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T.S.H Chapter 585: Goodbye Jimbe

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Before Ain could answer, the few Fishman who have turned younger by her ability spoke in terror.

“It’s her, this human… she tried to kill us!!”


Hearing these words, the expression on the guards’ faces changed.

One of them said solemnly to Naito and Ain, “Even if you’re a marine, you can’t come to the Fishman Island and harm our people.”

“This is not the case, these…”

Ain didn’t know how to explain this.

Before Ain could figure out how to solve this, Naito, who was standing there, suddenly shook his head, and then a ray of light flashed across his eyes.


An aura of horror suddenly spread in all directions.

Silently all the guards and the Fishman lost their consciousness almost instantly and then fell to the ground.

“No need to explain. It’s too troublesome.”

Naito glanced around and then said to Ain. They weren’t qualified enough to ask for an explanation.

Ain looked at the people who had fallen on the ground, then rolled her eyes when she heard Naito’s words.

“You shouldn’t have used Haoshoku Haki. This will only complicate the matter even more…”

Ain couldn’t help but put her hand on her forehead. Fortunately, she had been with Naito for so long; thus, his actions weren’t surprising to her.

With such a big movement, the entire island was naturally shocked.

Even though Naito controlled his Haoshoku Haki, since he didn’t want to put the entire island into sleep, he still caused some disturbance to the Fishman on the island.

Those who weren’t not hit by the Haoshoku Haki directly were still overflowed with cold sweat, and they all looked at where Naito and Ain were.

“What’s wrong?! What happened?!”

“This… is so scary. What happened to them?!”

The Fishman and mermaids were all surprised and uncertain.

On the street, a Fishman who was walking suddenly raised his head, revealing a puzzled expression.

“Haoshoku Haku?!”

“Father? No… this feeling, could it be…”

This Fishman is indeed Jimbe, who has returned to Fishman Island.

“Did he came to the Fishman Island? This is bad news!!”

At this time, Jimbe’s face was already showing a touch of horror, and he turned without hesitation and rushed directly in that direction.


The Ryugu Palace.

Neptune, the king of the Fishman Island, who was resting, suddenly shook and almost fell off the couch.

“What is this? Haoshoku Haki?” Neptune turned with a horrified expression, and said, “Who has such a terrifying aura, did a big name on the sea came to our island?”

After taking a deep breath, Neptune didn’t dare to neglect at all and quickly got up and walked out of the resting room, rushing towards the Ryugu Palace.


Naito’s Haoshoku Haki, although it didn’t directly stun the mermaids and the Fishman on the entire island, it shook it entirely.

Ordinary Hoashoku Haki, most people wouldn’t have felt it all.

But Naito’s Haoshoku Haki is different.

Naito’s Haoshoku Haki isn’t just a strong shock wave. After he fought with Shanks, it condensed into a stronger substance!

Even people who are far away and haven’t been impacted can feel an incomparable vastness, as if one was standing in the clouds, it would make anyone feel insignificant and terrified.

At this time.

“Sir Naito, where are we going next?” Seeing Naito using the Haoshoku Haki as if asking the entire Fishman Island out, Ain mumbled helplessly at Naito.

“Let’s go to The Ryugu Palace and have a look.”

Naito raised his head and randomly glanced at The Ryugu Palace above.

“The Ryugu Palace?”

There was a look of surprise on Ain’s small face. Although she knew Fishman Island, it was impossible to understand the internal structure of Fishman Island.

However, she wasn’t a fool, and she could instantly analyze from the name that it should be the place where the highest-ranked people on Fishman Island live.

It’s estimated that the scenery should be more beautiful from there.

Just as Ain was thinking about it, showing a hint of expectation, a fat figure suddenly appeared in the distance, rushing toward their side.

Although he was fat and big, he wasn’t clumsy at all. On the contrary, he was extremely flexible. When his figure appeared in front of Naito and Ain, the latter suddenly stared coldly.

“The Sun Pirates… Jimbe.”

Jimbe tried to stop Naito before by destroying his ship. Naito didn’t care about it at all, but Ain did.

For Ain, anyone who stands in Naito’s path is her enemy.

“Don’t attack. I’m not here to fight.”

After taking a deep breath, Jimbe spoke in a gentle tone. At this time, of course, he didn’t dare to cross swords with Naito again.

Although he doesn’t know why Naito came the Fishman Island, since Naito is here, he must make sure that no one offends him. Otherwise, the entire island will get destroyed.

At the same time, Jimbe was still somewhat grateful to Naito.

Although Naito still fought the Whitebeard, he killed Shiki but spared the Whitebeard’s life along with his crew.

Regardless of the reason, Jimbe was very grateful for what Naito did.

In his opinion, as long as the Whitebeard is alive, the world will still at least not completely fell into chaos. Coupled with the existence of Naito, the world may slowly move towards complete peace.

“Naito-Dono, I’m extremely sorry for what happened last time.” Jimbe apologized to Naito first with an honest and sincere expression.

Naito didn’t care about it. He froze him in the sea earlier, but Jimbe didn’t die, so he didn’t care about what he did.

Naito didn’t speak, and Jimbe didn’t dare to move.

Naito was indifferent to a lot of things, and Jimbe understood that but there was no doubt that if he gets into trouble here, it would not just be him, but the entire island too.

“Don’t do it next time.”

Naito said softly.

Hearing Naito’s words, Jimbei finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Jimbe could finally calm down and suddenly felt that Naito didn’t seem to be fierce as he originally thought.

After pondering for a moment, Jimbe addressed Naito in a friendly way and said, “Well, are you guys are here to have fun on the Fishman Island?”


Seeing how Naito was talking casually to Jimbe, Ain calmed down, and she also nodded at Jimbe.

Jimbe said, “Then, I know several suitable places…”

“The Ryugu Palace, do you know how to get there?” Ain had been thinking about it since the moment she heard Naito mentioning it, so she asked Jimbe casually.

“This one…”

Jimbe looked happy a moment ago, but the next, he looked a bit embarrassed.

He originally wanted to be a tour guide for Naito and Ain, and while he’s at it, he would try his best to keep Naito from any troubles on the Fishman Island.

With the Haoshoku Haki he used just now and the people who are still on the ground, Jimbe could easily guess what happened here.

However, The Ryugu Palace is the place where King Neptune and his minister stay, as well as where the princess lives. He’s the boss in any other place, but at The Ryugu Palace, he’s just a Fishman.

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