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T.S.H Chapter 586: Ryugu Palace

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Just when Jimbe looked so embarrassed, a voice suddenly came from above.

“It’s really rude not welcome Naito-Dono when he came all the way down here to the Fishman Island. I have already prepared a banquet in The Ryugu Palace. Would you like to come to join us there?”

In the sky, a huge merman with bubbles on his body slowly floated down and addressed Naito respectfully.

Surprisingly, it’s King Neptune of Fishman Island.

When Neptune was in The Ryugu Palace, he almost jumped up when he learned that the man who appeared on the Fishman Island turned out to be Naito, the Yuu Naito.

The other ministers on the left and right were also scared to death.

Maybe ordinary Fishman and mermaids don’t understand the things that happen on the sea, but the high-ranked people on the island, like the royal family, understand the weight of the name Yuu Naito!

It can be said that in this sea, Naito’s name hasn’t even completely overshadowed Whitebeard’s name. But it was still the name that can make any force on the sea tremble in awe!

The strongest man in the world is a marine, and the world government is the one behind him. In this world, he simply ranks first on the people who shouldn’t be provoked.

Such a big name suddenly came to Fishman Island. This is naturally frightened Neptune because he knew that the entire island might sink if Naito simply stomped.

Therefore, Neptune made a decisive decision, and without any hesitation, he ordered to prepare for a banquet and head straight out of The Ryugu Palace to meet Naito.

As for other things, nothing was issued.

Be prepared? Arrange some defensive tactics?

It’s all useless!

In front of existence like Naito, Neptune understood that everything was fragile like paper, and facing Naito, he can only obey without any resistance.

Otherwise, even if it’s hanging on the side of the Fishman Island, the Whitebeard’s flag will definitely not protect them!

Naito wasn’t surprised by Neptune’s arrival.

If Neptune knew that he wasn’t here and continued to stay in his palace, that would be okay, but he just let out his Haoshoku Haki. If he didn’t come out, then those big bubbles around the island would have popped seconds later.

Not to mention that with Naito’s current identity, even if Neptune have nothing to do with the world government, he will still come out in person to invite him.


Ain saw the crown worn by Neptune at a glance and guessed his identity.

Sure enough, at the next moment, Jimbe, who was standing there, spoke to Neptune with an embarrassed expression.

“Your Majesty, it’s a surprise to see you here.”

In fact, this sentence was complete nonsense. Jimbe knows why Neptune came down here personally; he has to come.


Naito nodded casually.

Under Neptune’s leadership, the group came to The Ryugu Palace.

The scenery of The Ryugu Palace was indeed much beautiful than the island below. This place was like a heaven on earth.

Every building had a dreamlike look.

There are extremely beautiful corals everywhere. As for all kinds of beautiful jewels, there were countless. In this 10,000-meter Fishman Island, the most beautiful thing was the exquisite jewels.

After arriving at The Ryugu Palace, Neptune’s three sons, the three princes of the Fishman Island, also came out to greet Naito, including the left and right ministers and other high-ranked officials.

When they saw Naito’s figure, many people were taken back, and they felt that he looked different from what they have imagined.

“Is this Naito? The strongest man in the sea?”

“But, he doesn’t seem to be strong.”

Even though many people heard the name Naito, they have never seen his appearance, especially the guards of The Ryugu Palace. They were all confused.

Naito looked like an ordinary human, and he didn’t have any imposing appearance. It would be too much for the entire Ryugu Palace to come out to greet him.

“He’s not a celestial dragon, right?”

“Celestial dragon?!”

“Shhh! Be quiet!”

The tone of the guards was full of hatred when the name of the celestial dragons was mentioned. After the queen’s incident, many Fishman witnessed how that celestial dragon was unbelievably rude and arrogant and even shot Princess Otohime; he was simply a scum.

Thinking about that, the guards’ expressions became ugly, and the way they looked at Naito after that wasn’t good.

Under the gazes of these people, Neptune led Naito to The Ryugu Palace with great respect. At this time, The Ryugu Palace was almost all mobilized, preparing for the banquet.

Before the banquet, King Neptune didn’t hesitate to act as a tour guide, leading Naito and Ain inside the palace.

It’s already difficult to come to Fishman Island, and it’s even harder to reach The Ryugu Palace. There are only a handful of humans who actually walked on these floors. But being invited personally by King Neptune and walk around the palace while he’s your tour guide is even rare; it actually never happened before.

“Sure enough, this scenery can only be seen under this 10,000-meter sea.” Ain was amazed.

As for Naito, he also looked around in appreciation; such scenery is absolutely non-existent in the Shinobi World.

The Shinobi World seems to be a bit more real, while this one is a fantasy world.

And just when the group finished their tour, a black shadow suddenly drew an arc from above and flew past them.

The moment he saw it, Naito’s eyes flashed coldly.

Twice a day?

Naito wasn’t the only one who noticed it, Neptune and Ain also did, but Ain could clearly see it.

It was a huge mace with sharp horns.

“What is going on?!”

Ain widened her eyes. She was just happy a moment ago, but suddenly a mace flew over her head in such a beautiful place, it was really horrible.

If you just ignore it and it turned out to be attached with Busoshoku Haki, you will definitely get injured.

The Ryugu Palace turned out to be dangerous, and this made Ain’s happy expression fade away.

“This is…”

There was a look of embarrassment on Neptune’s face, but he also looked vaguely angry. He didn’t expect such a thing to happen now. This has really embarrassed him as a king.

“Miss Ain, that thing will never target you. You can rest assured.”

Even Neptune felt weird saying this sentence. It’s like saying to someone that everything is going to be okay while nails are falling from the sky over his head.

Even Ain couldn’t help but be suspicious hearing these words coming out of Neptune’s mouth.

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