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T.S.H Chapter 58: Terrifying Power

In the beginning, the Rasengan could really combine with the shock.

And it seems like the Chakra spun the forces together.


But Naito didn’t have any chance to express his joy, the Rasengan prototype was unstable and had a violent tearing strength.


Naito was shocked, he immediately pressed it on a tree next to him.




Once again another tree collapsed.


Naito’s hand was shaking, his whole arm was numbing.


Fortunately, Naito was wearing the Anbu gloves protector, which helped him to not get injured.


“It seems the Rasengan prototype is not stable enough to handle the shocks power.”


He took a deep breath, then he calmed down his thoughts and continued his practicing on the Rasengan.


The next step took him so long.


Naito wasn’t the kind of guy who has a lot of Chakra, so he couldn’t practice a lot on the Rasengan, the moment he consumed his Chakra, he will switch to physical training.


After a period of physical training, he will switch back to the Rasengan training.


Both alternate.


Finally, after half a month, Naito learned the Rasengan, it was the first A-Class Ninjutsu mastered by him.


A-Class Ninjutsu most of them belong to the forbidden techniques level.


Of course, there is a variation in terms of power.


The same A-Class Ninjutsu can get much stronger or weaker depending on the Ninjutsu’s user.


If Uchiha Madar’s cast a Fire Ball Ninjutsu, it will be almost at the same power as an S-Class Ninjutsu.


A normal Rasengan won’t match it.


In order to classify the power of an A-Class Ninjutsu, Naito had divided the Class into four Levels.


Low-level, Mid-level, High-level, and Top-level.


The Fire Ball Madara uses can be considered as a Top-level.


And the following Low, Mid, High Levels can almost correspond to the Rasengan, Oodama Rasengan, and Senpou Oodama Rasengan.


Rasenshuriken, which adds Chakra’s nature change to the Rasengan, rises to the S-Class.


Of course, for Naito, Rasengan is enough.


Creating the Oodama Rasengan and Senpou Oodama Rasengan was due to Naruto Chakra quantity and also because it was suitable to his path.


Although Naito’s Chakra is stronger than most of the children at his age, it’s obviously impossible to be compared to Naruto.


And without forgetting that the Reverse Hachimon Tenkou and Earthquake release is the path Naito chose for himself.


The other things are all branches of the trunk.




In a forest.


Naito with one hand was practicing his chakra spinning, the form of the whirlpool looked visible to the naked eye, it was finally perfect.


Naito didn’t take the shortcut at the last step and practiced the Rasengan with just one hand, which is one of the reasons for the slow speed.


Of course, this slowness is nothing compared to Naruto’s.


But it’s also nothing compared to Minato who spend three years developing it.




Suddenly he pressed the Rasengan on a tree.


Another poor tree got destroyed.


In terms of power, the Rasengan is much stronger then Naito’s shocks.


Of course, the power of the shock can be used at both offense and defense, but the Rasengan can only be used on attacking, you can’t judge the two by their power, but it depends on how they are used.


“Whew, I finally got it.”


He exhaled and wiped the sweat from his forehead, while he sensed the Chakra on his body.


A full Rasengan almost consumed half of his Chara.


The consumption of the Chakra is not normal.


It’s certainly not a good news for Naito.


However, fortunately, although the amount of Chakra Naito had is not big, the speed of recovery is very fast.


Soon, he got completely recovered.


He calmed down his mind and brought up his full spirit, Naito finally gonna start to develop his own Ninjutsu.


After practicing the Rasengan Naito’s control got much better.


Even his Brutal Force Technique got better.


Moreover, during this time, his control on his shocks power got better and better, it can’t be comparing the way it was a half month ago.




Naito with a single hand formed the Rasengan.


The Rasengan got a little bit bigger while he was injecting the shocks power.


This time, due to Naito’s powerful control the power of the shocks didn’t destroy the balance nor the spinning of the Rasengan.


The Rasengan itself has a balanced structure, and the chakra constantly makes a high-speed flow around the center.


Therefore, It center becomes an immovable point.




With the infusion of the shocks, the Rasengan start to show some instability, but this time it was forced into balance by Naito.


At the center of the Rasengan, a bright white halo gradually start to appear.


As the light becomes brighter and brighter, the Rasengan started to send off a horrible atmosphere.


Just by looking at it, you can feel how much violent the power it contained.


Finally, at the last amount Naito injected into the Rasengan, the core was completed!


At that moment the Rasengan and the power of the shock formed a strange resonance contact.


To be precise, it seems that the high-speed spinning of the Rasengan increased the frequency of the vibrations.


Not too stable, but it didn’t explode directly.


“Is it… completed?”


Even Naito got surprised, he prepared himself for a fail, but he didn’t expect that he will succeed from the first attempt.


“This stuff…”


Looking at his hand, the center was very bright, while the chakra was spinning it and covering it from the outside, at the same time, it also formed a strange resonance, and it was emitting a terrifying atmosphere.


Naito blinked.


Do I press it?




This thing is like a bomb in my hand, the power can be enormous and then…


Naito subconsciously moved his hand.


He…Threw it!


“This thing can be thrown out?!”


This time, even Naito didn’t expect it.


It was the same way with the Rasenshuriken, it’s no longer needed to be controlled, once it’s ready you can throw it directly!


However, the speed wasn’t the same.


“Looks like it doesn’t have the same speed.”


He couldn’t even blink while he was looking at the Rasengan flying.


Finally, it reached a tree.


And directly hit it.


Then as if nothing happened.


Naito got shocked.




Even if it was only a Rasengan it should have blown the tree, not to mention that it was combined with the power of the shocks.


A breeze blows.




The tree in a second turned into a powder in front of Naito’s eyes.




The whole tree… directly into powder!


The scene is shocking.