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T.S.H Chapter 583: The Axe And Ryugu Palace

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The Island was double-coated. If you do not enter from the entrance and try to open a hole, the bubble will pop, and the entire island will collapse. This also what prevents pirates from forcibly breaking in.

If you want to enter from the entrance, you must get permission.

The pirates who come here are just newcomers. They basically can’t do no harm here, coupled with the fact that the Fish-man Island is under the Whitebeard’s protection. No one dares to come here asking for trouble.

Naito didn’t bother to go through the entrance. He directly led Ain through the two layers of coating and then landed on the beach of the Island.

Inside Fish-man Island, there were several beaches and various beautiful coral buildings.

On the beach, there was a large group of beautiful mermaids playing around with water. They were all beautiful, but their Princess, of course, is the most beautiful. Regardless of charm and temperament, she even surpasses Hancock.

“Sure enough, the scenery is beautiful. I haven’t been able to come here, and now I finally make up for my regret.” Ain stood on the beach, looking at the beautiful corals and reefs everywhere, with a pair of eyes lit up with stars.

Naito was more indifferent, but he seemed to appreciate the view as he walked a few steps on the beach.

He can create such an environment himself, but it’s very difficult to create a lifelike mermaid. Creating a world is easy, but creating life is very difficult.

The existence of Naito and Ain was quickly noticed by some mermaids.

These beautiful mermaids weren’t afraid of Naito and Ain and gathered together with curiosity. They almost never leave the Fish-man Island, and they rarely meet humans.

“Are you humans?” A beautiful mermaid with delicate earrings and two shells covering her chest asked Naito and Ain curiously.

Naito didn’t answer, but Naito nodded with a smile and said, “Yes, we are humans.”

As soon as her voice fell, Ain suddenly felt a bit weird and couldn’t help but glance at Naito. For a moment, she seemed like she wasn’t sure if he was a human.

Ain’s weird gazes made Naito’s face dark. Although he didn’t care what she thought of him, her gazes were really strange.

Naito scowled.

Ain noticed Naito’s expression, stuck out her tongue, and after smirking at him, she turned to the mermaids and continued to chat with them.

Humans beings are curious about the mermaids’ life, and of course, the latter would be curious about Humans. Ain and these mermaids kept chatting, and there were a few questions here and there.

Naito didn’t participate and didn’t listen to what they talked about. Instead, he raised his head and looked at The Ryugu Palace above.

The Ryugu Palace was naturally the place where King Neptune lives, as well as the place where his daughter, Shirahoshi, stays.

Compared to the Fish-man Island below, the scenery of The Ryugu Palace will undoubtedly be more beautiful.

However, when Naito looked at The Ryugu Palace, he suddenly saw that a huge axe from a distance passed through the two layers of bubbles and fell at The Ryugu Palace.

“This is…”

After being stunned for a moment, Naito came back to his senses, then let out a sigh.

There’s no doubt that this axe should have been thrown at Shirahoshi by Vander Decken IX.

Vander Decken IX, who had accidentally seen how Shirahoshi can communicate with the Sea Kings, decided that he will do anything to have that power in his hand. In the beginning, he sent a love letter to her, but after she rejected him because he wasn’t her type, he started throwing weapons at her, saying that if she doesn’t agree to be with him, he won’t allow anyone else to have her.

Shirahoshi’s identity is indeed attractive, not only because of her beauty but, more importantly, because she’s one of the three ancient weapons with the ability to control the Sea Kings.

“The Ryugu Palace, Princess Shirahoshi, Vander Decken IX…” Naito smiled slightly, and his gaze shifted from The Ryugu Palace above to his front.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise, accompanied by some exclamations.

At that moment, the mermaids who were having fun chatting with Ain, their expression suddenly changed, and they said in a panic, “Oh no, those guys are here.”

“Hurry up and hide, do not let them see you, or you will be in trouble!” The mermaids said to Naito and Ain, preparing to hide them.

However, Naito and Ain were unmoved. Instead, they looked in the direction of the noise.

There were a few Fishman with a vicious look, holding weapons, and they seemed to be arguing with some mermaids and threatening them.

Although there are good and bad Fishman on this island, most of them are vicious, opposite to the mermaids. Most of the mermaids are very kind, and even though they live with them, they rarely willing to deal with the Fishman.

As they kept quarreling, someone suddenly noticed Ain and Naito, and they all looked over.

The Fishmen looked at each other.

Although the mermaid’s tail can turn into legs after the age of thirty, Naito and Ain are obviously humans.

Some humans made it to the island?

Although the island doesn’t prohibit humans from entering, it’s not easy to reach the island, and even if they enter, some Fishman who hate humans will try to kill them.

In their eyes, these humans are all intruders.


“How did you get in…”

“You damn intruders, I don’t care even if you have the entry permit!”

A fierce light suddenly flashed in the eyes of the Fishman.

It seems that it wasn’t the first time that he had done this kind of thing, and their scary expressions made some of the mermaids around terrified.

The Fishman are divided into two factions, one is headed by Jinbe, who advocates peach, and the other is headed by Arlong, who hates humans.

“Kill these humans quickly. We will say that they were intruders, do it before The Ryugu Palace’s guards come here.”

“Relax, they’re just mere humans, they one have one-tenth of our strength, there won’t be any resistance, just like usual.”

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