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T.S.H Chapter 588: Naito’s Aura

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“This is our dear guests, Mr. Naito and Miss Ain.”

Neptune nodded at Shirahoshi and introduced Naito and Ain, with a touch of solemnity in his tone.

“Naito-Sama, Ain-Sama…”

Shirahoshi looked weakly at Naito and Ain. Even after hearing Neptune’s introduction, she still looked a little timid and scared.

At this time, Naito was also looking at her.

Although Naito had already used his ability to perceive the twoer and even the entire Palace and also had some memories of Shirahoshi deep in his mind, seeing her with his own eyes made him think that she was even cuter than what he remembers.

Naito didn’t use the word beauty to describe Shirahoshi because he felt that a mermaid princess like Shirahoshi would be more appropriate to be judged by her cuteness.

Speaking of Shirahoshi’s weak character, Naito couldn’t help but think of Hinata.

“The mermaid princess Shirahoshi looks like I’ve imagined, but… a bit shyer.” Ain couldn’t help but chuckle while looking at her.

Even in her opinion, Shirahoshi is very cute.

Ain was always very likable as a character. Although Naito didn’t talk much, she was very kind. Thus, Shirahoshi soon stopped being scared and chatter with Ain very openly.

Of course, what’s more important is that Ain looks even cuter now because she’s talking with the cute Shirahoshi, and since Neptune explained to them Shirahoshi’s experience, Ain felt very sympathetic to her, so she took the trouble to answer the cute mermaid’s questions like what is the sun and what are animals?

During this, although Neptune felt a little relieved, he was still a little nervous.

The open water tens of miles away from Fishman Island.

There was a rugged and uneven valley, with deep trenches everywhere, as deep as the gate of hell, and it’s impossible to detect the depths under this endless trench.

Abuse, there was a quaint ship floating, which looked like a ghost ship.

On the deck of this ship, a Fishman with four legs and two hands standing swayingly, holding a bottle of wine in his hand.

The strange thing is that not only is the wine wrapped in the coated air bubble, but he himself is also wrapped in it. This is was Vander Decken.

Because he ate the Mark-Mark Devil Fruit, even though he can still breathe in seawater, he still cannot move, so he can only be here inside an air bubble.

“Hehehehe! Shirahoshi! Have you received the gift I sent you?!” Vander Decken looked drunk and smiled strangely at the distant sea.

After laughing for a while, he found that there was no response, so he turned and asked angrily, “Hey! Are you ignoring me, Shirahoshi? Why didn’t you reply yet!”

“Captain… She didn’t reply with anything…”

Seeing how irritated he was getting, one of his subordinates said, looking a little afraid.

“I have already sent her two gifts today… so I will take advantage of this and send her another sword engraved with roses!!”

Vander Decken made a creepy sound, snatched a sword from one of his subordinates, then swiped it twice and threw it out.


The thrown arc instantly drew an arc in the sea.

“Captain, you missed again!”

“You threw it in the opposite direction!”

“I don’t miss, idiots!” Vander Decken took a sip of wine, then said with a touch of cold light in his eyes, “I’m the Mark-Mark Human, I never miss once I mark my target! Hahahaha!”

Vander Decken let out a terrifying laugh.

Shirahoshi, Neptune… As long as I have this power, I will never leave you alone until the entire world is under my control!

I will definitely get you, Shirahoshi. You will never escape!”


Ryugu Palace, the hard-shell tower.

The mermaid princess Shirahoshi was chatting with Ain very happily. At this time, she finally ceased to be afraid. It was Neptune, who couldn’t be relaxed and happy, and his face looked really stiff.

“It turns out that Naito-Sama is so powerful, the strongest human. This is the first time I heard of it.”

Shirahoshi and Ain talked about Naito; Ain didn’t hide any of their identities, but it seemed that the title of the world strongest didn’t shock Shirahoshi. She was only very surprised.

“No wonder when I first saw Naito-Sama, I had a very strange feeling about him.”

Shirahoshi suddenly lay down and placed her cute little face in front of Naito and stared at Naito blankly with her two adorable big eyes.

Naito was amused by Shirahoshi’s action and smiled. Speaking of which, even at such a close distance, her little face is still flawless, with a trace of roughness.

Even though she was very big, it didn’t affect her appearance in the least.

“Can you feel my power?” In addition, these words Shirahoshi said made Naito ponder for a moment.

Since he came to this world, even when he faced strongmen like Shanks or the Whitebeard, if he doesn’t deliberately reveal it, it would be difficult for them to feel Naito’s strong Aura.

Naito is now in a state of fully converging his Aura. His body feels the most ordinary at this state.

However, Shirahoshi could still feel that Naito is different.

There is no doubt that this should be due to her being one of the ancient weapons. Since she can communicate with the Sea Kings, there must be something special in her soul that made her feel Naito’s power.

If anyone wants to perceive Naito’s true power, it would be absolutely impossible if you’re observing his body. Only if you can reach his soul can you feel a little bit of his power.

“Yes, that strange aura coming from Naito-Sama…” Shirahoshi showed a cute, thoughtful expression and then seemed to have found a proper adjective to describe it and said, “It’s like the sky.”

In the beginning, Shirahoshi got closer to Ain, not because Naito didn’t say much, but because she felt his Aura and was more terrified by it.

She was getting familiar with him now, and he seemed very kind to her, so she wasn’t scared of him anymore.

“Shirahoshi, can you perceive Sir Naito’s Aura? This is incredible.” Ain looked surprised, and at the same time, thought of Poseidon.

As for Neptune on the other side, he looked astonished.

Shirahoshi is one of three ancient weapons that can communicate with the sea kings, but she can also perceive Naito’s Aura, which is itself a bit strange.

What also was unbelievable it the adjective she used to describe Naito’s Aura… the power of this man is certainly indescribable!

As Shirahoshi’s father, Neptune, who knows about his daughter’s power, he asked her many times about the sea king.

But even when she talked about the most massive supergiant sea king, Shirahoshi never used the word “sky.”

If Shirahoshi is Poseidon, then… could Naito be Uranus?!

This thought came to Neptune’s mind, and he suddenly felt that it makes sense. If Naito had the power of an ancient weapon, then defeating the Yonko seemed to be understandable.

Watching Shirahoshi’s expression, Naito smiled and said, “Besides that, do you feel anything else?”

“Something else…”

Shirahoshi lay there showing a thoughtful expression, then her huge tail suddenly stood up, trembling, and then lay it down again. This was cute even to Ain on the side.

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