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T.S.H Chapter 590: The Sun And The Bottom Of The Sea

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“Is this Naito-Sama’s ability?”

Shirahoshi floated in the air, a little scared at first, but when she realized that she was floating smoothly and safely, she soon became quiet.

After all, Fishman Island also has a similar device that can make you float, and Shirahoshi often played with it when she was a child.

“Naito-Sama, are you trying to…”

Neptune, who was surprised, tried to look at Naito calmly.

When Shirahoshi heard Neptune’s words, she also reacted and blinked while looking at Naito with a dull expression.

Only Ain seemed to have an idea about what was going to happen, and the corner of her mouth twitched slightly.

“Get rid of Vander Decken and let you see the sky and sun at the same time.”

Naito smiled and looked at Shirahoshi, then suddenly stretched out his hand, and his arm went directly through the outermost bubble of the Fishman Island and fell into the sea.

Naito was holding the Kusanagi no Tsurugi in his hand.

In the next instant, the Kusanagi sword instantly transformed from a round orb shape into a dazzling golden long sword. After being held by Naito, it suddenly fell forward.


In the next moment, both Neptune and Shirahoshi’s eyes widened, showing disbelief, as if they had seen a legendary creature before them.


With a swung of his sword, the sea split into two!

There is no bright sword aura, no roars or explosions, just in such a silence, the 10,000-meter ocean above the Fishman Island was divided into two, splitting into two sides!

Looking down from this 10,000-meter seabed, at the very end through this split sea, they could see the blue sky, the white clouds, and the golden sun!

Even Ain, who has seen Naito’s horrifying power countless times, was amazed. A scene like this is really breathtaking.

If it hadn’t been for Naito, perhaps it would have been impossible to see for a lifetime.

Even though she has seen Naito cut nearly half of the Grand Line with a sword, cutting the sea from the very bottom was still shocking.

She didn’t even feel any murderous aura, nor did she see any scary sword aura, but this made the scene even more terrifying, yet the result was a piece of art.

Using the sword as the pen and the sea as the scroll, he drew the blue sky and the golden sun!


Dozens of miles away from Fishman Island.

A terrifying and spooky pirate ship was floating here, and Vander Decken is still standing on the ship’s deck, constantly making all kinds of weird sounds.

“Shirahoshi! You belong to me! Do you think you can escape my grip?”

Vander Decken faced the sea with a smug grin on his face, then held the hand that touched Shirahoshi and marked it years ago.

“No matter what, you won’t escape, absolutely can’t escape, Shirahoshi!”

“Since I didn’t receive your reply, then wait for me tomorrow. I will prepare more gifts for you.”

A wicked look flashed in Vander Decken’s eyes, then he threw away his hip flask, turned around, and was about to enter his cabin.

However, in the next moment, one of Vander Decken’s subordinates suddenly made a weird sound and froze in his place.

“Oh… oh my god, what is that?!”

With emitting of that voice, Vander Decken’s other subordinates all turned their heads to look the same way, and then all frozen in their places, as if they have got petrified.


Vander Decken also noticed the strange atmosphere, so he also turned his head subconsciously.

Then, he witnessed the last moment of his life.

This scene also dispelled all his alcoholism almost instantly and made him completely sober, but his expression was stiffened, his body was motionless, and he couldn’t even move a finger.

His eyes were almost widened to the extreme, and his chin almost fell to the ground.

I saw that in front of the ship, bright light spread rapidly, which was the light reflected by the sun shining in the 10,000 meters of seawater.

This light almost made the 10,000-meter-deep sea illuminate like daylight.

Moreover, the light was still spreading only took an instant. Almost the moment Vander Decken’s expression changed, the light flashed by.

What arrives with the light is the division of the sea.

Instantly, not only Vander Decken but also the entire ship was in the middle and also at the bottom of the waterless 10,000 meters.

On both sides, it was surrounded by the sea that kept separating on both sides.

Above is the clear blue sky and the bright golden sun.

“Is this… a dream?!”

This is all that Vander Decken and all his subordinates could think of at that moment before they finally plunged into the darkness.

The whole ship, with its crew, silently turned into powder, without a trace of blood, and no bones left, as if it was directly erased by a paintbrush.

Until the last moment before his death, Vander Decken felt as if he was in a dream.


Fishman Island.

The mermaids and were playing on the beach, and the Fishman in groups or solo, each doing their own things.

But everything changed instantly.

“Am I… dreaming?”

A mermaid looked up to the sky with a shocked expression on her beautiful face.

As if it was a plague, it spread instantly. The moment the first mermaid looked up to the sky, the others also followed, including the Fishman. Almost all raised their heads and looked upward.

Every life that saw the sea split in two, the blue sky and the golden sun. Almost all of them fell directly into a petrified state under the sunlight.


Jimbe was also one of those stunned Fishman, staring at the sky blankly.

It’s very clear that there is only one person on the entire island who can do this kind of thing, that is Yuu Naito!

Seeing the scene where the sea was divided into two, Jimbe couldn’t help but think, if this attack fell on the Fishman Island, wouldn’t the island be divided into two?

Moreover, once the bubbles get destroyed, they will inevitably collapse, and the sea will instantly flood in, destroying this beautiful island completely.

In the face of such power, Jimbe had nothing but awe in his heart.

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