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T.S.H Chapter 582: Arrival

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Camie and Pappag were almost shocked to death, and they have given up resisting just by seeing how big the huge sea king was.

This huge sea is obviously very interested in things that shine. Although Naito and Ain are very small to even feel them in his mouth, it’s still very attractive to shiny things in such a dark place.

Because it was too big, it didn’t go around Naito and Ain twice. The moment it got closer, it paused for a moment, then opened its gigantic mouth.

It seemed as if a gate to hell was opened. Even a large warship would be swallowed directly by such a big mouth.


When it opened its big mouth, it started an ocean current, and they began to rush into his mouth at a fast rate.


Camie and Pappag were directly attracted by the ocean current and flew towards the giant sea king’s mouth. Screaming loudly, they desperately tried to swim against the current flow, but they were still unable to break free. Driving in by the ocean current, they get closed and closed to his pointy teeth.

Meanwhile, they looked at Ain and Naito to find that they were completely okay.

In other words, the area around them was completely isolated from anything that is happening in the ocean.

“This is the first time I have seen such a large sea king. In fact, this shouldn’t be considered as a sea king anymore.”

Looking at this gigantic sea king, Naito showed a look of interest.

Even the Juubi from the Shinobi World is far smaller than this sea king.

Naito has always found it weird how such a sea king can survive. How does it eat? What can fill it up? Other sea kings?

Things like the food chain seem to be completely overthrown in this world.

Thinking of this, Naito shook his head lightly and then suddenly took a step and moved to the edge of this isolated area.

Suddenly he stretched his hand lightly and pressed it in the sea.


With a crisp sound, the seawater suddenly solidified and turned into ice.

The ice spread away instantly, bypassing Camie and Pappag, and instantly reach the sea king, and completely froze him!

Except for the area where Camie and Pappag were sweating, everywhere else was instantly frozen!


The silence controlled the deep sea.

Pappag’s eyes widened to the point that his eyeballs were about to pop out but still didn’t make a single sound.

Even Camie couldn’t help but rub her eyes to check that she didn’t imagine things. However, the ocean was really frozen, and this wasn’t a dream!

“You’ve only frozen the sea king and the area behind. Sir Naito, you’ve surprisingly didn’t mess around this time.”

Ain looked at this scene calmly and then smiled.

Naito glanced at her and said, “What do you mean? Do I mess around usually?”

“No, no, of course not!”

Ain immediately nodded vigorously.

This was indeed nothing compared to what he did before when he fought against the Yonko!

Naito was too lazy to talk. After shaking his head,d he continued to dive below. At this time, Camie and Pappag finally woke up and came back to their senses, then followed behind, leaving the frozen area.

Looking back, Camie and Pappag couldn’t help but feel shocked again.

As the group continued, they finally reached the Red Line and gradually saw a huge hole on the wall.

This hole was the gate to the new world. Just above it is the Holy Land.

Seeing this hole, Ain couldn’t help but stare at it. Although it was well known, this was the first time she sees it with her own eyes.

At the same time, Ain couldn’t help but feel weird looking at Naito. The world government invited Naito to the holy land to award him, yet he didn’t look interested. Instead, he dived 10,000 meters into the sea just to see the Fish-man Island.

Camie was a bit nervous. She had forgotten about how Naito froze the sea just now, but Pappag was still shocked and couldn’t calm down yet.

“After passing from here, you will be able to see the Fish-man Island.” After seeing the passage, Pappag finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, thinking of Naito’s ability to freeze the sea, he couldn’t help but cautiously ask in awe, “You… you’re not an ordinary marine, are you?”

Pappag’s expression and tone had become more cautious, and he was no longer talking casually like before.

“Of course, Sir Naito is…” Ain nodded, subconsciously trying to clarify things, but when she remembered his Rank and how he didn’t accept the world government orders, she paused for a moment.

“Well, identity isn’t important. I’m just a tourist here.” Naito said with a smile.

Although Naito casually answered him, Pappag was still in awe, but Camie immediately smiled at Naito cutely and said, “Then let’s go!”

After passing through the huge hole, a beautiful island appeared at sight. It looked like a fairyland on earth. Although there is still some distance, they could still see it from there. It was the Fish-man Island.

The Fish-man Island was wrapped in a huge bubble. The bubble was a double coat. It was helping the island float in this 10,000-meters deep sea.

Although it’s located on the bottom of the sea, there was still sunlight and sky on this island, which is extremely strange.

Getting closer to the island, the light became lighter, and finally, a huge dreamlike island appeared in front of Naito and Ain.

“This is the Fish-man Island…” Ain couldn’t help but be slightly lost looking at this scenery.

Even Naito, who knew how it looked, was still shocked when he saw it with his own eyes. This place was indeed like a fairy tale, and its beauty was incredible.

Camie and Pappag have seen it many times before, and of course, they weren’t a loss. After feeling shocked for a moment, Ain quickly recovered and turned to look at Naito, to find that he was looking admiringly at the Fish-man Island.

“Sir Naito, do you want to go and have a look?” Ain, who was originally interested in seeing it up close, proposed.


Naito nodded, and at will, he led Ain through the sea quickly toward the Fish-man Island.

“Thank you for showing us the way. By the war, be careful next time, don’t get eaten by a sea king again!”

Ain turned and waved at Camie and Pappag, and when her voice emitted, her figure suddenly disappeared with Naito.

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