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T.S.H Chapter 584: Smaller

On the golden beach of the Fish-man Island, several Fishman walked towards Ain and Naito with vicious eyes.

The Murloc in the lead was an octopus-like creature with a purple complexion. He looked very scary, and the scar on his face made him even more frightening.

Even the mermaids looked scared when they saw him.

“Last time I was scolded by Boss Jimbei for making troubles, but here were are again.”

The Sun Pirates’ prestige on the island is still very high, not only because of Jimbe but because of his link with the Whitebeard Pirates.

The Fishman walked to the edge of the beach and looked at Naito and Ain with hideous expression.

“Humans, you’re brave, I won’t lie, but this is your end!”

The moment his voice fell, he took out his weapon then rushed forward.

The Fishman behind didn’t even give a chance to talk, then they all rushed up together.


Facing them, Naito wasn’t even interested in moving a finger.


Ain had been long prepared. At this moment, a flash of light flashed in her beautiful eyes, and then her body flickered instantly, leaving an afterimage behind.

Although they are physically ten times stronger than an ordinary human, this makes a difference only when they’re facing ordinary humans.

Compared to the likes of Ain, she’s ten times stronger than any of them!

Almost instantly, the Fishman bodies were frozen in place as pink energy covered their bodies.

After she flickered back to where she was standing next to Naito, she stared at these Fishman coldly.

Under Ain’s gaze, all the weapons in their hands fell to the ground, and under their shocked eyes, they all became smaller!

It’s not like they’ve shrunk, but it seems as if they’ve got younger!

“It looks like these Fishman are quite old, and they haven’t been directly erased.” Seeing how these Fishman turned little, Ain put down her hands and shrugged.

Ain’s ability is now stronger than before. Her ability now can turn back the age of anything more than 20 years instead of 12.

This means, for people under twenty, the moment they are touched by Ain’s ability, they will basically get wiped out instantly.

“This… what’s going on!!!”

Several Fishman obviously didn’t react at all. Seeing that they suddenly became smaller, they were all dumbfounded, and some, because of the conflict this is caused between their souls and bodies, could even keep standing and kneeled down.

As for the other mermaids, their eyes widened as they watched this scene.

“They turned into children!”

“What is going on?! Is it this human’s ability?”

Because they didn’t see blood or anything, no one was afraid. Most of them were only shocked.

The only ones who were horrified and scared were the Fishman who became children.

After finally figuring out what happened to them, the Fishman looked at Ain in shock and horror, and some of them who were really close couldn’t help but use their hands and feet together to move backward.

The cold sweat was apparent on their foreheads, and their eyes were full of fear.

Is this Human a devil fruit user?!

“It seems that what Camie and Pappag said is true. The Fishman have indeed killed a lot of humans.” Ain stared at these Fishman coldly.

Naito looked at the horrified Fishman indifferently and said, “However, humans have never thought of living in peace with the Fishman. In the eyes of many people, they are just slaves and pets.”

“In the end, there are also some of them who just want peace, such as the mermaids. They are very peaceful.”

Upon hearing Naito’s words, Ain couldn’t help but be surprised and said, “So, this is the reason why Sir Naito has been merciful to Jimbe before?”

Naito smiled and shook his head, “I don’t care about peace and war. I just wanted to let him go. If I want to, I will even make a celestial dragon my slave.”

This sentence instantly shocked Ain, and she couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Sir Naito!”

Although Ain also hates celestial dragons, she is an officer of the Marineford and knows that no one should offend a celestial dragon because these nobles are the ones who control the world government.

Naito’s words are almost equivalent to saying that he will even overthrow the world government if he wants to.

Since she has seen Naito’s power, Ain doesn’t doubt that he can do that, but overthrowing the world government that has ruled the world for eight hundred years isn’t a trivial matter, and the world will be in chaos if that happens.

Naito looked at Ain and smiled. He knew what Ain was thinking, but he didn’t mind that. The Whole world has nothing to do with him. the so-called world government that ruled this world in his eyes is nothing more than a child’s toy.

During this conversation between Naito and Ain, there were more and more onlookers, and the field became noisier.

This is a place where mermaids live and play; Fishman rarely comes here, so there are not many Fishman nearby. Most of the onlookers were mermaids.

There are also some mermaids who don’t have fish tails but human legs. Obviously, they have lived more than thirty years.

Amid the noise, a deep cry suddenly emitted.

“What happened here?!”

This shout made the mermaids stop talking, and they opened a path for a group of patrolling guards to walk over.

The guard in charge of this group thought that some Fishman made troubles again, but he didn’t see any Fishman but two humans standing in the field when he reached the place.

In addition to this, there were a few little Fishman shaking in fear.

“Humans? I don’t remember that humans entered Fishman Island recently. Could it be that… you’re invaders?”

“Wait! look, they’re marines!”

After seeing Ain’s marine uniform, the guards’ expressions suddenly became a little serious.

Although Fishman Island isn’t one of the countries that belong to the world government, they still won’t dare to offend the marine.

“Excuse me, what happened here?!” The captain of the patrol guards said in a respectful tone.

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