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T.S.H Chapter 589: Shot

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“By the way, Naito-Sama still has a peculiar aura, but it’s a bit scary.”

“Is it this one?”

Naito stretched out his palm randomly, and a small golden glaze ball suddenly appeared. This was Naito’s Kusanagi sword that could be transformed at will.

“That’s it, it’s so beautiful.”

Shirahoshi looked at this golden glaze orb. Although it felt scary, it wasn’t in the shape of a sword, so it looked very beautiful, like a priceless treasure.

Even though she was the mermaid princess, who has seen all kinds of rare and precious treasures, this glass-like orb revealed a fascinating color that made even the king of the Fishman Island, Neptune, astonished.

“You can perceive the existence of the Kusanagi no Tsurugi. Sure enough, this word is not completely a lower realm. In fact… it’s only half a realm?”

A thoughtful expression appeared on Naito’s face.

Originally, he who have beaten all the Yonko, and understood the peak power of this world, felt that the ultimate power of this world was one level lower than that of the Shinobi Realm, but now it seems that the power of the ancient weapons like Shirahoshi makes it only half a level lower.

Although it can’t reach the level of Truth Seeking, that is, the power of the Six Paths, they still can sense it.

This is already quite remarkable. You must know that even Whitebeard and Shanks can’t perceive the power of the Six Paths at all.

If Naito releases his truth-seeking balls, even if they use Whitebeard and Shanks their Kenbunshoku Haki, they wouldn’t perceive anything special about it. They might not even be able to perceive anything. Clearly, they can see it with their eyes, but if they close them, they won’t sense anything.

As for Shirahoshi’s words, although Naito didn’t test it, he estimated that she should be able to perceive the Truth-Seeking Balls.

However, it’s a pity that just perceiving it doesn’t mean you can touch it, and even if you touch it, it doesn’t mean you can use it.

Even though the distance is only half a level, but this mare half-step difference, equal to the distance between heaven and earth.

What’s more, Naito’s power isn’t even in the ordinary level of the Six Paths, but a higher and deeper level, with the power to create and destroy the world.

And when Naito was thinking about it, suddenly, from a distant place, a black shadow suddenly flashed over, drew an arc, and fell directly targeting Shirahoshi.


Naito and Ain looked at it almost at the same time.

But Naito didn’t move. Ain was the one who flashed directly into the air, kicked it, and instantly shattered the shadow with a kick.

It was a sword, which was directly smashed by Ain’s armored kick.

The fragments fell apart instantly, Naito’s eyes turned cold, then he reached out and grabbed the void, these fragments all solidified, and then instantly gathered together, falling on Naito’s palm, and then directly turned into powder and spilled.


Only then did Shirahoshi react and couldn’t help but let out an exclamation, with a terrified expression on her little face.

The next moment, almost subconsciously, she hid half of her body directly into the hard shell tower.

Originally, only the upper half of her body has left the tower, and now she got in again.

“That damn bastard, he better not fall into my hands!” Ain showed an extremely angry expression on her face.

“No need.”

Naito looked at the startled Shirahoshi, then glanced at Ain and spoke lightly.

Originally, Naito was going to deal with this matter, but he didn’t expect that before he could do it, Vander Decker would throw another sword at her while he’s watching.

After a cold snort, Naito turned to look at Shirahoshi, smiled at her, and then said, “Shirahoshi, do you want to look at the sky and the sun?”

“Yes, but…”

Shirahoshi shran weakly behind the door, with a pitiful look, obviously frightened by the sword that had just flown over.

“Don’t worry, no one can hurt you with me.” Naito smiled faintly, turned to look at Neptune, and said, “King Neptune, shouldn’t mind either.”

Sky and sun?

This is… does he want to take Shirahoshi to the sea?!

Neptune’s heart jumped out of his chest, but he didn’t dare to refute. Thinking about it, if Naito really wanted to do anything, he wouldn’t be able to stop it. At the moment, he could only sigh in his heart, and while praying for Shirahoshi secretly, he looked at Naito and nodded respectfully.

“Then… I plead Mr. Naito to take good care of Shirahoshi.”

Seeing that Neptune had also agreed, Shirahoshi finally relaxed a little and got out of the hard shell tower again but still looked a little pitiful.

Ain, who was on the side, didn’t expect that Naito was actually ready to take a shot for her. She was quite envious of Shirahoshi. Naito was ready to protect her at any cost!

But she couldn’t stay jealous of Shirahoshi. The latter’s weak appearance makes people unable to hold any jealousy.

Therefore, she jumped onto Shirahoshi’s shoulder and sat down, then said with a grin, “Don’t worry, Shirahoshi, since Sir Naito said that no one can hurt you, then you’re absolutely safe.”

When Naito says something, it will absolutely happen. Even when he said he’s going to end the Yonko, he delivered.


Seeing Ain say the same, the fear in Shirahoshi’s heart gradually faded and got replaced by a glimmer of anticipation, “Are we going now? I look forward to it. I have never been to the sea before.”

“I’m going to order people to prepare bubbles.”

Seeing this, Neptune took a deep breath and was about to turn around to prepare the coated bubble so that Naito and Ain could cross to the sea.

However, Naito, who saw this, suddenly shook his head.

“The surface of the sea? Bubbles? That’s so troublesome! If you want to see the sky, you don’t need to travel so far to the surface. You only need to take a few steps to see it.”

Naito’s words instantly stopped Neptune and drew a confused expression on his face. Shirahoshi also looked at him strangely.

But Ain thought of something instantly and couldn’t help but roll her eyes, secretly saying in her heart that Sir Naito will surely gonna do something messy again.

Sure enough, in the next instant, Naito waved his hand casually, and a gravitational force suddenly rose, engulfing everyone present and flew directly upwards.

Before Neptune and Shirahoshi could react, they had already reached the top of the Ryugu Palace and then passed through the first layer of the bubble to the very edge of the sky above the Fishman Island.

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