slightly in the direction of where he was looking.

Ain felt a bit strange and looked in the same direction, but she saw nothing but the Sea King floating on the sea surface, but suddenly it spits out two strange little things from its mouth.

One seemed to be a starfish, and the other, surprisingly, was a beautiful girl with light green short hair and a fish-tail instead of legs!


Ain looked surprised. She knew that such creatures exist, but she had never seen one before.

Mermaids are very rare, almost never come out to the surface, and because their price in the slave market is very high. Once a mermaid appears, all slave traders go crazy to find it, then sell it almost immediately.

The mermaids that we caught occasionally were almost always sold at sky-high prices, and they often fell into the hands of high-ranked nobles and even Celestial Dragons.

“Mermaid, I’ve seen it in the data, but this is the first time I have seen it with my own eyes.” Looking at this scene, Ain couldn’t help but show a look of interest.

However, this mermaid was actually eaten by the sea king, which is really speechless.

On the warship, all the marines looked at the mermaid in the sea in amazement. Even Ain has never seen a mermaid, and of course, she also looked amazed.

At this moment, the orange starfish that was spat out with the mermaid fluttered happily on the water twice and then jumped in the mermaid’s arms.

“We’re saved, Camie!”

“The starfish is talking!”

The marines were stunned for an instant.

Camie hugged the starfish, took a breath, then smiled, and said, “Yeah! Thank you for saving us.”

As Camie said, she turned her head and looked at the warship next to her. At a glance, she saw a large number of marine staring at her dumbfounded, as well as the majestic cannon and flags of the marine.

Camie, who was about to open her mouth and thank them, was instantly petrified.

After about three seconds.

“Wow!! It scared me to death, so many people!!”

“Yes… it’s the marines!!”

The starfish, Pappag, was also taken aback. It was so clear that even a starfish could recognize it.

On the warship, Naito looked at the frightened mermaid Camie and the starfish Pappag, smirking.

It’s really them.

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