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T.S.H Chapter 587: The Hard Shell Tower

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Naito also looked at Neptune Faintly. Of course, he knew what was going on. This ax must have been thrown by Vander Decken XI.

Vander Decken is the Mark-Mark Devil Fruit user, and his mark is the mermaid princess Shirahoshi. Anything he throws will fly directly to the palace and will never deviate.

“Oh, so this is what is happening.”

Seeing that there was no way to hide it, Neptune could only sigh, leading Naito and Ain as they walked.

Soon, when Neptune explained the situation, the group was finally led by Neptune, and they walked to a building full of slashes and traces of various weapons such as axes and swords.

This building isn’t only scarred on the outer layer but also the gate. However, this gate seems to be made of extremely strong materials that kept the princess safe.

In fact, all the gates and walls still have some weapons embedded in them.

And the ax that just flew over their heads was strikingly nailed to the left side of the gate!

“This is… too much!” Ain looked at this scene with a bit of evident anger on her face, then said: “This selfish man with his filthy desires forced the princess to be kept inside these walls for several years. He better not fall into my hands.”

Ain was angry, and Neptune didn’t dare to mention that Shirahoshi was the ancient weapon, Poseidon. He simply explained that Vander Decken wants to marry her. He said that at first, it was just a love letter, then when he was rejected, he started throwing weapons.

At that time, Shirahoshi was only a few years old. In Ain’s opinion, Vander Decken wasn’t just a bastard but also a pervert!

“Actually, the real reason Vander Decken wants to get Shirahoshi is that… she’s the ancient weapon, Poseidon.” Naito looked at Ain and Neptune lightly, glanced at the tower, then suddenly spoke.

This sentence suddenly made the atmosphere in the room really quiet.

Of course, Neptune was overwhelmed by cold sweat instantly, looking at Naito in disbelief, and Ain also watched him in astonishment, with a look of uncertainty in her eyes.

“Poseidon? Sir Naito, do you mean…”

“The ancient weapon, Poseidon, Uranus, Pluton, aren’t just simple objects. For example, the mermaid princess who has the ability to command the Sea Kings is Poseidon.”

Naito said the truth carelessly.

Ain was stunned for a long time. She knew in her heart what kind of power the ancient weapons represent. They could truly destroy the world!

Eight hundred years have passed since the establishment of the World Government, and no known ancient weapons were seen since. According to the legends, these three ancient weapons have the power of destroying the world, and obtaining any of them is enough to threaten the existence of the entire world government.

“You… how did you know…”

Neptune’s voice even trembled because Naito sounded too determined, and that indifference in his behavior was even more terrifying; thus, Neptune couldn’t refute.

Naito actually knew the true identity of Shirahoshi!

This was beyond his expectations, and it completely caught him off guard. If Naito were to take Shirahoshi or destroy Neptune, this would be something neither he nor anyone can stop.

Once the world knows about Poseidon, one of the three ancient weapons, was born, the entire world would be in chaos, and the fisherman island might cease to exist.

“Since I know about Vander Decken, why did you assume that I don’t know about this?” Naito looked at Neptune faintly, but there was a hint of playfulness in his tone.

Neptune looked at Naito in a panic. At this time, he had no idea what Naito was going to do, and he felt that the situation is completely out of his control.

Seeing that Neptune was so flustered, Naito laughed instead and said, “What are you flustered about? Although I know, do you think… I’m interested in Poseidon?”

Ain, who was standing next to Naito, couldn’t help but take a deep breath after hearing these words and calmed down a bit.

“Yes, Sir Naito’s power is probably comparable to the three ancient weapons or even surpassed it.”

Having the ability to cut off nearly half of the Grand Line. A man that solely can destroy the world wouldn’t be interested in having the power of the ancient weapons.

“I’m very sorry, this is taking me off guard…”

Hearing what Ain and Naito said. Although Neptune still had chills on the back of his neck, his heart finally eased slightly, and he couldn’t help but bow to Naito and Ain.

“It’s not like I wanted to conceal this information from you, but you know how things like this cannot be spoken casually.”


Ain nodded in response, and Naito had already turned to look at the tower as if he didn’t care about anything Neptune was going to say.

At this moment, a weak voice finally emitted from the tower.

“Is this you, father?”

As the conversation between Naito and Neptune was going outside, Shirahoshi couldn’t help but recognize her father’s voice, even though she couldn’t hear what they were saying clearly. However, she didn’t dare to open the window, so she asked weakly.

“Yes, it’s me, Shirahoshi.”

After hearing her voice, Neptune responded in a deep voice. After hesitating for a while, he came to the gate of the tower and opened it.

Since Naito already knows about Shirahoshi, it doesn’t make sense to keep her hidden. It only depends on Naito’s actions now. Whether Fishman Island is destroyed or not is completely within Naito’s control. As for resisting him, Neptune simply didn’t have such an idea in his mind.

Naito was a person who even defeated the Whitebeard, and any resistance was meaningless. Neptune, who had been under the protection of the Whitebeard’s flag, knew this very well.

If this man wanted to destroy an island, he doesn’t even have to do it himself. He would just need to say the words, “I don’t like the sight of it,” and there will be countless forces in order to please him.

This is the power that the King of Sea possesses.

As for weapons that might fly over any moment, Neptune didn’t even care. Naito was here, and it was estimated that even if Vander Decken threw an island, he might not be able to hurt anyone.

The heavy gate was pushed open. After the light came in, a lovely pink room appeared in sight, but it was a little big.

A cute mermaid that was much bigger than a human being, almost as big as a giant, appeared in front of them. She was the mermaid princess Shirahoshi. Even though she was a little younger now, she still had a beautiful face.

The only problem is… she’s a little big.


Seeing Neptune, Shirahoshi showed a cute smiling face, and then suddenly saw Naito and Ain next to him, who she didn’t recognize, and a timid expression appeared on her face.

“Who are they?”

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